Does He Just Like Me, or is There More? 22 Signs to Know

Does He Just Like Me

Does He Just Like Me, or Is There More? 22 Signs to Know

If you’re wondering this because you have a crush on the guy in question, the best way to know is to just ask him directly. But first, if you want to be sure that there are at least a few zodiac signs that indicate he likes you, here are a few ways you can tell if a guy likes you.

But real quick, in case you’re wondering if signs of attraction are different in guys: “There are common behaviors that all genders naturally exhibit when they’re interested in another person,” says love-und Dating coach Myisha Battle, MS “We’re more alike when it comes to showing romantic interest.”

With that settled, let’s get down to business.

1. He leans towards you during the conversation.

According to Battle, people tend to lean over to people they like in conversation. If the guy you like tends to lean his face closer to yours while he’s talking to you or listening to you, that’s a good sign that he might be into you.

2. He tilts his body toward you in space.

According to love and relationship therapist Courtney Geter, LMFT, CST, a person has more open body language toward someone they like: “They’re not closed, their arms aren’t crossed, and they can sit back and relax,” she recently told mbg Pay particular attention to the direction in which he leans his body. If his body—including his shoulders and pelvis—is turned toward you, that’s a good sign. However, if he generally turns his body away from you, that’s a sign that he might not be into you.

3. He finds little ways to compliment you.

Battle says people tend to find little ways to compliment someone they’re interested in. So if a guy keeps complimenting you, from your eyes to your creative skills, it could be a sign that he’s really into you.

4. He makes eye contact.

Eye contact can be a zodiac sign for attraction, but be careful about it: some people are good at making eye contact with everyone they talk to because they feel important that the people around them are seen. But if your crush looks you straight in the eye and holds the gaze, it could be a sign that there’s more to it than that.

5. He steals a look at you.

He should even make eye contact with everyone he is talking to. It’s different if you catch him looking at you even if you’re across the room. Stolen looks are a classic zodiac sign for someone being a little trapped by you.

6. He singles you out in a group.

When you’re in a group situation, he always finds a way to have small moments with you, whether it’s by asking you direct questions or just always responding to the things you say. He’s always laughing at your jokes, looking at you even when he’s laughing at someone else’s joke, or having little side talks with you whenever he can.

7. He seems attracted to you in the room.

In general, he seems to be energetically attracted to you in the room – his gaze, body language, and general energy all seem focused on you. Even when he’s hooking up with someone else, he still seems to give you his attention.

8. He wants to spend time alone with you.

If the guy is a friend of yours, someone in your office, or your class, or someone you only meet occasionally at parties, and he’s always trying to find a way to spend time with you Spending four eyes is a sign that he’s trying to connect with you on a personal level. Even if it’s just a budding friendship, it can also mean that he likes you romantically.

9. He finds little ways to touch you.

He always finds little moments of physical contact with you, whether it’s putting his hand on your back as you pass by, slapping you on the shoulder when you laugh, or playing with your hair.

10. He actively plans dates.

When you meet a guy through a dating app, it’s often hard to tell if he has strong feelings for you or is just passing by. According to Battle, you can tell that by actively initiating dates and making plans. This is usually a zodiac sign for him liking you and wanting to be committed to you — and it could be something between the two of you.

11. He calls after the date.

Even if it’s someone you just went on a date with, Battle says you can tell someone is genuinely interested in you when they follow up after the date. Maybe they’ll text you the next day saying they had a lot of fun, send you a meme or article related to something you were talking about, or reach out for more to make plans.

12. He is consistent with communication.

Does he text you regularly and should he always keep in touch? “Consistent communication is a good indicator of interest,” says Battle. “Someone genuinely interested in you isn’t going to disappear for a long time and then reappear without explanation.”

13. He replies to your texts quickly.

Some people don’t check their phones that often, don’t type as quickly, or are just very busy. Just because someone doesn’t reply to your texts immediately doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in you. But if a guy always replies to your texts fairly quickly, he may be trying to show that he’s interested in you.

14. He starts a conversation on social media.

It doesn’t always mean a guy is into you, but Battle says you should pay attention to whether he keeps striking up conversations with you on social media. “Not only will he like your posts and comment on them, but he’ll also share things with you and communicate regularly in DMs,” she says. If he’s constantly replying to your IG stories or Snapchats, asking you questions, and generally keeping the conversations going with you, these are all signs that someone is genuinely trying to develop a relationship with you.

15. He should keep the conversation going.

In general, you should pay attention to whether he tries to start a conversation with you, whether by text message or in person. That means he’ll always ask a follow-up question, answer your questions in detail, and never just respond with one-word answers or “lol” alone.

16. He blushes near you.

Have you noticed that his face or skin turns red when he’s around you? That’s what happens when we’re excited or get a rush of adrenaline, explained clinical psychologist Mary C. Lamia, Ph.D. , recently to mbg. It is a common zodiac sign for attraction. “Blushing is an honest reaction,” she says. “You feel ‘caught’ when you’re aroused by another person.”

17. He seems a little nervous.

If a guy is usually pretty chilled or boisterous with his friends but gets a little nervous in front of you and stumbles over his words, it could be a sign that he likes you and is getting a little tangled up to impress you.

18. He laughs a lot around you.

Does he always laugh heartily at you so that his face contorts? Or does he smile a lot around you—that warm, familiar smile that extends into his eyes? Laughter and smiling are ways to commit to someone, build a relationship, and create intimacy.

19. He eliminates distractions.

When you’re around him, he doesn’t steal glances at his phone or the TV. He gives you his full, undivided attention and can even go so far as to remove any obstacles or distractions that may get in the way of his time with you.

20. He takes the lead.

While there are universal ways that people of all genders show romantic interest, Battle notes that there are some common cultural scripts that men — especially men who date women — can use to show that they care about someone and feel attracted. “These scripts, rooted in patriarchy, are based on the gender stereotype that men are more active and women are more passive and assume that men are in charge,” she explains. That’s why some guys can be extra active when it comes to showing that they like a girl.

21. He takes your lead.

Of course, not all men follow the stereotypes that say they have to make the first move. “Many of my clients, regardless of gender, want to feel equal when it comes to courtship and are just as happy to show their interest first as they are to take someone else’s lead,” explains Battle. Even if he doesn’t make the first move, you know a guy likes you if he responds positively when you make a move.

22. He tells you directly.

The thing is, you need to know if a guy likes you: if you look for small signs, you can never get a precise picture of what’s going on. Some guys do all of that with their friends, while other guys like someone but don’t do any of that.

“Some people just can’t show their attraction that openly,” says Battle. “For example, my shy clients sometimes have trouble communicating their feelings for a crush in a subtle way. This means that even though they like someone, it can be harder for the other person to recognize them. When in doubt, you should talk about it!”

If you’re not sure if a guy likes you but is hiding it, just ask him and let him tell you directly how he feels. That sounds scary, but it doesn’t have to be! A simple “Hey, I think you’re cool and I’m kind of into you – are you into me too?” is casual, direct, lovely, and non-threatening. If it’s a no, at least you know! And if it’s a yes, that’s when the fun begins.


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