7 Reasons Why Couples Who Fight Are Happier

Couples Who Fight Are Happier

7 Reasons Why Couples Who Fight Are Happier

Is fighting good in a relationship? Is it normal to fight every day in a relationship? Yes and no. Constant fighting in a relationship is uncomfortable, but there will always be reasons to fight.

For example, physical injuries are terrible and should never be a part of a relationship. Emotional abuse is also totally unacceptable in relationships. But couples who want to improve their relationship have to argue and argue now and then.

And after every argument, couples should find a way to get back together and compromise to build a positive relationship.

Every relationship will go through a rough patch at some point. But fighting in a relationship is more about how you fight and less about how often you fight. 

In this article you will find out what this is all about and the reasons for arguing with your partner from time to time:

1. Arguing brings a moment of relief

At the beginning of a relationship, couples tend to ignore many issues with their partner. Since the relationship is still new, it’s only normal to see how things develop. At some point, arguments will arise in a relationship, and then you may hear many surprising facts from your partner.

Sometimes healthy arguing brings up issues that are better for you to work on now. You feel relieved that you can resolve an issue affecting your relationship. Likewise, for your partner, it feels like a huge burden has been lifted from their shoulder. 

2. By arguing you get to know each other better

Also, one of the perks of arguing is that it reveals a lot about your partner. It’s like a reality check to remind you that you are dealing with someone who has feelings.

A reasonable partner will express their feelings and they will try to understand yours. If you don’t talk about something that makes you uncomfortable, it will only send the wrong message to your partner.

3. Arguing strengthens the relationship

One of the reasons for fighting in relationships is that it strengthens the bond between couples. Healthy and constructive argument allows each person to voice their views and express themselves without abuse or violence.

They only help the couple become better people. Also, it allows the couple to resolve their differences promptly and understand each other better.

4. Arguing builds trust

Another reason arguing promotes a relationship is that it builds trust. Constant arguing and arguing in a relationship can allow you to express yourself and help you trust your partner more.

You can accept confrontations better knowing you are dealing with a reasonable person. Also, you won’t feel like your relationship is threatened.

The certainty of surviving any argument as a couple gives you more security about the relationship. It means that you are honest with each other.

5. Arguing allows you to be yourself

When you met your partner, you certainly had a perfect picture of him. We all do. Everyone wants a beautiful or handsome partner. Nice, quiet, down to earth, etc.

The truth is we forget that nobody is perfect. Healthy arguing is what brings us back to reality. It shows that you are a person with many flaws and helps you to accept them.

6. Arguing shows that your partner is different

Arguing is good in a relationship because it reveals your partner’s personality. We all expect people to behave like us and forget that we all come from different backgrounds. Some people often wonder why their partners can’t do certain things for them.

It’s normal to have these expectations because we’ve always believed that only our ways are right. Struggling in a relationship, however, tells you otherwise.

When you have a partner who disagrees with your point of view or your attitude, you suddenly realize that they are a different person after all.

This relationship phase can be scary as you don’t know if you will be able to handle his personality. It is best to find common ground for the development of the relationship. Arguing will help you with that.

7. Arguing shows that you care about each other

Would you rather have your partner lie to you or pretend? When your partner complains to you about something, it’s a sign that they want you to adjust and become a better person.

Remember that he could have just ignored it, but then it would mean he didn’t care about you. Occasional arguments mean that your partner is on your side in the long run.

He wants you in his life for a while. Partners willing to endure uncomfortable fights have a high chance of staying with you for a long time.

So is fighting good in a relationship? Yes, fighting is good in a relationship. As long as you have the occasional healthy argument, there’s a good chance your relationship will stand the test of time.

Healthy arguments involve well-reasoned arguments and intense discussions designed to improve each other.

Note that physical fights in a relationship or verbal abuse do not fall into this category. A good relationship struggle will help both of you strengthen the love, intimacy, and bond you have with each other. And that allows the relationship to thrive even in the face of challenges. Therefore, arguing is beneficial in a relationship.

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