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Mother’s Day 2024: What Zodiac Sign Are You, and What Type of Mom Does It Make You?

Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate the most important women in our lives. Knowing your zodiac sign can serve as a treasure trove of information about the personality traits that will define your parenting style.

However, this information about zodiac signs is not only useful for mothers who want to know themselves better but also for sons and daughters who want to know more about what their mothers are like to establish a better relationship with them.

What mothers are like according to their zodiac sign



As the first sign of the zodiac  Aries moms have always had a mama bear instinct toward their loved ones, and this is even more amplified with little ones. We’re not surprised if they go all warrior mom mode because the daycare teacher gave her son a dirty look.


Stable and rooted in material pleasures, a bullfighting mom has everything to create a holistic growth experience for her mini-me. She thinks of sound baths, handmade rattles, and a possible overdose of episodes of Gilmore Girls.


They may blame their split personality, but Gemini moms may have a hard time deciding what kind of mother they want to be. Do they want to hand out snacks during sports training, or do they prefer a tougher parenting style? Maybe they can find out one day, hopefully before their children turn 18.


Sensitive, having a Cancer mother can be an intense journey. Their caring spirit knows no bounds and this can often translate into a missed call for every minute your son or daughter is over curfew, followed by long messages apologizing for making them look bad in front of their friends.


Leo’s mom’s sons and daughters are an extension of her fiery personality and she expects them to reflect her competence in all aspects, of course. Any comment against her son is a personal attack against her, which explains why parent-teacher conferences are her favorite competitive sport.


Having a meticulously organized Virgo as a mother may have the advantage that your son’s and daughters’ lives run like clockwork, but it also means that nothing they do will live up to your standards of perfection. For the sake of your children, but especially for the mother, it is better to step back and let them lead the way.


Dress alike. Endless games. Dances with super complicated choreographies for Instagram. A Libra mom not only wants to be a mother, but she also wants to be best friends with her children, and any potential friends her children make on the playground will have to be vetted by her first, of course.


Yes, she may fight with her kids over board games, but a Scorpio mom will fight for them too. That boy who tried to get in line in front of his son? Rest assured that he will develop a mysterious and inexplicable lactose intolerance as soon as his mother finishes with him.


There’s only one life and the Sagittarius mom knows her kids should live it to the fullest, so she wants them to experience everything the world has to offer, even if it means flying the nest as soon as they turn eighteen.


Having a Capricorn mom is the best of both worlds. You can play soccer with your kids and give them financial advice, but you also know when they need a loving hand and some emotional space.


Innovative and resourceful beyond what her brain can handle, an Aquarius mom may not have a hot, steaming dinner on the table every night, but does that matter when the planetarium offers a two-for-one admission tour to what is beyond the sun? It’s not even an option.


A dreamer at heart, a Pisces mother will teach her children to see, to look beyond the ordinary, to discover the magic in every moment, and not to give it too much importance when their teacher falls asleep during a moving reading of her poetry in free verse.

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