The Behavior of an Ex Still in Love: 17 Telltale Signs

The Behavior of an Ex

The Behavior of an Ex Still in Love: 17 Telltale Signs

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You broke up with him, great…


You feel like you made a mistake.

Indeed, you realize that your ex is your soul mate and that no other man can come close to his ankle.

My ex is a good man. I just wasn’t ready for a serious relationship.

Now I regret leaving him, because I realize that I still love him.

Sophia, 31 years old

Or, you won’t regret your breakup at all.

Whether it’s you or him who ended your romantic relationship, you keep moving forward.

You feel good and you have no intention of going back to him.

But you have the impression that he is trying to win you over again.

My ex is coming back, but I don’t understand what he wants.

Is he still in love with me or is he playing?

Louisa, 27 years old

In both cases, you are wondering one thing: what is the behavior of an ex who is still in love?

Whether you want to get back together with him or just want to distance yourself, you need to know where you stand with him so you can act appropriately.

The behavior of an ex who is still in love shows up in any changes he has made to his life or personality.


You just don’t know where you stand with him.

You are separated, but you feel like he is still around you.

And you want to know what’s going on.

With you or your ex?

But how?

I want to tell you something: there are very specific signs.

They tell you how he or she feels about you.

The situation usually provides information on how a certain signal can be interpreted!

Here is a list of typical signals in certain situations to discover the behavior of an ex who is still in love.

When you were together, your partner had toxic habits or behaviors.

You told him about it and told him you were bothered.

Now you understand that all of that is in the past.

For example, if you told him he was very clingy, now you see that he is making an effort to give you your personal space.

My ex doesn’t talk to me anymore, but I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Indeed, he was always glued to me and he called me dozens of times a day.

When I told him that I was fed up, that he was suffocating me, he finally reacted.

Alina, 27 years old

Indeed, your ex has suddenly changed his behavior.

The behavior of an ex still in love is reflected in the efforts he makes to become better.

Especially, if you told him that his behavior was the cause of your separation.

Another sign that your ex is still emotionally connected to you is if he tries to fix things or calm things down every time you argue.

Indeed, if you happen to be in contact with him, disputes can resurface.

But a man in such an emotional state will do anything to make things right.

Strange thing: a rebound relationship can also be typical of the behavior of an ex who is still in love.

Indeed, to forget you, he chose to throw himself into the arms of another woman.

Behavior of an ex still in love: what he does if he has feelings for you


Whether or not you have noticed the behaviors mentioned in the previous paragraph does not imply that you have understood how your ex is feeling.

Indeed, men are sometimes difficult to read.

Other times, they play with our feelings to make us think they love us.

So you have to be careful.

My ex calls me every day asking me to tell him about my day.

At first I thought it was cute.

‘My ex is slowly coming back’.

But in fact, I learned that he just wanted to have control over my life.

He wanted to know where I was and what I was doing.

Sara, 41 years old

1. If he is still looking for contact, this is the first sign of the behavior of an ex who is still in love.


Maybe not every day.

But certainly regularly.

So it’s clear: he always wants to know what’s going on in your life.

But beware: it can also be a toxic attack to control you.

2. Your ex posts sentimental photos or comments on social media.

Or a photo of the two of you with a sad comment.

A saying like “You only know how precious it was when you’ve lost something”.

This always indicates severe lovesickness!

But that’s not proof – just a clue!

3. If he’s trying to make you jealous, that’s a sign of the behavior of a still-in-love ex.


Again, a popular way is to post a photo on Facebook or Instagram.

Preferably with an attractive woman in his arms.

In the hope that YOU see exactly this image.

He seeks to make you react so that you run after him.

4. If you have friends in common, your ex checks with them.

He does not yet dare to write to you directly or even to call you.

But your ex wants to know what’s going on in your life!

And especially if you are already in a new relationship…

5. As soon as you find someone else, your ex contacts you.

It’s also a classic: you’ve barely gotten to know someone better than your ex comes back into your life.

Because now that you’re (almost) taken, he understands: Oh, she’s my dream partner for life!

6. The behavior of an ex who is still in love can be seen in his constant need to see you.


This suggestion may surprise you a bit. Maybe you’re not sure how to react.

Are you suspicious?

Are you sure you want to accept this suggestion?

Her need to see you confuses you.

7. He is nostalgic.

He suddenly wallows in a lot of memories.

In a very specific way, of course: in those of your relationship.

Maybe he now listens to a lot of songs you’ve heard together before.

Or that he watches movies that you both liked at the time.

8. Your ex changes partners all the time.


And at fairly short intervals.

It might indicate that someone is not done with you yet.

Because let’s be honest: such erratic behavior does not indicate a balanced character.

9. If he pulls out completely, he’s acting like an ex who’s still in love.

Because the breakup hurt her a lot.

And sometimes he doesn’t even know how to deal with it.

That’s why he keeps his distance.

From everyone, including his friends.

10. Your ex talks about you all the time.


Even if your mutual friends don’t want to hear about your ex-relationship.

Even if his friends are tired of hearing your name.

And he always says the same thing.

But what does my ex do?

What if he misses me?

11. He keeps referring to shared memories.

He remembers everything you’ve been through together.

This spontaneous trip to the sea.

This walk in the moonlight.

The picnic you surprised him with.

And so on.

He could talk about it for hours!

Besides, the people around him are fed up with these stories!

12. If he takes responsibility for his mistakes, I assure you that’s the behavior of an ex still in love.


And apologizes for all the mistakes made by him.

He is sorry.

He wants you to know that this is very important to him.

And of course, he hopes you will forgive him.

13. “My ex is trying to impress me, so I think he wants us to get back together” – Marie, 32

He’s trying to show you that he’s become a better person since the breakup.

He thought a lot and he came to valuable conclusions.

Now he knows what to do and what not to do.

In short, you should be suitably impressed.

14. If you want to know if this man has the behavior of an ex still in love, ask yourself how many times you met him “by chance”.


My ex shows all the signs of a jealous man.

In fact, I see him at least five times a week.

At first I thought it was a coincidence, but looking at my phone I realized it was connected to my location.

Fanny, 32 years old

Well, the first time it could be random.

But what if it happens again soon after?

And then again?

Hmm, someone has to know exactly when they can meet you.

15. If he’s trying to take care of you, you can be sure he’s acting like a still-in-love ex.

Suddenly, he is very, very caring.

He wants to know a lot about you and he wants to please you.

  • How are you?
  • What have you been doing this week?

When he asks these questions, he listens to the answers, pays attention to every detail, and remembers all the information exchanged.

Which is a big change from how he behaved when you were in a relationship.

16. “My ex comes back to me whenever he needs advice. Sometimes it’s something as silly as ‘How long should you cook pasta? – Cindy, 44


He asks your opinion on general and banal subjects.

But that’s not all!

He also asks for your opinion on his behavior or the way he communicates.

  • How should he behave?
  • Could he have done anything better?

And so on.

It seems that someone has chosen you as their main confidante.

17. If he confides in you, you can be sure that’s the behavior of a still-in-love ex.

He speaks openly and honestly about everything that has happened to him lately.

Perhaps it also speaks of fears, feelings, wishes, hopes…

The more this is the case, the more he trusts you!

And that’s a compliment from his point of view.

18. “My ex no longer speaks to me, but I instinctively feel that something still binds us” – Béa, 37 years old


Even if your ex has chosen to distance himself a little, he still sends you a message from time to time.

In his messages, you can feel his pain.

But also his love.

Your gut tells you he still loves you.

19. When you’re together, there’s tension in the air.

There is energy, sparks!

It reminds you of the first months of your romantic relationship.

When I’m with my ex, I feel like we’ve gone back a year.

When our eyes met for the first time.

It’s magic!

Danielle, 28 years old

20. He flirts with you.

And it’s not up to you.

You do nothing to incite his behavior.

But be careful: look for the other signs!

Otherwise, it may just be a pleasant pastime for him.

If he adopts the behavior of an ex still in love, how to make him confess?


He’s unlikely to tell you directly that he loves you.

But you can set up a little test to make it react.

With a little trap!

Unless you want to talk to him about it openly.

But are you going to get an honest answer?

Step 1. Post pictures of yourself and other men on social media.

And don’t hesitate to make him a little jealous.

Watch her reaction: what does she look like?

Step 2. Wait for it to react.

An ex-lover won’t be able to help but react.

Let’s be honest: if he wants something from you, then he will come to you.

He will take care of you.

And he will contact you.

Because when someone wants something, they show their creative side. It’s like that!

Step 3. Flirt with him a bit.

Send him ambiguous messages or propose to him a dinner in a romantic restaurant.

Watch his reaction.

Step 4. Talk about your new relationship.

And watch his reaction here too.

Does he agree?

Or does he act like you didn’t say anything?

If the following signs are present, clearly this man has adopted the behavior of an ex who is still in love.

1. He changes his style 

Because he wants to impress you.

2. He seeks contact

He wants to fight to save your marriage.

3. He wants intimate moments with you.

And not only to be able to satisfy his desire quickly.

No, he misses you! And physically too…

4. He flirts wildly

As soon as he sees a girl he likes, he turns into a womanizer

But his stories don’t last long.

5. His eyes light up when he sees you 

Or, when someone says your first name.

The slightest sign is enough to put him in euphoria.

If you notice the behavior of an ex who is still in love, what are you supposed to do?


From experience, I can give you these important tips in advance.

Please avoid the typical misstep that most abandoned women make in such a difficult situation, despite their broken hearts.

By “errors” I mean such hasty adverse actions:

  • Ask your ex-partner a direct question about love, such as how he feels about you.
  • Give him an open confession of love (or covert references to your feelings) and hope he responds by saying, “Yes, I still love you too!” “.
  • Buy romantic gifts or flowers and hope he responds to those gestures in a positive way that assures you of his love.
  • Asking friends or family what your ex-boyfriend thinks of you.

The problem is that all of the behaviors mentioned above seem very needy, so your chances of winning your ex back are slim.

Above all, your ex-partner might feel pressured by you if he still needs some space to deal with your breakup properly.

If you notice the behavior of an ex who is still in love and you are also still in love with him!

If you notice the above signs and want to give your relationship another chance, take the opportunity.

Don’t look for a sentence to make your ex regret just because he left you.

You have to put that pain in the past.

Now you need to have a sincere conversation with him.

Talk about what led to your breakup and everything you’ve done since to change.

Next, set the rules for your future relationship.

Above all, do not continue where you left off.

This relationship is new.

Leave your egos aside and work together to live your love.

If you notice the behavior of an ex who is still in love and you are not in love with him!

If you notice the signs mentioned above, you need to take action.

Indeed, if you do not have the same feelings for him, you must be clear.

It is useless to look for a phrase to make your ex regret.

It will only add fuel to the fire.

Instead, just ask him to have an open conversation.

During this conversation, explain to him that you don’t have romantic feelings for him.

Then, block it on all possible platforms and respect the no-contact rule.

If you don’t want to give him false hope, you have to be cruel at the moment.

This will allow him to move forward.

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