8 signs you’ve never really been in love

All human beings are in a constant state of craving, some more than others, but they are never truly at peace.

As a result, everything around you seems to be constantly changing and passing you by faster than it should.

As love and the way we perceive it becomes more and more fragile to the point that over time it completely loses its original meaning.

Perhaps in the beginning it was love for a man who was extremely attractive to us, only to later become one who can excite us like no other.

Until we meet that one person we seem to know from another life and we start thinking that might be love.

But it turns out she’s not… and behind a kind face and kind words hides everyone’s personal demon that will completely ruin our lives.

So over time we feel more and more alone, even more so when we met that person, and realize that what we have is not love.

Yet just another illusion, and this is not the person we are going to share our life with.

Because she doesn’t love us the way we deserve and because she can’t see our worth.

That’s why she throws us away, like a diamond, to play with pebbles that can be found everywhere.

But what is love really? And how do we know we’ve found her once she’s there?

Well, love isn’t an overwhelming, unearthly feeling, it’s an acknowledgment of the respect someone has for us.

Where, with that respect, we are able to build something stable and meaningful that goes beyond the illusion of unrequited love.

1. You were never truly in love if that person made you feel less worthy

If you think you loved someone even though that person constantly made you feel less than you, that was never love.

In a real relationship, a man will never demand that you become different from the person you currently are.

He won’t want you to be slimmer, smarter, richer, younger. He will love you just the way you are.

Also, at no point will the thought enter your head that you are not good enough.

Or that your partner deserves someone better, more beautiful, more of everything, because that opinion comes only from the fact that you are not loved.

Because the right one will love you completely and want you to grow into the best possible person together with them.

2. You’ve never really been in love if you both found it easy to break up

When two souls love each other, it is unimaginable for them to separate.

Because even after an argument, they won’t be able to stand the distance that harsh words have created.

So if it really comes down to one of them leaving and breaking up with the relationship, it was never love.

As a poet used to say: It is wrong to mend clothes, let alone love.

So if someone leaves you at your lowest point, don’t hope that they will come back.

That was never the true love you needed and the wrong one will find you at peace only to leave you in shambles for the right one to put back together.

So you’ll wonder why you ever worried…

3.You were never really loved if you were just replaced

If someone actually loves you, they won’t be able or willing to simply replace you.

Because how can it be what you loved when that person switched to someone else so quickly.

Not with the aim of forgetting the relationship, but because she didn’t love you at all.

Love doesn’t disappear overnight, nor does it have wandering eyes.

So we’re well aware that there are people out there that we can have chemistry with as well, but we’re grateful for the connection we share with our partner.

That’s why we respect and value them so much that we don’t replace them with a worthless frenzy of passion.

4. You were never truly loved if all he ever did was take advantage of you

True love is selfless and doesn’t make you feel taken advantage of.

For example, if you give all your love and effort to a person but they don’t return it, that’s not true love. 

Your partner is selfish and takes your love for granted as it is too easy to obtain and requires no effort.

Emotionally immature people are only ever interested in things that have short-term value and boost their ego.

So if you feel like you gave him all the best gifts, experiences and appreciations, then that was never love.

You can never appreciate the attention of someone you don’t have feelings for.

True love doesn’t have to be earned.

5. You were never truly loved when he said he didn’t love you

Unrequited love has no purpose, and it will only break your spirit the longer you hold on to it.

Someone who says the words “I don’t love you” really means it, and you should believe them without a doubt.

There shouldn’t be a “what if” in your head.

If you haven’t heard from someone in months, they don’t need you in their life.

Therefore, you should never believe that someone loves you if they tell you otherwise and leave you.

So it’s better to let go than to chase after a love that wasn’t even meant to make you happy.

6. They’ve never really been in love if you’ve been worrying all the time

If you had a lot of fears and worries in your relationship, then it was never love.

Whether it’s worrying about being replaced, not being good enough, or worrying that the relationship might end at some point.

Usually, relationships that aren’t meant to be have this toxic dynamic and just worry you.

There are happy moments, but mostly they are overshadowed by the problems.

You don’t feel like you can be yourself.

So you don’t want to stay in such a relationship because it causes more pain than love.

7. They’ve never really been in love if you thought you deserved nothing better

After all, you’ve never been in love when all the pain you’ve dealt with and the little you got from your partner is all that remains.

This is also the saddest fact when someone just thinks that they are in love and that what little they got is all they deserve.

Along with the belief that no one will ever love her so little again.

In reality, they don’t know that true love consists in receiving flowers without asking, surprise dinners, small gestures of love and tokens of appreciation.

And no, you are not asking much if you dream of him telling you “I love you”.

So believe that this kind of love exists and is waiting for you.

Believe that one day you’ll just wonder why you bothered in the first place.

Don’t worry about finding a soul mate because it’s “attributed to you”, the ink has dried and the pen has been lifted…

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