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What The Signs Need To Hear Before Christmas Begins

Christmas Begins

What The Signs Need To Hear Before Christmas Begins

One more year, we are close to saying goodbye to 2023, but first, let’s enjoy Christmas! Today I don’t want to wish you a good night and don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish you harm, I wish you the courage to cut ties with people who only add bitterness to your days. I wish you goodbye to conformism, I wish you a lot of laughter, magic, and new experiences, but also many tears and mistakes. Let’s see, this is what life is about, thorns are necessary to appreciate flowers. This is what the signs need to hear before Christmas begins.


A time is coming full of love and memories, but also a lot of pressure. Don’t let them force you to do things you don’t want to do. Keep that spirit on and just be you, but calmly. Christmas is about relaxing, connecting with those you love, and recharging your energies. However, it’s not bad if you want to take the opportunity to set limits on those people you no longer want in your life. 


How nice it is to see you about to conclude another year. Do you remember? You started with some fears, but you dared. You have made a lot of progress and I want you to recognize it today, do not make yourself less or compare yourself to others, live your process. This Christmas return to your refuge, love, care and express your love. That is your essence, take advantage of the little things, because you don’t know who may be missing tomorrow. 


It’s your turn to breathe, and you know what I mean—this year taught you that you can feel broken and still look up. However, you deserve to have space to be bad, allow yourself to cry, and get angry until all that emotional garbage leaves your days. This Christmas you will be able to connect with your loved ones on a deeper level, now you will understand more than ever that the gifts under the tree are nothing if love is lacking. Tell them you love them.


How many times were you there, at the foot of the canyon? You didn’t let yours sink. Your heart remains strong, dedicated, and unconditional. This year you learned that plans don’t matter, if life decides that you have to say goodbye, there is nothing that can stop it. You discovered that pain does not extinguish your kindness and you continue to be the life of the party. This Christmas let your sensitivity take control, if you want to cry, scream, or laugh, don’t stop. 


You must be very proud of yourself, you have kept your shine above everything and everyone. Jealousy wanted to bring you down and gossip gave you a bad reputation, but you didn’t care and you showed what you’re made of. He is still that crazy leader who doesn’t listen to reason, but his heart doesn’t fail him either. This Christmas organize that event, give that gift, and send that message. May your generosity be seen in your words and your actions, there is nothing more. 


You have spent the entire year organizing, thinking, and working. You deserve to be with your loved ones and forget about the future for a bit, for a couple of days at least. Rest! You don’t always have to be the one calling the shots. Sometimes, the people you love also want to pamper you and this Christmas is perfect to do so. Please, do not allow perfectionism to take over you, because that is not where your happiness lies. 


This 2023 you learned a lot, for example, the meaning of a smile. You realize that there are times when life shakes hard, but a couple of laughs always soothe the soul. Stay with those people, those who listened to you, supported you, and encouraged you to find your best version. Every day you are closer, keep moving forward. This Christmas try to focus on what makes you happy, don’t focus on conflicts. Don’t give anyone the power to govern your sense of humor.


Who would have thought, look at you! But not in a superficial way, look inside yourself, and you are no longer that person who ran away from problems. Every day you are more mature, more loving, and more empathetic. However, you are still you, that intense crazy person wanting to savor every second that comes your way. Take advantage of that during this Christmas, so that you connect with those you love on an extremely deep level. Say what you have been silent about for a long time, everyone deserves to forgive and love, don’t hesitate. 


One more Christmas, you are just a stone’s throw away from savoring that dish you love so much and hugging your loved ones with great enthusiasm. I know that this year was quite a flutter, that sometimes you felt like you weren’t going to continue, but you could, you always can. These dates are for you to bring a little light to others. Pack up all that spark that surrounds you and go share it with your friends, your family, your partner, your neighbor, or a stranger. Let your gratitude do its thing while it heals your soul.


It was hard right? You fought during these months against the pressure of work, the unexpected crying, and the pain that you did not ask for and you also received the love of all those companies that supported you. If this year were a movie of your life, it would undoubtedly have ups and downs, it was a great drama. Now let this Christmas put the icing on the cake, let the lights illuminate your face, let the aroma of the punch shake your soul and the hugs of your loved ones bring you back to life. Just that, let yourself be loved. 


You fought like a warrior against emotional chaos, you decided to choose yourself above all else and you shook off the bad vibes. Not everyone does that and now you understand that if someone wants a place in your life, they have to earn it. This Christmas, keep those gifts that cannot be bought with money, with the warmth of a look and a smile that does not need to say anything to shout that it loves you. That’s where it is, with those beautiful people, with those who promise and deliver. Don’t waste your humanitarian side with someone who doesn’t give you reciprocity.


Even when? You have spent a lifetime giving and giving without expecting anything in return. It’s okay for your heart to be selfless, but you keep quiet too much and there are times when all you want is a little company, to feel loved and appreciated. This Christmas take the opportunity to be you, paint these days with colors with your wisdom, your creativity, and those anecdotes that only you know how to tell. Let yourself be seen, let yourself be heard, let yourself be loved.

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