Behavior of a man who wants to break up: 14 obvious signs

Behavior of a man who wants to break up: 14 obvious signs

You no longer know where your head is and with each word you wonder if this could be the last.

Yes, you’ve been wondering for some time now if your darling’s attitude is typical of the behavior of a man who wants to break up.

Yet there is no definite answer to the statement “he doesn’t love me anymore.” However, you can observe changes in your partner’s reactions or habits to find out if he or she is considering ending your relationship.

But for what purpose?

I will ask you some questions :

  • Are YOU still in love with your partner?
  • Do you want to break up with him before he has a chance to break up with you?
  • Do you feel something is wrong?
  • Do you intend to work on your couple or do you want to give up?

Why does the behavior of a man who wants to break up interest women so much?


There are two cases.

Often, women want to know what the behavior of a man who wants to break up looks like, because they have their sixth sense that tells them that the couple is taking the water.

As they are still in love with their partner, they want to react in time to save their relationship.

It means making more effort and sacrifice.

Unfortunately, it also (often) means forgetting yourself in the process. Why ? Quite simply because some women are literally ready to do anything to keep their man with them.

Thus, they can completely change their style, go on an extreme diet, adopt new passions, etc.

What may seem like a good idea at first turns into a nightmare. Indeed, you are no longer true to yourself and you do not recognize the person you see in the mirror.

So you are unhappy. As you are unhappy, your darling again shows the behavior of a man who wants to break up.

So, you change again… And you enter a vicious circle! Eventually, you’re going to end up breaking up in a big way. And you will suffer a lot, because you will have the impression that you have literally done the impossible to save your relationship.

A woman can also try to decipher the behavior of a man who is not in love so that she can leave him first.


Yes, it can be twisted, but believe me when I tell you that many women seek to understand the behavior of a man who wants to break up because they want to anticipate.

For these personalities, it is unthinkable for a man to leave them. They feel superior and their oversized ego does not allow them to let fate take matters into their own hands.

Thus, they are obsessed with the behavior of a man who wants to break up, because as soon as they notice that his feelings have evaporated, they want to leave him.

This way they feel like they have the power and are completely in control. What they don’t understand is that breaking up isn’t about ego or winning.

It’s the beginning of a new life, it’s the end of a love that hasn’t blossomed.

In both cases, as long as you don’t hear him say that he’s fed up with your couple or as long as you can’t find the terms “how to leave his girlfriend” in his search engine, I suggest you trust to the following signs.

What is the behavior of a man who wants to break up?


Men in particular often find it difficult to express their feelings. That is why it is all the more important for us women to have some clear facts.

Indeed, some behaviors are typical of a man in love, while others clearly show a lack of confidence, affection or feelings.

Here is the behavior of a man who wants to break up:

1. Behavior of a man who wants to break up: he no longer plans the future


Children or marriage have always been a big dream for you and you always thought that you were on the same wavelength as your darling.

If before he had no trouble talking about what you were going to be doing in a month, a year or a decade, now you only get silence.

Indeed, when you talk about the future, it closes in completely and becomes cold. As if he no longer had any emotion related to what the future holds for you.

If you have never talked about the future within your couple, this point does not really affect you. But if you used to joke about the wedding and now he just says “it’s too soon”, I can guarantee it will always be too soon for him.

Indeed, he is already wondering how to leave his girlfriend.

2. Your love life sucks


While he could never have had enough love in the past, today he seems completely disinterested in the physical act.

Intimacy is especially important to a relationship and takes your feelings for each other to a whole new level. However, if he no longer needs you in this area, it may mean that his attraction to you has died.

But if you have little love in a long relationship, you don’t have to worry right away. Indeed, it can also be the result of daily stress, routine and your many responsibilities.

This is why it is important that this behavior of a man who wants to break up is accompanied by at least three other signs from this list.

3. Behavior of a man who wants to break up: he prefers hanging out with his friends


Is your partner never at home, constantly on the go and only with friends?

Besides, when you ask him if you’re going to have dinner together tonight, he reacts in a rather bored and disinterested way. Finally, he refuses. No need to look for noon to two o’clock, this man avoids you.

This is the behavior of a man who wants to break up for sure. Something is wrong in your relationship. And it’s not small. Indeed, when you come to the point of running away from each other and refusing moments together, it means that you can no longer stand each other.

In this situation, your unloving man has a casual and detached demeanor.

4. He rejects your advances


Do you want to hold his hand, love him or just hug him, but he blocks ?

It’s mostly like a blow to the head. It is therefore not important for him to follow your needs and seek physical closeness from his side.

There is always a phase where the intimate moments calm down. However, if it never ends, it’s a sign that he doesn’t love you anymore.

Indeed, couples who have been together for a long time experience a small drop in speed. But it comes back quickly.

On the other hand, if your man completely refuses your advances and reacts almost with disgust when you touch him, it is a very bad sign.

5. Behavior of a man who wants to break up: he makes you empty promises


Everyone has broken their word at one time or another.

However, if your boyfriend keeps making empty promises, it’s a sign that he’s just trying to appease you right now and you can’t trust him.

In effect, it tells you what you want to hear so as not to cause arguments or appear insensitive. This calms the situation down temporarily and you feel like he loves you again.

This behavior of a man who wants to break up is the way to initiate what will soon happen: the breakup. And I’ll be honest, a man who behaves like that isn’t even going to give you the separation you deserve.

Indeed, he will opt for ghosting or he will simply tell you “I’m fed up, I’m out of here”. You can’t expect this kind of guy to be outgoing and kind during the breakup.

6. He leaves at the quarter turn


Does your partner turn every fly into an elephant?

This is then a harbinger that he is very dissatisfied. At this point it is important to know if you are the main reason. After all, his behavior can also be related to work, his family, etc.

Ask him if it’s up to you and if you can improve anything. If he doesn’t respond and gets even angrier, he’s unhappy with your relationship.

By the way, learning how to argue properly is one of the first important skills you should learn in a relationship.

So if he doesn’t take the time to explain to you what’s going on, it’s all over between you!

7. Behavior of a man who wants to break up: he does not listen to you


While you report your day and your upcoming errands, he looks around and even does other things in the meantime.

A sign that he isn’t listening to you and isn’t obsessed with you. He shows you that you don’t seem to matter to him anymore.

Usually it starts out slow. You mention a colleague, but he doesn’t seem to remember hearing her name before.

Then he forgets your birthday and so on.

Its omissions are increasingly serious. And you understand that you are not a priority for him.

If that’s not the behavior of a man who wants to break up, I don’t know what is!

8. He often talks about separation


While you made plans for the future early in your relationship, does your boyfriend use the word “breakup” more often? Be careful, this is a clear indication that something is wrong and he imagines a life without you.

Some men are quite direct. Indeed, for example, they mention their best friend who broke up with his sweetheart. They say he’s happier now and it’s a good decision as their relationship had no future.

Then, he tells you that if one day it happened to you, you should see it as an opportunity to move forward!


A man not in love behaves like a boor!

9. Behavior of a man who wants to break up: he is no longer jealous


Men flirt with you in a bar, but your man does not react. A spark of jealousy lives in every person. If he doesn’t care that you find out about other men’s advances, it could be a sign that he doesn’t like you anymore.

There is of course the other extreme: too much jealousy can be just as toxic as too little. Clearly, the behavior of a man who wants to break up is almost like, “Go ahead, grab her.”

For him, it makes the breakup easier and takes the pressure off his shoulders.

10. He doesn’t care about you anymore


Men in love do everything to make their partner happy. If he doesn’t care if you’re crying or hurting, he’s no longer interested in your well-being.

And if he is no longer interested in your well-being, then this man is not in love and he has a completely detached demeanor.

Honestly, there’s not much you can do to change your situation. When the end comes, all you have to do is give up.

11. Behavior of a man who wants to break up: he no longer gives you little gifts


How to leave your girlfriend?

Here, I’m going to ignore her requests and I’m not going to give her flowers this weekend. I hope she gets the message!

It’s an extrapolation of the behavior of a man who wants to break up, but that’s the general idea. Indeed, when we are in love, we want to make the other happy.

So, if your darling has always given you flowers on Friday night to celebrate the weekend, but suddenly stops, that’s not a good sign. Unless he lost his job!

12. He no longer shares your interests


Joint vacations and excursions were always on your agenda. And now he is no longer interested in pursuing your hobbies and interests with you?

This is an indication that his feelings towards you have changed. When someone is no longer interested in what makes you happy, it means that their mind is already elsewhere.

He is already detached and distant. Which fits into the behavior of a typical man who wants to break up.

13. Behavior of a man who wants to break up: he talks about someone else


New co-worker or girlfriend of a friend? If he talks a lot about other women and raves about it, you should be concerned.

Indeed, until then, he was obsessed with you and put you on a pedestal. Now he realizes you’re not perfect and he could do better.

He also notices the qualities of other women and praises them.

How to leave your girlfriend?

What if I made her understand that she was less than nothing! It’s brilliant as a technique…

Hypocrites, these men!

14. He blames you for everything


Of course, none of these negative feelings that you have are beyond your partner. He is often disappointed and angry that things are not like before.

This displeasure often expresses itself in the form of accusations that are probably not true and that most of the time only concern you. If this is the case, you need to communicate it openly or think about how to proceed between yourselves.

When the blame game starts, it’s all over. Indeed, it is the favorite technique of cowards who are insincere about what they want. In short, it is the behavior of a man who wants to break up that is degrading.

Behavior of a man who wants to break up: 14 obvious signs

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