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If it’s love, he’ll come back

If it’s love, he’ll come back, they always say, hoping everything will be alright.

Will he come back? If you’ve had someone you loved above all else, then you must have asked yourself that question several times after the breakup.

Will he come back to me or not? does he still love me

These questions and the answers to them will torment you for days because you will not be the one asking for reconciliation, but sometimes you will be tempted..

Do you really want him to come back to you for the right reasons, or maybe you’re just afraid of being alone?

From time to time you could also ask yourself these questions, because if you only want him back because you are alone, history and your arguments will only repeat itself.

Besides, where is the love in this story? I think that she would have to be present in such a relationship.

Sure it may hurt right now when your husband left you, but I promise it will get better.

As the old saying goes, time heals wounds. In my opinion not in all cases but in this case it is!

And one thing is for sure: I don’t want you to forget that the only person you can control is yourself.

And I’m sure you lose control of yourself in some situations too! So don’t think that you have the ability to control someone else.

No matter how much you want him back, he will only come back when he wants it. Whether he will come back or not depends on many factors including the reason for the break up, your relationship in general, you and him!

Let him decide for himself because the last thing you want to do is make him feel guilty or pressure him to come back to you when his heart tells him otherwise.

This is a recipe for disaster.

If you’re wondering if he’s coming back and if you can win your ex back if he loves you, you need to watch out for some signs he’s giving you.

If you are still in love as an ex girlfriend and you want to get your ex back, you need to ask yourself some questions and analyze your behavior first.

Because we humans tend to immediately draw attention to others instead of dealing with ourselves first.

If you want to save your relationship and overcome your lovesickness, you’ve come to the right place.

We will look at how you as a now ex girlfriend can get your ex back or either overcome your lovesickness.

There is no guarantee that reading this article will save your relationship, but it will definitely help you.

What should you pay attention to first if you want to save your relationship?

First off, there are some pretty definite signs that your man is going to come back to you.

Will he come back if he loves me?

If it’s love, he’ll come back. At least he will try. Because when a man falls in love, it gets very serious.

A man in love cannot just get away like a woman.

Men don’t fall in love as easily as women either, but when that happens, it’s true love.

Whether he will come back or not, no one can say and guarantee you with certainty.

If you two have been together for a long time, you can definitely see some signs that he still hasn’t gotten over you and your relationship.

“Will he come back if he loves me?” I’m sure you’re still asking yourself that question.

We’re here to help you spot these signals and decode them!

1. He still hasn’t broken off contact with you

Your conversation won’t be the same, of course, but every once in a while he’ll text you or ask you a specific question so it doesn’t become obvious that he’s contacting you because he misses you.

Maybe he needed some time out from the relationship to understand whether you two should be together or not.

You may both have wished for the same thing, but you too are now missing him and waiting for him to get in touch.

You both know what caused your breakup, which doesn’t matter much in this case.

If his message is short and doesn’t say anything in particular, then it’s even clearer that he will come back, or rather wants to come back.

With these little messages, he wants to see how you react and if you want the same.

He doesn’t want to rush things because he’s afraid you’ll reject him.

He wants to make things right in your relationship step by step and make up for the mistakes of the past and not repeat them.

Surely he wants you to have a new beginning and for a lot of things to change.

If you respond well to his messages, he will certainly deepen his communication with you and move on to more concrete messages.

If you’re wondering if he’ll come back or not, “will he come back if he loves me,” etc., first notice if he’s still communicating with you in some way.

This is a definite sign that he will come back when it’s love!

But even in this case you have to be very attentive and learn the real reasons behind it.

2. He is always ready to help you

If he loves you, he will come back no matter what. And he will always be there for you when you need help, whether you two are together or not.

He will let you know that you can always count on him. Because of this, you can tell that he still has feelings for you.

Although the two of you are no longer together, his feelings are present as they used to be. And by telling you that you can always count on him in any situation, he has told you enough.

If you ask yourself the question, “Will he come back if he loves me,” then find the answer yourself through his actions.

A man who still has feelings for a woman and still loves her can never let her down no matter what.

And coming to your rescue when you are in trouble is one of the biggest signs that he will come back as he clearly still has feelings for you.

Love is still there and it doesn’t go away that easily.

Let’s say you guys broke up a few months ago, but he’s still willing to help you in any way he can.

Why? Because it’s true love.

If you two are still willing to continue the relationship, you will surely find a way to reconcile.

On the one hand, this separation can be beneficial for both of you.

Because during this separation you will realize how great your love is and how much your relationship means to you.

The desire for contact has to come from both sides, you can’t win this man back if he doesn’t want it.

This is exactly why this time of separation is good, so that you can think about your relationship and love.

Both men and women sometimes need time out to collect and clear their thoughts and finally to see if there is a reason to come back.

3. He finds time to hang out with your friends

If your ex boyfriend is talking to your friends, it’s a clear indication that he wants you back.

If you want to win your ex back, see if he’s still in touch with any of your friends.

If your ex is still trying to keep in touch with you, there must be a reason behind it. And maybe you are that reason.

At the very least, he wants to keep the awkward “ex” factor out of the relationship.

Especially when they tell you that your ex boyfriend mentions you in the conversations from time to time.

Think about it for a minute. If he didn’t want anything to do with you, why on earth would he even want to communicate with your friends?

And why would your ex partner mention you in these conversations?

Well he wouldn’t!

Most likely, he would also like to win back his ex girlfriend!

He’s probably trying to connect with you and looking for every little clue he can get about you.

He hopes they will give him a sign that you still want him in your life. 

It could also be his subtle way of hoping that your friends will figure out that he still wants you and that he’ll be happy to come back.

He might want them to forward the message just to get an idea of ​​what you’re thinking.

Men are not as complicated in this case as women. It’s very easy to tell if he’s coming back or not.

If he doesn’t want you back, he won’t bother to keep in touch with your friends – period.

Men are a bit more direct than us women. After some time, he would confess all these things to you and ask you to get over the breakup and be back together.

What can you do to get your ex back?

Yes, we’ve already established that when it’s love, he’ll come back.

But when will that happen? If it’s love, will he actually come back?

How long should you wait, and should you wait at all?

If you’re tormented by the question, “Will he come back if he loves me,” then you shouldn’t just look at his signs.

If you want to win your ex back, you should also make an effort and improve your behavior towards him.

Because you can’t just expect things to change from one side.

In a relationship, both partners must fight and strive to keep the love alive.

If it’s love, he’ll come back, but what can you do to make your ex boyfriend want to come back?

Let’s find out in the next sections!

1. Respect his decision

If your now ex boyfriend broke up with you then you need to respect his decision and not be clingy.

Because if it’s love, he’ll come back no matter why you two broke up.

In order to win your ex boyfriend back, you have to deal with it immediately when his decision was to break up with you.

You can’t force anyone to be with you. Besides, if you could do it too, it wouldn’t be a real relationship that both partners would enjoy.

If you are going to have such a relationship, it would only affect the love negatively and sooner or later there will definitely be a breakup.

By giving your ex boyfriend enough time and space, he will also quickly realize that he misses you and that he cannot live his life without you.

Despite love, he will not tolerate your presence if you are too clingy and put pressure on the relationship.

Because love between two people should be unconditional, love cannot be forced.

If you want to save your relationship, you must also respect his feelings and his decision.

If he feels the urge to talk to you and reach out to you, he probably will.

2. Prove your worth

The second thing you need to do is get your ex boyfriend to appreciate you again.

If it’s love, he’ll come back, but he needs to see that you’re worth it and that you’re the right one.

Begging and begging him only makes you look weak and lacking in confidence.

In this case, men tend to behave completely differently. They realize that they can do whatever they want with their ex girlfriend and then they take the women for granted.

Sitting at home and crying will not have a positive effect either.

You will only harm yourself and your feelings can lead to depression and sadness, which you certainly do not want!

Prove what you’re worth.

Because you are worth it, no matter what you think at the moment!

After you left someone or after someone left you, you have to convince them that something has changed, otherwise there is no reason to come back.

You must overcome your lovesickness and work on yourself to learn new skills and find new occupations.

And don’t ask yourself what happened to love? Love will stay if it was love. He also comes back when he loves you.

But you have to start loving yourself, then others will love you too.

This change has to start with yourself. Make yourself the best version of yourself by focusing on your self-improvement and he’ll soon notice the difference.

If you want to save your relationship, you must first save yourself. Your ex relationship will work even better after the breakup and reunion if you work on yourself.

You need to empower yourself and not let your ex boyfriend or anyone else see your weaknesses.

Spend time with friends and make more of an effort to do fun things in your free time.

Do whatever makes you happy no matter what it is.

Think about how much time and energy you put into your relationship and put it into your own life instead.

Whether it’s making new friends or pursuing new hobbies, your newfound energy will show you that the focus of your life is you – not him.

You’ll soon notice your ex’s signs that he’s coming back.

Not only that, it will also remind him of how much fun you used to have together.

He will realize that the breakup was a mistake.

Make the most of this opportunity and make sure your ex boyfriend knows all about it. This will inspire him to see you in a new light and appreciate you more.

Your ex boyfriend will admire your change and feel the urge to spend time with you again.

It will also show him that you are perfectly capable of finding happiness on your own and that you are willing to take matters into your own hands and enjoy a new life without him.

Why do I have the feeling that he will come back?

If you feel like your ex will come back, it’s because you have high hopes.

You probably haven’t gotten over your ex boyfriend yet and they keep asking you if he’s coming back or not.

If it’s love, he’ll come back. But what if it’s not love and you keep waiting?

You also have to reckon with the possibility that your ex might not love you anymore.

You have to know that you shouldn’t wait for him for months just because you hope something will change.

You are longingly waiting for your ex to come back because then it would be easier for you to deal with the unfortunate situation.

Instead of eating, think about what you could do to forget about your ex-boyfriend and move on with your life without him.

I felt the same way when I got dumped. I felt that my ex boyfriend was thinking of me and wanted to be with me, so I waited for her to text me.

Because I was so hopeful, I even dreamed of my ex kissing me and coming back.

But I didn’t think at all that he would move on with his life and maybe meet new people while I wait.

And I forgot that my life is passing too and that I too have to do something to get things back to normal.

Little did I know that my dreams, hopes and ex thoughts were caused by the pain the breakup was causing me.

I was just waiting for a contact with him and that contact never came about. Because he moved on with his life and no doubt I waited.

Now I’m angry with myself about it, but luckily this phase didn’t last too long.

I only realized this later when I got over my ex and didn’t want him back.

You have to know that you need time and that you have to answer some questions realistically for yourself.

You must find the answers to these questions yourself, precisely so that you can continue living your life normally.

Use this opportunity right now to give yourself the reasons why you should get over your ex boyfriend.

At that point I saw things perfectly clear and stopped looking for signs from the universe that my ex was coming back.

To conclude this article, keep in mind that if a man loves you, he will actually come back.

The fact that you are now separated should not be viewed as the end of the world. This is exactly why you need to know that you need to work on yourself and only take care of yourself.

He will come back faster than greased lightning just to be with you and experience love again.

You need to think clearly, even though you’re still in love with that person.

No contact was just meant to help you think clearly and forget about your ex boyfriend if he didn’t want to come back.

He’s not going to come back just because he said he “still loves you” or because you have a gut feeling he’s going to come back.

Something unpredictable and painful will likely have to happen. Something that changes his perception of you and his negative feelings.

Again, if it’s love, he’ll come back. But you cannot and must not wait your whole life for it!

If it’s love, he’ll come back, but when? If he wants it?

If it’s love, he’ll come back, but don’t show him you’re waiting for it.

When two people make an effort, miracles can happen!

If it’s love, he’ll come back. But remember that you should come back to yourself first!

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