Here Are 5 Key Steps to Building a Healthy Interdependent Relationship

Healthy Interdependent Relationship

Here Are 5 Key Steps to Building a Healthy Interdependent Relationship

Two people in a real relationship are connected by several threads. Individually, these threads are fragile. But when they come together, they form a strong bond.

Trust, commitment, intimacy, and compassion are among the most important elements that strengthen this bond.

A lesser-known and often overlooked factor that keeps couples together is interdependence.

It can be seen as the invisible key to a relationship’s longevity. But what is interdependence?

Interdependence is mutual recognition

The term interdependence refers to two people or entities that are mutually dependent on each other. Interdependence balances the relationship by giving equal importance to both partners.

A relationship of interdependence is one in which the partners value each other and cooperate in every way possible to maintain stability.

The partners in such a relationship are co-dependent, but not co-dependent, which means that they think of each other’s needs and desires before their own.

The couple understands each other’s emotional and physical needs and respects them without judgment. This makes an interdependent relationship strong, balanced, and dynamic.

Why is interdependence healthy in a relationship?

An interdependent relationship is defined by aspects such as mutual support, clear communication, and giving each other personal space.

These qualities are necessary for the survival of a relationship, which makes interdependence one of the important elements of a romantic relationship.

In an interdependent relationship, a partner knows what his/her beloved wants. Partners don’t force each other to do something they don’t like, and there aren’t as many disagreements either.

Interdependence breeds maturity and eliminates the need for one person to make sacrifices or compromises to make the other happy.

What is an interdependent relationship?

Certain characteristics make a relationship interdependent. Among these, we can find:

1. Teamwork

A relationship works well when partners work together. Teamwork helps build the strength and energy of a relationship.

When a couple makes individual efforts, the bond becomes lasting. This is how interdependent couples are co-dependent on each other.

2. Healthy communication

It is necessary to be accessible and honest in communication for the relationship to work. In an interdependent relationship, both partners communicate positively.

There is active listening and frank conversation, but no blame game. Partners discuss everything freely, being aware of each other’s requirements, leaving no room for misunderstandings.

3. Tolerance

Friction is inevitable when two unique individuals with different requirements and preferences come together in a relationship.

But the tolerance of the other is what makes the relationship interdependent. Compassion, patience, and focus on common goals will help both partners maintain balance in the relationship.

4. Personal interests

Each person has their desires, which they satisfy by allowing themselves a little “time for themselves” each day. In an interdependent relationship, the partners do not always cling to each other.

They enjoy being alone and can easily get back together whenever they want, without feeling guilty or responsible for each other’s happiness.

5. Limits

When healthy boundaries are set, both partners can feel good about themselves and feel comfortable with or without each other.

Setting limits does not mean limiting or restricting the other. Rather, it is about being transparent with one’s values, beliefs, limits, and desires and drawing the line of possible compromises or adjustments to develop a stronger, healthier relationship.

Relationships of interdependence do not happen by chance. They are built, one day after another.

How to build a relationship of interdependence?

Are you not very happy in your relationship? Do you feel like there is an imbalance? Do not worry. Here are some simple ways you can follow to make your relationship stable.

1. Understand the other 

One of the main elements of building a relationship is understanding your partner well. You need to know your partner’s likes and dislikes, desires, interests, and every other detail of their life.

When you know clearly what he wants and what you can give him, there will be no room for misunderstandings.

2. Work on yourself 

In general, people tend to forget or neglect their desires and wishes when they fall in love, instead of focusing on their personal development.

The work on yourself must be carried out alongside the development of your relationship. It will help you become a better person.

3. Spend time with loved ones 

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you always have to spend time with your partner. This kind of demand puts a lot of pressure on the other.

To maintain interdependence, you also need to have healthy relationships with the other people in your life, including family members, loved ones, and friends.

4. Be real

You should not hide or lie to your partner. Always be who you are to establish an open and independent relationship.

This will help you trust your partner, have deeper conversations, and be assured of the longevity of the relationship.

5. Set healthy boundaries 

To keep your relationship independent and balanced, create healthy communication channels. When communication is seamless between the two and individual priorities are set, the relationship will work well.

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