Being With Your Soul Mate, is It Living an Impossible Love?

Being With Your Soul Mate

Being With Your Soul Mate, is It Living an Impossible Love?

Is it impossible to love the destiny of soul mates?

A soul mate is someone you have a strong bond with as soon as you meet them, who draws you in in a way you’ve never felt before.

But is this spiritual encounter an impossible love?

Our soul mate understands us and connects with us in all ways and on all levels, bringing a sense of peace, calm, and happiness when we are with them.

We meet our soul mate on a normal day.

A day when we are not even aware that it is coming and that it will change the whole course of our lives.

One moment we are living a normal life and the next it changes with the surge of energy we feel after meeting our soul mate.

It is possible that we meet him in a cafe on a rainy day or perhaps our car breaks down while driving and this person is suddenly there to help us.

It can also be someone we have known for a long time, but only now see in a completely different light.

Regardless of how we get to know that particular person, most of the time it is unintentional and the only thing that matters is that that person appeared in our life.

Although our two lives are similar at first glance, this fateful meeting radically changes everything around us.

How do you know if you have met your soul mate?


  1. The first meeting confuses you deeply.
  2. Your feelings are more intense than ever.
  3. You feel more vulnerable than ever.
  4. You perceive the meeting as fateful – as the end of a long search.
  5. You question the circumstances of your life.
  6. You seem to have known him/her for a long time, from the first moment.
  7. You feel at home, you feel arrived.
  8. A light is on within you, bright, radiant, warm within.
  9. There is a magnetic feeling between you that cannot be expressed in words.
  10. You feel like you haven’t lived before.
  11. You feel a deep connection with this person.
  12. You experience feelings that you never thought possible.
  13. You feel inseparable from your soul mate.
  14. With the soul mate, space and time lose all meaning.
  15. It’s as if there were no borders and barriers between you two.
  16. Your conversations – verbal and non-verbal – seem endless.
  17. You feel unconditional love, without any expectation.
  18. Even if your soul mate struggles with intensity, you are there.
  19. You intuitively know how your soul mate is doing right now.
  20. When your soul mate is in pain, you feel that pain.
  21. You have the feeling of becoming complete, whole.
  22. You have similar tastes and weaknesses (in all areas).
  23. You learn together.
  24. You experience an unexpected deep intimacy and friendship.
  25. When you break up, you experience unprecedented, almost unbearable pain.
  26. Often your lives have wonderful parallels.
  27. You know your life is changing through this growth process.

Being two soul mates does not mean turning an impossible love into a fairy tale.

Just because two souls are alike doesn’t mean their destiny should be to always be together.

And with such conjecture, we have to be careful and face reality.

Perfect love does not exist.

Every day we work on it, support a lot and invest time and effort in our relationships.

And there are also times when love is not the only answer to all problems, doubts, and emotional obstacles.

There are romantic relationships in which we are exposed to a lot of pain.

This is called an impossible love.

But why is this the case?

I can only answer this question with many reasons and not just one reason: misunderstanding, selfishness, immaturity, different interests, etc.

Fate sometimes gives us unique people whom we meet throughout life and who seem “perfect” to us.

But sometimes that love ends before it even begins.

This kindred spirit will only be with us for a while on our journey, and we should savor every moment and every second.

Despite everything, we must not forget that we must also be our soul mate.

You also need to feel this love for yourself and nurture it every day so that you don’t throw yourself off balance.

Soul mates are drawn like magnets to each other.

We are drawn to that special someone like a moth to a flame, no matter what stands in our way.

All we know is that we need to be close to that person.

We feel a strong need to be close to this soul which somehow draws us to it in a very different way than any other human being in this world.

We immediately feel a spiritual connection and wholeness that comes from union with a soul mate with whom we have shared many lifetimes.

We notice the connection of our thoughts, the depth of our emotions, and the heights of spirituality.

After the first love, sparks fly and we immediately step out of our comfort zone.

It’s never a question of whether we’ll get together, just how it’s possible not to get together.

Yet, over time, we learn that love is never so easy, and we can’t always end up with a soul mate.

It’s as if this meeting between soul mates was an impossible love.

So we fight that connection, we fight and we bury it.

We cry and hold her in our arms and our breath is taken away.

But no matter what we do, we can rarely make sense of that spiritual connection.

We don’t know what it is, or more importantly, what to do with it.

Somewhere between all the times, we cheat on each other and the nights we can’t stay away from each other, we realize that no matter how we feel, we might just have to break up.

To be with his love sister is then truly an impossible love.

We have to say goodbye because we just know this relationship will never work.

So we make the fateful decision.

But who starts doesn’t matter, as both sides feel the pain of souls who were once a perfect pair.

After this encounter, we are busy resuming our lives.

We find happiness in everyday moments that bring love to our hearts.

But no matter how busy or distracted we are, all we need is just a specific moment to calm our minds and realize that we are still connected to our soulmates.

This person is always on our minds and connecting with them never feels wrong.

It belongs to us like the flame of a fire that we never thought would continue to burn.

She’s just always by our side, always there, even when she’s not!

It doesn’t matter where we travel or who we love, because the soul mate is always there.

His touch burns our skin and his lips stain our soul.

How then can it be an impossible love?

Yet, even though our souls get along so well, there is rarely a chance of getting back together.

We don’t think about the life we ​​knew before, or worse, we act as if it never existed.

And so we come together and part more often than the phases of the moon.

One day we love each other and the next day we run away.

We share our secrets and then pretend there’s nothing special about the way we talk.

We laugh, and then we decide to forget that our soul mate is our biggest reason to laugh.

Soulmate: Why is it worth taking a risk for this impossible love?

Sometimes we know exactly how big that risk is.

A voice deep inside us tells us that this relationship has no future, it will only bring us suffering, and everything will be fleeting and even painful.

So, are we making a mistake if we risk something?

Of course not.

It won’t always be the case and you know very well where the limits are and you want to protect yourself.

Love is an adventure worth having.

And chances are that if you don’t risk anything, you’ll blame yourself for the rest of your life because you didn’t try.

After all, no one knows what will happen in the future.

And no one knows if this love will last a lifetime or if it will be brief and intense, bringing you more heartbreak than happiness.

But every love is worth it, believe me.

Every lived moment is part of our learning process in life.

The pain you feel afterward, time will heal.

But regretting not taking the risk can be more painful than remembering an impossible love you weren’t supposed to have.

It is the book of life that each of us must write for ourselves every day.

Why is impossible love present between two soul mates?

A soulmate love that does not yet meet certain requirements can become very painful.

Maybe the partners aren’t mature enough yet or don’t have enough self-esteem yet.

In these cases, painful conflicts can arise.

Head turning also leads to controlling addiction.

The mind cannot understand this kind of love and looks for explanations that do not exist.

The fact of not being able to explain this state logically frightens a person in a relationship.

She tries to control the other person or begins to become suspicious.

Quarrels and temporary separations overshadow deep love and soul connection.

But a separation can also be useful for personal development and can be seen as an opportunity for you to find yourself at some point.

This is why an impossible love between soulmates can be your salvation.

Suffering only occurs when you do not accept and allow your weaknesses.

When you are at peace with yourself and your soul, your partner can be a mirror of you.

Soul mates dance the waltz of impossible love.

Even after all this time and all the unhealing wounds, we still cannot discover the purpose for which this soul entered our lives.

And even though we’ve listed all the reasons why we shouldn’t like it, we still do.

Again and again.

Maybe we’re doing this because we’re hoping we’ll finally get some sign of why we shouldn’t be in this relationship — but we never find out.

Despite the illusion of time and the fall of our humanity, we remain connected to our soul mate.

This person comes into our life and changes while doing nothing but being themselves.

And maybe we’ll finally give up on breaking up.

We can surrender to this relationship that we cannot define or label, or simply accept this impossible love as a gift and part of our divine destiny.

The reality is that no matter how hard we try, we can’t break up with our soul mate.

Because it can be an energy or an old relationship between our souls.

You never know what it is.

But anyway, it goes beyond language.

Even the silence between us is extraordinary.

Even the silence speaks…

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