13 Reasons Why Men Start Missing Their Ex and Try to Get Back to Her

Missing Your Ex and Try to Get Back to Her?

13 Reasons Why Men Start Missing Their Ex and Try to Get Back to Her

Whether you’re fresh out of a breakup yourself, or you’re just dating a guy and wondering if he’s right for you, you might be wondering if men even think about their ex after a breakup.

According to a study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science, men are more likely to think of their female exes than women are of their male exes.

Men can miss their ex, especially when they see their ex looking better, hotter, or more successful than before. After a breakup, your ex may realize that he loves you more than he thought. Many men will regret the breakup after about a month to six weeks and often try to get back together with their ex at some point, although not immediately.

Here are 13 common reasons men start missing their ex and try to get back at her.

1. He regrets the way he treated his ex

Some men don’t understand how terrible they’ve been to a woman until she leaves them. And when this happens, they are often filled with regret. He will then apologize for his unfair behavior in the previous relationship and try to convince her that he has changed.

2. He fell into a hole

When a man sees that his ex is doing much better than he is, then he will think about his ex and try to get back together to regain some of the social standing he once had in that relationship.

3. He thought things were going downhill, but he can’t make up his mind anymore

The funny thing is that most men can’t even come up with a good excuse for leaving their ex in the first place. It wasn’t that he was in a bad spot, it was that he was too selfish to stick by his ex’s side when she needed him.

4. The love was good

Men think about love with their exes. Most men don’t miss out on good love and often try to keep the path to love open. That’s why so many men will tell a sobbing tale about how much they miss their ex. 

5. His ex is better off than himself

For example, money is a factor in relationships for both men and women, and male gold miners are becoming more common these days. But even if he sees that she is better mentally than he is, he might want her back more than he did before.

6. He wants to control his ex

A scary amount of men get the idea of ​​controlling a woman. When a guy is hurt after a breakup, he may act on impulse and try to hurt his ex by trying to control her. This is how he reacts to his emotions and tells his ex that it’s not about her, it’s just that he’s hurt. However, this behavior should not be tolerated.

7. His ex became a challenge

When he sees that his ex doesn’t want him anymore, he can start pursuing her secretly because now he sees her as a challenge. It’s sad but it’s true. Some men never learn! When he does, you know that you don’t need him.

8. He realized that finding a new girlfriend isn’t that easy

Dating is exhausting for most people, including men. And then suddenly they want their ex back because they realize how much work it takes to find another woman. Don’t be the rebound girl. 

9. He now realizes what he had in you

This reason is most common in scammers, as well as guys who are ghosts at the beginning of the relationship. The most common excuse men give for leaving their ex is, “I didn’t know what I had in her.”

Sometimes it is and men just need a certain amount of time to wake up and see things with clear eyes. However, if you have reason to believe you are his backup because no one else is available, you should confront him about it. 

10. His ex looks hot

When men see their ex looking hot, they will always be jealous that she moved on and lights up. When that happens, they will try to get her back and reconnect with her now that she looks “hotter” and is more desirable. However, this interest in getting to know “the new ones” is never genuine. If so, then the packaging would not have mattered.

11. He misses the benefits of a relationship

Whether men want to admit it or not, there are perks to being in a relationship. If things aren’t going so well in the new relationship at the moment, he might want to try dating the ex in hopes that he can get back together because he thinks she treated him better.

12. He wants to prove he’s changed

This reason is the rarest, but it does happen. Men can change if they want to, but most of the time they won’t.

13. He needs an ego boost

Fragile male egos are one thing, and sometimes they get back together with their ex just because they want to know that they’re still attractive. That’s not fair to you. It’s not your job to protect a man’s feelings and push his ego. And honestly, no one would think badly of you if you told them they weren’t worth your time.

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