Signs He Doesn’t Trust Himself – 17 Obvious Signs

Doesn't Trust Himself

Signs He Doesn’t Trust Himself – 17 Obvious Signs

Men can be fickle. This can confuse women because sometimes it’s not so clear whether a man has feelings or not. Signs that he’s not daring can help you tell if he’s interested or not.

Is he really in love with you? Do you misunderstand the signs? What if he really isn’t interested?

You probably have thousands of thoughts in your head every day and can no longer stand the curiosity. You just realize that all you can focus on is thinking about whether or not he has feelings for you.

You start asking yourself a lot of questions and take online tests to find out if he is confused about his feelings for you.

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Since you don’t have time for such nonsense, it’s best if you now know what men do when they’re unsure so you can move on quickly.

It is possible that a man likes you, but he struggles with his feelings. Maybe he’s not convinced that you’ll like him, too.

Do you want to know if a man likes you? When deep down he wants to be with you, but something is holding him back?

Well, in this article, we’re going to talk about the reasons why a man might be confused about his feelings for you and what you can do about it, along with the signs that a man is hiding his true feelings from you.

Signs he’s not trusting himself – 15 obvious signs

So that you no longer wait and think about whether he likes you or not, we have made a list that will explain everything to you in detail. Here are 15 obvious signs he’s not daring.

He seems uncomfortable when you’re around


Signs he’s timid: He seems uncomfortable when you’re around

One sign that he’s timid is if he feels uncomfortable or embarrassed in situations you don’t think are necessary.

If his behavior becomes awkward once he knows you’re around, that could be a sign.

Maybe this is because he gets nervous just thinking about seeing you.

He immediately tries to look better, and behave better so that you get a good opinion of him.

Or he gets distracted when you’re around because he’s afraid his feelings are going to be obvious.

He then acts awkwardly because he is uncomfortable with his feelings. He’s also embarrassed because he doesn’t want you to know how he’s feeling.

Maybe he’s hiding his feelings because he thinks you don’t feel the same, and we’ll get to that later.

Signs he’s not confident: He’s trying to impress you

Signs he’s not confident: He’s trying to impress you

The man who likes you would never want to disappoint you. He wants to impress you, right?

This man likes you, he doesn’t want it, he’s not comfortable with his feelings evolving – but he still likes you.

So don’t be surprised if he always finds time to explain to you why he’s late, can’t pass an exam, or if other things happen to him.

Because of this, in most cases, you will find that he can’t help but try to impress you.

When he experiences failures in his life, he will find ways to let you know why he failed to get something done or accomplished.

He feels he owes it to you to give you an explanation as to why he likes you.

However, he does not dare to confess his feelings to you. But with his gestures, he wants to show that he feels something for you.

He’ll also tell you things that he thinks will impress you – and only intersperse them subtly.

And he will ask you questions or look for common ground with you so that he can build a better relationship.

He may also buy you something small, like chocolate or a small flower, and give you a sign that he cares about you.

He may be too shy to tell you that he sees you as something special, but open your eyes and you’ll probably see something if he’s interested.

The man gets jealous but tries to hide it

Another important sign that he is fighting his feelings for you is if he hates seeing you around other people.

And although this is very obvious, he tries to hide his jealousy. This is another sign that he doesn’t dare.

If he gets jealous and gives you reasons why you shouldn’t be with this person, it could be because he secretly wants you for himself.

He is jealous and does not like that you communicate with other men, although he tries to hide these feelings.

Are you starting a new relationship? He doesn’t have anything nice to say about her. He tries to put her down, looks for faults, or is constantly suspicious.

He’s only doing it because he has feelings for you. He finds it difficult that you are with someone else or that you are communicating with another man.

He just wants you for himself, but for some reason, he doesn’t dare. But he should discuss this with himself and decide what he wants or should do.

His body language says he’s in love with you, but he’s not admitting it

His body language says he’s in love with you, but he’s not admitting it

You can almost always tell if someone is insecure by observing their body language or the tone of their voice.

If he’s constantly tweezing his hair, touching his face a lot, and getting restless, then he likes you.

Body language can tell us a lot, including when someone is in love.

You will also notice that he is nervous and constantly smiling or doing something with his hands when he is around you.

For example, if you are on a first date and he keeps touching the coffee cup and keeps drinking coffee, then this is a sign that he likes you and wants to hide his feelings.

So also pay attention to how the man behaves when he is talking to you. His body language will tell you everything.

Signs that he doesn’t dare: He doesn’t want to talk about his feelings

Signs that he doesn’t dare: He doesn’t want to talk about his feelings

Another sign that he’s fighting his feelings for you is when he keeps things superficial on purpose.

If you date and are alone, maybe try. taking things to another level, but he quickly changes the subject.

He may not understand that you want to talk about it because he’s afraid you don’t feel the same way.

When men are in love, they almost always imagine that the other person doesn’t feel the same way.

That’s why he avoids talking about anything serious and his feelings. He is afraid that you will reject him, but he enjoys spending time in your company.

He doesn’t want to screw it up and that’s why he doesn’t want to talk about it.

As a protective mechanism, he may then joke around or try to take things lightly. On the other hand, he might get snappy or feel overwhelmed.

The only way is to start with the topic and say how you feel right at the beginning.

If you also have feelings for this man but notice that he is not making the first move, then you should do so.

You’ll see if you say what you’re feeling, he’ll start talking right away and you’ll be amazed and amazed at what feelings he may have been hiding for months. 

He can remember the details you mentioned

He can remember the details you mentioned

If you’re talking to a guy and you notice that he remembers every detail you mentioned about two months ago, for example, then there’s a big chance he’s hiding his feelings for you.

Yes, you got that right, because think about it. What man would remember little things and remember them if he had no interest in them?

Well, none. But if he’s interested in you, he’ll notice every little thing and listen carefully so he can impress you later.

That’s a really big sign because he’s making an effort and it’s important to him that he learns as much as possible about you.

He may not be ready to admit his feelings just yet, but he is making an effort and collecting information about you so that you can see earlier that he is interested.

He’s trying to avoid you

He’s trying to avoid you

You might have expected something different, but that’s another sign he’s not daring.

There are different personalities in people. Some like to be direct and talk about their feelings.

Others, on the other hand, don’t like it when someone asks them what’s happening to them and if they have problems.

Likewise, when a man is in love, he may avoid the person he has feelings for.

Also, sometimes the man thinks that he is already too obvious, so he tries to distance himself from you.

Maybe he’s shy and maybe he thinks that you don’t feel the same, which we’ve also mentioned several times in this article as the main reason why a man hides his feelings.

One way to do this, among others, is to ignore or avoid you.

Of course, this can also mean that he is not interested at all. That’s why you should pay special attention to this sign. Because there’s really only a fine line between “being interested” or being interested at all”.

Signs that he doesn’t dare: His friends give you hints

Signs that he doesn’t dare: His friends give you hints

Have you perhaps thought that men don’t talk about this with their friends? And whether! Maybe they do that more and more often than we women.

Maybe the man is so in love that he doesn’t dare to talk to you about it. And that’s why he asks his friends to give you some subtle signs that he feels something for you.

He will certainly take advantage of this opportunity if you have mutual friends.

Are his friends subtly teasing you? If they are implying that the man likes you, then believe that it is true. You’re probably helping him get his chance with you.

If you like this man too, then “use” his friends to send him a message and give him the green light, too.

On the other hand, he can also ask your friends questions about you.

Have your friends told you that a certain man is asking questions about you?

He might ask about your favorite food, hobby, or other interests.

Or he might have asked her if you are in a relationship or if you like someone.

This is an indication that a man likes you but doesn’t dare to admit his feelings to you.

He tries to make you jealous of other girls

He tries to make you jealous of other girls

It might seem a bit childish, but when a man is in love, he tries in every possible way to get your attention.

Is he extra nice to other girls when you’re around? Or is he bragging about being around some pretty girls you know?

He probably wants you to be jealous, or he wants you to think he’s a crush that you better not ignore.

It might be a bit risky because not every girl likes to see when a guy is flirting with other girls.

However, it is another sign that he does not dare.

He seems to hang around wherever you are

He seems to hang around wherever you are

Another sign that he has feelings for you is that he is constantly trying to be in your company.

If you have noticed that he is everywhere you are, then it is also clear that he enjoys your presence and feels something for you.

Sounds spooky, doesn’t it? But if you like him too, it will give you butterflies in your stomach.

You should then both take the opportunity to talk more and get to know each other if you are both interested.

Signs that he doesn’t dare: He answers first

Signs that he doesn’t dare: He answers first

If a man keeps texting you, for minor reasons, and for the first time, then it’s quite clear that he likes you.

He might ask you about the activity you both participated in. Or he just texts you to let you know he saw you somewhere the other day.

The reason is that he wants to be in touch with you because he wants to know where you are, what you are doing, and how you are feeling.

He might not say exactly what you mean to him, but with these signs, he doesn’t have to. He feels something for you.

He is always on your side

He is always on your side

No matter what happens and who is right or wrong, he is always on your side. 

When a man likes you, expect that he will protect you. That is why he will always be on your side, even when you are wrong.

That doesn’t mean he tolerates your mistakes. He just wants to be with you and proves his loyalty even if he doesn’t dare to admit his feelings.

He’s bound to tell you later that he wasn’t happy with something you said or did when the two of you are alone.

But in public and among other people, he will always have your opinion and will always support you no matter what the cost.

He is always available if you need help

He is always available if you need help

When a man is in love with a woman, he will always be available to her. No matter if he is busy and no matter if it is midnight and he is sleeping, he will always reach out and help you if you need help.

He just wants you to know that no matter what, you can always count on him.

Plus, he wants to be the one to protect you and show how much you mean to him.

Even if he doesn’t tell you, you know that a man cares about you when he can’t say no.

Also, actions are always better than words, so don’t seek validation of his feelings but enjoy the attention he gives you.

And don’t hesitate to do the same for him, if you feel something too, he’ll appreciate it.

He reacts to all your activities on social media

He reacts to all your activities on social media

In today’s world, the easiest way to reach someone you like is through social media. And in most cases, you use social media to connect with someone.

If he doesn’t miss any of your posts, he’s probably stalking you. You can tell by the fact that they react to or comment on each of your posts.

So if a man likes you, the first thing he will probably do is “Like” your photos.

After that, if he gets the same reaction from your side, he will definitely send you a message to comment on your implement you.

Maybe he won’t be so direct if he doesn’t dare.

He may use his sense of humor and say something funny to send you a sign that he likes you.

He can’t help but be cute most of the time

He can’t help but be cute most of the time

Some men try to hide their feelings, but these are usually stronger. 

No matter how hard he tries to push you away by being rude, he can’t help but be nice and sweet to you in the long run.

Sometimes the ones who fight each other the most are also the ones who love each other the most.

This is exactly what shows that maybe a man is very much in love with you when he tries hard not to portray his feelings as they are, but it doesn’t work out and then he’s sweet and nice most of the time. Sometimes too much.

He behaves cautiously

Signs that he doesn’t dare: He behaves cautiously

If he’s fighting his feelings for you, he’s probably not just fighting them on the outside, but on the inside as well. He doesn’t want to feel anything for you – at least no more than friends.

You may then think that he is ignoring you and doesn’t want anything to do with you because his behavior signals that.

Most men do this when they think they are not good enough for a woman.

But often one has the feeling that he tries too hard and overcompensates. It’s not natural, not relaxed.

So you can see that in reality, he is interested, but for some reason, he is trying to hide his feelings.

Signs that he doesn’t dare: He gets frustrated

He gets frustrated

If he’s fighting his feelings for you, he’ll get frustrated at times. I mean, it’s not an ideal situation, is it?

Yes, he’s aware of his feelings towards you, but for a few reasons, he’s fighting them.

Maybe he’s afraid of how you’re going to react because you’ve both been friends for years.

Most of the time, a lot will happen “behind closed doors”. You won’t get the inner struggle he’s going through and the impact he’s having. But every once in a while… he’ll probably freak out.

The reasons for this can be numerous.

Perhaps at this moment, he is jealous because you said something or mentioned another man in his presence.

You may also have said something that doesn’t fit with his plans for you.

When he behaves like this, think about what you were saying or doing at that moment.

We all know that love and relationships can be very complicated.

Or rather, all of us, both men and women, are responsible for it.

Communication is the key to solving any problem. But sometimes we don’t dare to admit our feelings.

Men have a hard time with this because they are almost always expected to make the first move.

But not every person has the same personality traits. Someone just needs to show their feelings and someone feels a lot better and more comfortable not talking about them.

The same applies to us women. We should just learn to accept our differences and know that either way is okay.

When we realize that a man has feelings for us but for some reason doesn’t want to admit them, then would take action.

Of course, if you feel the same.

We hope that these signs that show you that he is not daring will help you improve the situation with the man.

All in all, it would also be okay for you to make the first move or just give signals that you are interested too.

This will help the man admit his feelings.

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Signs he doesn't trust himself - 17 obvious signs

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