Things you should know about when people are ghosting you

Dating in the modern age has gotten complicated, to say the least. One moment someone is interested in you, and before you know it, they seem not to be interested anymore. People search for love by swiping right and rely on algorithms to set their soulmate free. As if that wasn’t enough, you also have to deal with ghosting.

Ghosting is a horrific thing where someone stops speaking to you or the personal relationship they share with you without warning or explanation. They completely withdraw from your life and don’t even bother to tell you why; it’s like she never existed and you never knew her.

If you’re someone yet to be ghosted, then I can understand how devastating and heartbreaking that can feel. You might think that you are unlovable or that you don’t deserve to be in a serious, committed relationship. But you have to know that’s not true. You are unlovable and you deserve to have the relationship of your dreams.

7 things to think about if you’re still being ghosted


1. You are all right and you have nothing to be ashamed of.

When someone haunts you, it’s not a sign of who you are, it shows what kind of person they are. I know being ghosted can feel humiliating, but remember that if anyone needs to be ashamed, it’s them, not you. They should have respected you enough to tell you upfront it wasn’t working , instead of running away like a coward.

Not every relationship works, but if someone doesn’t have the integrity and courage to tell you they don’t see a future with you, then the problem is with them, not you. You don’t deserve to be treated like this and never tell yourself otherwise.

2. If they don’t treat you with respect , you’re better off without them.

The right person will never turn you away, nor will they think about doing it. Ghosting is run by cowards who don’t dare let anyone know they’re breaking things up. Why would you worry about someone who hasn’t even given a thought to how you feel? Why should you mourn someone who never cared about you?

Don’t see it as a loss when someone leaves you, but count yourself lucky that they showed their true colors before it was too late. The right person will never be that disrespectful to you, nor will they let you down. Don’t make yourself unhappy when you think about the person who left you because they didn’t deserve you in the first place.

3. Don’t see being single as something sad.

Being in a solid, stable, happy relationship is amazing, but it’s not the answer to everything. Just as being in a relationship can feel amazing, so can being single. Love is something that should never be forced because why would you want to be with someone who doesn’t love you the way you deserve? Being single is not, and never can be, a bad thing.

Being in a relationship does not guarantee your happiness because it is not the only way to be happy. There are many other things that can make your life happy, and depending on someone else for it is not one of them. Your happiness depends on you, and if you’re not happy with yourself, you can’t be happy with anyone else either.

4. True love is not easy to find in life.

Everyone wants true love in their life, but how many are actually willing to wait for it? In books and movies, love is so romanticized that most people end up with the wrong idea about love. Love doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye, nor does it happen when you want it to; love comes into your life when the time is right, not before or after.

If you’ve been on the other side of ghosting, don’t think that love has turned away from you; don’t let the actions of a cowardly person shake your faith in love. Real love takes time to knock on your door, and no matter how hard you try to rush it, it just won’t happen. And the most important thing: Don’t compare your love life with those who found love faster, because every person is different and different doesn’t always mean bad.

5. Everyone has been on the other side of ghosting at some point.

Believe it or not, everyone has been a victim of ghosting at some point; that’s one of the unfortunate side effects of modern dating. Everyone has had their heart broken by someone who didn’t have the courage to tell them the truth. And you know what? That’s fine. It may not feel good, but it is so. Ghosting is not just limited to a few people, it can happen to anyone and everyone.

So don’t think that something is wrong with you and that’s why you were ghosted or that you’re going to die alone, because you won’t. You will find the right one, it may just take a little longer, but you will definitely make it.

6. Heartbreak is part of the process.

When you’re sad, upset, or heartbroken, she knows it’s okay to feel that way. Feel all your feelings and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be okay. You may not have known it for a long time, but being ghosted is a difficult experience. Don’t try to bottle your feelings or minimize your pain, because that will only make things worse.

Face your feelings and your lovesickness. Only then can you heal and move on. When someone leaves you without any explanation, it’s only natural that you feel hurt and angry. So feel what you need to feel, because that’s the only way you’ll be able to overcome it.

7. You will free someone who won’t leave you anymore.

It can be discouraging to keep being ghosted, but if you can free the person you’ve been looking for, you can rest assured that they will never leave you. If someone is “ghosting” you, you should know that he or she is not the right person for you and that is why they left you. But if you can free “the right one” he will never leave you and hurt you like that. Ghosting can make you feel disappointed in love, but don’t let a few crappy people destroy your belief in love.

Not every person out there is a bad person, and some actually mean it when they promise to never leave your side. So believe in yourself and in the universe that you will indeed set the right person free for you, and when you do that, all the pain, hurt, and disappointment will just feel like a bad dream.

Being on the other side of ghosting is a terrifying state, but sometimes what you experience in life is out of your hands. The road to freeing true love can be rocky, but always remember that all the pain and heartbreak won’t last forever. Once you can free the right person, everything will be fine.

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