7 Reasons Why Dating a Married Man Will Only Hurt You

Dating a Married Man?

7 Reasons Why Dating a Married Man Will Only Hurt You

You never intended to meet a married man, but one day at a friend’s house you met this man who was married. You guys got along so well. You go home and you know he’s off limits, but you’re strongly attracted to him and you don’t know what to do about it.

The next morning he texts you and before you know it you’re chatting with this married man who steals your heart a little more every day. He invites you to a casual meeting, but your feelings for him have transcended friendship!

He has become a habit and no wisdom can keep you from this married man, you are head over heels in love with him!

To be honest, this relationship cannot have a happy ending. One will most likely end up getting injured. If it’s not the wife, then maybe it’s the children who suffer. Still, your love for this man deserves a chance. So before you move on, make sure it’s real love or just a midlife crisis in your life!

If a married man is serious about you, he will protect you from any chaos in his life and start the separation process early. 

However, here are some rules you should follow to protect yourself! 

These are the 7 ways to date a married man without getting hurt:

  1. Look for chemistry between you that has nothing to do with love

Before you get physical with him, listen to what your heart is saying. Would you like to hug him? Can you look each other in the eyes as lovers? Does he seduce you with his touch? If the answer is yes, there is certainly chemistry between you, but that alone will not sustain your relationship. Make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

can you confide in him Do you share the same values ​​and principles? What about his lifestyle? Does it match yours? You should ask yourself these questions if you want to have a long-term relationship with him.

  1. If he tells you he’s divorcing his wife, ask him when

If the feeling is real, you two would let things go quickly and smoothly to be together as soon as possible. Ask him for a schedule of how and when he wants to end his marriage.

If he says he’s separating from his wife or filing for divorce, be sure to ask him when he wants to do it. By asking him these questions, you’ll make him realize that you’re not looking for a casual fling, you’re looking for something serious. 

  1. Take it easy

It may be difficult to ignore the tension that is building, but if you take things slower, you’ll have time to get to know him better. You’ll have time to judge if his feelings for you are genuine or if he’s just bored in his marriage and wants to have an affair with you to spice things up a bit.

Taking things slowly will unravel his true motive. If his goal is just to get you into bed, he may get tired of waiting and move on to the next catch. Even if it’s touches or hugs, don’t let him feel like he can have a physical relationship with you without connecting with you on an emotional level. 

  1. Keep your options open by meeting other people

You love this married man. You feel like he’s the one. You’re in love. He finds you irresistible. But no matter how many promises he makes you, he has a life beyond you and one filled with work, a spouse maybe kids, and friends.

You must also have a full life. Always meet new people. Keep your options open when dating a married man.

Also, remember that he can always return to his family. If you have other people, friends, or even dates, you have more security. Don’t wait for him to be free and available by just sitting around at home. 

Also, make sure you continue to pursue your hobbies. Keep busy, it will make a difference if he decides to break things up with you.

  1. If he gave a date, ask for proof

When a married man says he’s looking for love and found it in you, and he’s already in the process of separating from his wife, don’t just believe everything he says. Ask him for proof. Ask him why he filed for divorce.

You need to know what custody of the children is supposed to be and maybe other details as well. He may tell you that he’s moved out or is separated, but that’s not enough. He can always go back to his wife — and mind you, couples often work out their differences.

  1. Ask others about him 

Many married men tell stories about how their wives ruined their lives to convince a woman to have an affair with them. Some men resort to a serious lie, while others play the game diplomatically.

Don’t believe him when he says he doesn’t have love with his wife and only loves you. And to convince yourself, ask other mutual friends about him. Remember to do this with the utmost secrecy and from people you can fully trust.

  1. Don’t let him take advantage of you

Aside from love, a man can also take advantage of you financially. He uses your body to satisfy his love urges and then tells you a story about how his kids are not his and he needs money because his wife kicked him out of the house.

If he sees that you are making good money, he might tell you things to manipulate you. When he tells you his stories, listen to them, have compassion for him, and realize that his finances and family are ultimately his problems, not yours.

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