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What Dads Are Like According to Their Sign and What to Give Them on Father’s Day 2024

This will help you know what to buy them as a gift on their day.

Buying a special gift for someone we love can be a difficult task. “He already has everything, he doesn’t like anything, I have little budget to spend,” are some of the most frequent comments. Father’s Day is approaching and that’s why Priscilla Maciel, predictive astrologer, and creator, shares with us an astrological overview of what dads are like according to their sign and what to give them.

“As we already know, the astrological sign partly determines each person’s personality. It tells us about our energies, our strengths and weaknesses, and the tendencies of each person when it comes to acting. Knowing your father’s sign can help you in the difficult task that it is, finding the perfect gift for him,” says the expert who teaches online astrology courses: planetary aspects, and solar revolution, among others.

Here is a complete guide on what parents are like according to the sign and what to give them, to understand them better and guide your purchase.


Aries parents are characterized by being frontal and impulsive. They can easily become angry at their children’s antics. They are adventurous, adrenaline fanatics, but also affectionate and fun. They love sport. That’s why for them the ideal gift is something related to adventure!, like a parachute jump or an item related to their favorite sport.


Like all bullfighters, Taurus parents love food. They are lovers of enjoyment, pleasure, and the outdoors. They are homely, concrete patient, and affectionate with their children. For them, the ideal gift could be a spa day, a good breakfast in bed, or lunch at a good restaurant.


They are curious parents, they want to know everything and talk about everything with their children! They are fun, jokers. Fans of technology and futurism. They like to be fashionable. They love to read. That’s why for them the perfect gift can be something linked to technology, ideally the latest of the latest. A good book can also work.


Cancer’s father is characterized by being homely and family-oriented. That’s why it may be a great plan for him that you spend a Sunday watching movies with him on the couch. They are sensitive and perceptive. They like cooking and culture. The ideal gift can be things to enjoy at home such as slippers, a bathrobe, and some cooking tools since they love preparing something delicious for their family.


Leo’s parents seek attention, they are the kings of the house. They are like that, they like to feel important, and even more so in their day. They are happy and entertaining beings who always seek to liven up family parties. For them, an ideal gift could be a ticket to a show, a stand-up course, or a quality watch.


Virgo’s parents are methodical and organized. They usually have gardening as a hobby. They are obsessive and detail-oriented. They care about their health and their body. They are meticulous and examine parents. For them, the ideal gift could be plants for their garden, a good organizing agenda, or any organizing object for their clothes or their desk.


They are parents who love to be impeccable. They like to look good. They are called the “metrosexuals of the zodiac.” They are loving parents and faithful companions to their children. Without a doubt, for them, a good perfume and quality clothing can be the ideal gift.


Scorpio parents are intense. They stand out for being talkative and communicative with their children. They can also be jealous and somewhat strict, but always with a lot of love! They like luxury and mystery. That’s why the ideal gift can be designer clothing, preferably black, and a good classic crime book.


They are parents who enjoy sharing outdoor activities with their children, as well as intellectual and deep conversations with their family. They seek to be and feel free. A trip or weekend getaway can be the ideal gift.


Capricorn parents are workers, they can become workaholics. They are traditional and formal. As parents, you provide your children with security. They are controlling, organized, and cautious. For them, the ideal gift could be a good pen or a watch, since they are obsessive about punctuality.


Aquarius parents are jovial, they seek to be their children’s best friends. They are buddies. When it comes to dressing, they play with colors, seeking to be “cool.” They are technology lovers, so the ideal gift for them is to find something creative that surprises them. It can also be a cell phone or original clothing.


Pisces are dreamy parents. His hobby is usually music. They enjoy water and outdoor plans. They are emotional, and bohemian, they seek to give love and are very affectionate. They love to enjoy drinks and drinks. That’s why the ideal gift for them could be a fishing rod, a sailing trip, or a box of their favorite wine.

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