When A Man Is Silent, What Is He Trying To Tell You?


When A Man Is Silent, What Is He Trying To Tell You? Men like to talk too!

But their favorite subjects are work, leisure, or business.

Thus, many women in a relationship have to deal with male mutism.

Women want to share their feelings, but many men are unable to.

Unfortunately, a lack of communication is detrimental to the long-term relationship.

Honey, I would like us to go on vacation to Italy, what do you think?

When Sarah, 31, asked her partner this question, she expected an answer.

Or at least a reaction.

But no!

Jeremy slumped on his sofa, he tilted his head back, and acted as if he hadn’t heard anything.

Sometimes silence can last for decades.

One-way communication characterizes many relationships.

After falling in love, the willingness to engage in intense discussions decreases over the years for a man.

It’s a proven phenomenon!

Yet, scientific statistics show that men talk as much as women.

An American study observed men and women for two to ten days.

The conclusion is that men use an average of 15,696 words, only 500 words less than women.

But when do they pronounce them?

After all, women often complain about the one-sided discussions they have with their partners.

Well, men are open books when they talk about things that interest them.

The situation in the world, sports or work are perfect examples.

Of course, this is a generalization and you should never take shortcuts to explain human behavior.

There are men who like to talk about their feelings but are disinterested in the global economy.

Still, it’s clear that women need to talk more about their feelings and their relationship.

They don’t just want to talk to their partner about sports and financial strategies.

It’s a great relief for women to get rid of their problems – even without finding a solution.

Men, on the other hand, are more likely to solve their problems themselves and are more reluctant to talk about them.


It’s simple: even today, many people think that men who talk about feelings are weak.

So that the relationship does not end in silence, the first rule is to speak openly about your own needs.

If the woman wants to talk, but the man needs time for himself, he should say so.

For example, he must tell his partner that he cannot record anything at the moment and set a later time for the conversation.

And the partner must respect the limits set.

But at the same time, it is important to create moments of pause to discuss openly.

Instead of sitting in front of the television every night, couples should create opportunities for conversation.

Spending time together and maintaining an intensive exchange is what is called the art of love.

You should be aware that encrypted messages do not reach men.

They don’t spot them and they don’t understand them.

Eventually, these gentlemen must learn to read between the lines.

Moreover, they must also ask questions when they are not sure to understand their partner.

Women often do not directly say what they think, which leads to misunderstandings.

Thus, they must accept the idea that their partner may not have grasped the problem and the need for discussion.

Instead of saying :

A new pastry shop has opened around the corner.

You must say:

Honey, do you want to go and taste the cakes from the new patisserie?

When communication goes wrong, a vicious circle quickly develops.

Instead of communicating, couples talk without listening to each other.

Everyone feels misunderstood.

Result: joint discussions are reduced to a minimum.

If you don’t talk to each other, you don’t argue.

In most cases, this impossibility is unbearable for the woman at first.

In fact, it comes very close to the beginning of a separation.

Couples who can’t get to the heart of the problem on their own should seek professional help.

By the way, in recent years, more and more men are asking for professional support.

But once men recognize the conflicts, it’s often too late to salvage the relationship.

Couples mainly talk about housework and work

Household, children, work, and finances – these are the issues that dominate the lives of many couples.

How is the other, what feelings or problems are the partner having, etc.: these questions are quickly lost in everyday life.

But a lack of communication is done in the long run to the detriment of the relationship.

Create a space for discussions.

For example, choose a particular evening per week for a tune-up appointment.

In a comfortable atmosphere, take stock of the relationship, and talk about your feelings.

Of course, that doesn’t sound romantic.

But in reality, it is!


When you have a night where you work out misunderstandings or conflicts in your relationship, you have the rest of the time for fun.

Thus, another evening of the week can be dedicated to a romantic date.

During this evening, there is no discussion of problems.

You focus on your pleasures and on the love that unites you.

For example, you can remember your first meeting.

Or, plan your next vacation.


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