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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Break Up Before New Year’s Eve

Break Up Before New Year's Eve

These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Break Up Before New Year’s Eve

The stars in the love sky are constantly moving, and sometimes they bring not only love but also change. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Holding on to an unhappy relationship isn’t the truth either. According to the horoscope, these three zodiac signs should say goodbye to their loved ones before New Year’s Eve this year.

These zodiac signs call it quits before the turn of the year.


Taurus, otherwise known for stability and loyalty, could find themselves in a relationship tornado in the final weeks of the year. Romantic dates turn into heated discussions and arguments and love with your current partner is put to the test. The love goddess Venus whispers to Taurus: “It’s time for change!” This could soon even lead to a serious separation. But keep your head up dear bull, after rain comes sunshine – and maybe a better love story too!


The lively twins, normally communication professionals, could be caught in a verbal balancing act this year. What? Word balancing act! The planetary messenger Mercury causes great misunderstandings and great word chaos. Instead of deep conversations, the next few weeks will be a chaos of words that will put the twin’s relationship to the test. The challenge? Clarify this with communications before there is a bang. But who knows, maybe this cosmic mix will bring new life to the love affair. It’s better to say goodbye to something that just isn’t working.


It gets a little too hot for the passionate Scorpio towards the end of the year. A new acquaintance who questions everything triggers the emotional roller coaster ride. And the partner of the zodiac sign also notices this, which could end in heated arguments. Before New Year’s Eve, Scorpio will finally draw the line. He hadn’t been happy in his relationship for a long time anyway. The new acquaintance just reminded him of this. The zodiac sign doesn’t yet know what will happen next in terms of love – but that’s okay!

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