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Mother’s Day 2024: Your Mothering Style Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Discover what kind of mother you are, and what your ways and styles are to face your motherhood according to your sign and the element that governs it.

To know the main energies that come into play in the exercise of being a mother, we will take the sign that we massively handle, the sun sign, which is the one that functions as “an orchestra conductor” of our birth chart or our musical score of life. (which also has “sub tones”, symbolized by the different planets, the Moon and the Ascendant).

If you do not feel identified with the sign that gives your date of birth, your Moon or your Ascendant are likely signs of very different qualities. Another very important fact to keep in mind is that, in general, our children’s signs have a lot to do with what each one has to learn from her letter.

There are four elements (or zodiacal groups) that summon and describe four different ways of valuing the world, provide personality characteristics, determine tastes, suggest talents, and denounce our difficulties. This lens through which we look at the world also determines how we exercise our role as mothers and what we value when caring for and protecting our children.

What element does each sign belong to?

  • Fire: Aries; Leo and Sagittarius
  • Earth: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn
  • Air: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius
  • Water: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

How are you as a mother according to your sign?

Let’s see what you value or what you reject when you exercise your role as a mother according to your zodiac element.

The mothers of Fire: Aries, the Hunter; Leo, the Sovereign and Sagittarius, the Investigator

Fire moms have very similar tastes, personality characteristics, rhythms, and times for doing things. They share the spontaneous, need to explain their desires immediately, they act in life in a frank and direct way. They get tired and bored easily when situations take too long or require patience or too much scheming.

As mothers, they highly value giving their children freedom and also making time for their freedom and space. They mustn’t force themselves to “respond to the stereotype of the classic mother”, because being mothers as they come most naturally gain spontaneity, fun, and joy for both themselves and their children.

It is difficult for them to set limits and attend to everyday details. They enjoy playing, being accomplices, and are good advisors, they help them experience new things and encourage adventures in their children’s lives.

The Earth mothers: Taurus, the Producer; Virgo, the Assistant, and Capricorn, the Administrator

The three earth signs share the need to commit and do things slowly and calmly. Coherent in what they do and say, they are irritated by melodramatic personalities, non-commitment, and lies.

Patients and those responsible for caring for their children will have to pay close attention and take care of the extreme demands on both their children and themselves. They tend to set rules, lists, or mandates to be “good mothers” when, in truth, they could trust their natural talent for order, that what comes spontaneously to them will be clear and organized for their children.

Land mothers usually have a criterion of opportunity, to arrive at port to achieve their objectives in how to educate and care for their children. Through their wonderful talent for observing, they develop excellent timing to record the real needs of both their own and their children.

The mothers of Air: Gemini, the Playful; Libra, the Intermediary and Aquarius, the Inspirational

Air mothers share the need to bond and meet different people, they are naturally restless and very intellectually curious, they don’t stick with the first answer they get and always go for more.

Just like the Fire ones, routine bothers them and they always need to invent something new to avoid getting bored. They are rebellious, so when raising their children they are faced with their questioning of educational mandates, they must reconcile the need for order and clear laws with their own needs to question the imposed guidelines. They are very good at generating in their children the permission to be free, to ask questions, and to open doors in life.

Jovial, restless, and sociable, they tend to function almost like “mothers-sisters”, which is why they will sometimes have to force themselves to set clear limits so that their children can have daily routines that help them organize themselves. Her biggest challenge will be to make an effort, day after day, to take the place of her mother and not play excessively as “friends” to her children.

The Water mothers: Cancer, the Guardian; Scorpio, the Healer and Pisces, the Spiritual

Mothers belonging to water signs are the ones who will naturally be more likely to respond to the “archetypal mother” role since they are associated with the element that sheltered us during our first nine months and made us the same symbiotic being with our mothers. They share great sensitivity, maximum empathy, and natural intuition.

Loving, supportive, and sentimental, they reject the accelerated and frenetic times of daily life and try to preserve and care for their children from external madness. They value quiet times to spend time with their children, they feel comfortable “nesting” at home, they like to stay in familiar environments and that is why, in general, caring for and accompanying their children goes smoothly, especially, when they are babies.

They understand their little ones without having to “talk”, they sense what they need. Perhaps it is more difficult for them to be mothers of adolescents or young children when their children become more rebellious or detached since it is difficult for them not to feel essential to them.

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