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For Every Zodiac Sign The Perfect Valentine’s Quote

Perfect Valentine's Quote

For Every Zodiac Sign The Perfect Valentine’s Quote

The day of love is approaching and we must admit that it is a perfect opportunity to have a good time, even if your romantic vein is too hidden. Giant red hearts, roses in tacky bouquets, and candlelight dinners are getting boring. It lacks imagination and is a bit stale. There are many ways to spend quality time with your partner, just get out of the idea we have of romance. So, if you want to innovate, keep reading to see which is the perfect Valentine’s date for each zodiac sign and if you don’t have a partner, we encourage you not to hesitate to set up a date with friends or even with yourself!


Aries is going well, you will already have this more than proven. His appointment has to be on top. If you don’t want to do without a good dinner, be sure to look for a physical activity beforehand that helps you unload energy. Surprise him with a round of go-karts, jumping on trampolines, a tango class… A shower and dinner in the trendy place. 


Dinner will be important, not anywhere, you’re going to have to prepare something of quality. Whatever it takes. Remember to have wine and ice cream in the fridge when you get home, for the rest of the night. Taurus likes places that leave you speechless, elegant, and sophisticated, but the food is delicious. Then you can come home and put on a romantic movie, let the love flow. Do not go to bring a hackneyed gift. For that better a card with money for your favorite store. 


How about spending the night with Gemini in another city? Surprising him by putting him in the car without really knowing where he is going will be fun. Also, you can propose it to the partner of your best friend or friend of hers to make it a double date. It does not have to be a very remote place, it is enough that it is lively and you can explore the city meeting new places and people. Enter several places for snacks and drinks. And end the night at the hotel, to return the next day with a renewed relationship.


Cancer enjoys cozy places, if you don’t want to stay preparing dinner and a bath at home, maybe you can look for a small cabin with a fireplace in the woods, one hundred percent romantic. The warmth of the fire, something sweet to eat, and a little wine will give the final touch to your date. Do not forget a speaker to play the music that you most want.


Allow Leo to show you his lovely side by taking him to the hotel with the best views in the city. If possible with a previous spa. That he has the possibility of taking all the photos he wants. If you can, he shows up with a good car and has them look at you when you arrive. For Leo, luxury is never too much, so he will appreciate good perfume. Although remember, love and affection are the most important thing, just because you have good taste doesn’t mean it’s superficial.


The most important thing is that you reserve the day for him so that he can plan it and not feel like you are invading his space. Once the appointment is saved, plan a quiet outing connected to nature. It can be a getaway to the mountains, but it ends in an affected place for the two of you. Then you can propose some tantric exercises to connect your passion.


A small letter where you open your heart will be appreciated by Libra, who will better understand your feelings and will melt for that romantic gesture. Libra loves to be surrounded by beauty, remember this when choosing the plan. You can try to take him to a concert of music that he likes if possible, to a play or an exhibition, to end with dinner in a nice and quiet place. Try French or Italian food. 


For Scorpio, you will have to bring out your lovely side. Prepare a mysterious atmosphere at home, with little light and a lot of privacy. Put some food, wine, and chocolate. Remember to pay attention to what he feels, ask him questions, and give space to his emotions. Get physically close in a gentle way and then propose special games that arouse his passion.


For Sagittarius, it will be fun to try something new, that catches their attention, an activity, or a trip. Now there are many offers for activities like climbing, and surfing, which are great fun and will spark the Sagi spark. You can also go to try food from other cultures and if something crazy comes up out of the plan, don’t hesitate to jump into the pool with him, you won’t regret it.


Capri will enjoy a date that will help her relax, to disconnect. Like other earth signs, you should notify him so that he reserves space for you on the agenda that day. A hotel in another city with a spa is a good idea, a place that is not seedy, but rather sophisticated. And remember to bring items to connect with your passion, oils, perfume, strawberries… If you want to give something away, better a pot with a pretty plant than cut flowers. 


Do not expect anything on Valentine’s Day from Aquarius, he is a bit independent about this. But that does not mean that you cannot surprise him, without having to do normative things. Take the opportunity to go to the movies, have a night of video games, and food at home. If your Aquarius is more sophisticated, you may want a date in a wine bar. Do you still want to give him a gift? Look for a book in the weirdest section you can find in the bookstore. 


For Pisces, any romantic gesture will be welcome. He tries writing her a poem and putting it in an envelope next to the tickets to a show. You can also find a gift for you to create something together, for example, a clay or paint kit, and use it while listening to your favorite music. Spend the afternoon doing these activities together and finish with a little dinner (don’t forget a good dessert).

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