Ways to Know You’ve Found the Right Man

Maybe you have already thought that you have found the perfect man for you. But, things look different with your current partner. So here is a list of 10 signs that prove, without question, that you have found the rare pearl.

1. He makes you laugh

He is funny without being mean to others. Making fun of others is a way of showing one’s own insecurities; instead, your man can find the humor in any situation. When you find a man who is able to make you laugh all the time, you absolutely have to keep him.

2. He is rational with his money

Some men spend their money like crazy in order to give the image of a luxurious life. Others, like your man, understand the importance of paying bills on time. Responsibility is very lovely and this man proves to you that he is capable of taking care of you.

3. He respects your privacy

It will not check your computer history or the messages on your phone while you are in the shower. If he feels like something is going on, he’ll be honest and ask you to clarify the situation. He is aware that you are a whole person and not just his girlfriend.

4. He goes to see movies with you even if he doesn’t really like what you chose.

When it comes to entertainment, both of them had no problem compromising. You will see films that do not necessarily interest you and vice versa. He knows the importance of spending quality time together even if your choices aren’t always his cup of tea.

5. You don’t worry about him meeting your family

Of course you’re nervous, but you’re not worried. Your partner has never been vulgar and he loves his family very much. He always knows what to say to have an interesting conversation and he is aware that presentation is very important when meeting new people.

6. He gets along well with your friends.

They don’t need to be best friends forever, but at least he respects them and knows it’s important and healthy for you to spend some time with them. He will accompany you sometimes but he will not be constantly present so as not to step on your toes. If, in addition, your friends appreciate him: you have to keep this man!

7. He doesn’t really care about your past love life.

If you talk about your past relationships, he’s going to have no problem because he knows you want to be honest. But, he is not going to ask you too intimate questions about love or the way your ex behaved with you, for example. It also won’t ask you how many partners you’ve had or compare it to others.

8. He doesn’t vent his anger on you.

After a very difficult day at work, it can be extremely hard not to let go of your partner. But, your man handles his negative emotions perfectly well and has found a healthy way to express them. He tells you what happened and how he feels. And, if he needs a little time to recover from all his emotions, he will tell you and not disappear suddenly.

9. It’s up to you to succeed

Sometimes your own passions can take you on a whole new adventure. Whether it’s studying in another country or exploring the wilderness, this man wants you to pursue your dreams even if the distance is going to be difficult for him. He wants you to be your own person and live your life to the fullest.

10. He doesn’t force you to be quiet

This man listens to what you have to say and responds honestly and appropriately. He doesn’t interrupt you, doesn’t speak over your words, and, above all, doesn’t try to explain to you in his own way something you already know.

Your boyfriend knows you’re a smart woman and he’s never going to make you doubt that. Having a real conversation means your communication is good; which is essential for a healthy and lasting relationship.

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