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According to His Zodiac Sign: What Your Dad is Like on Father’s Day 2024

Father’s Day is celebrated on Sunday, June 16th, 2024. How to understand their ways of giving love and connecting with it, according to astrology.

Father’s Day is celebrated on Sunday, June 16th, 2024, an opportunity to remember that the stars speak about us and can reveal information about our parents. Contact with the sidereal helps us be more empathetic with ourselves and with them.

How is this information provided to us? Astrology suggests a stellar rhythm moved by three modalities and four elements, originating from the combinations of the twelve signs of the zodiacal wheel. The moment we are born expresses a particular combination of this rhythm.

In other words, the modalities and elements suggest four ways of perceiving the world activated by three qualities or movements. The three modes are Cardinal (start), Fixed (intensity), or Mutable (search). The four elements are Fire, which is perceived from passion; the Earth, which is perceived with realism; Air, which perceives valuing sociability; and Water, which perceives from emotions.

Discovering the specific combination of our father’s sign is revealing, it helps us accept and understand the man who occupies that role, who was lucky to be our father.

This information helps us, on the one hand, to enjoy our father figure, be grateful for his talents and everything he could give us, and, on the other, allow us to accept what he could not give us, freeing us from complaints and reproaches.

Astrology connects us with his essence, with the real man, who does not usually fit into the “ideal father model.” Being able to admit his essence frees us from comparing him with an idealized image, a spell prevents us from enjoying the true father, with his lights and shadows.

If you have an Aries father

Aries arises from combining Fire with Cardinal and that is why we synthesize it as a passionate and initiating father.

This father is restless, he needs to always be on the move, he is hot, impatient, and a warrior. Natural and spontaneous, he has a hard time hiding what he feels and it is very noticeable when he loses interest in things or when he gets bored with routines and demands.

He cannot be the calm and patient father that many would like, on the contrary, he is fearless and risky. These same qualities make him an ideal father to undertake adventures, play sports, visit new places, and accompany his children in their activities: the more risky and innovative, the more motivated he feels.

We will have to learn to follow his dizzying and changing rhythm, we must not be scared by his frequent outbursts and exaggerations.

If you have a Taurus father

Taurus arises from combining Earth with Fixed and that is why we synthesize it as a realistic and intense father.

This parent is naturally a provider and generator; solid and safe; predictable and reliable. He is characterized by maintaining a constant presence and responsibility with his family.

However, his perseverance can make him stubborn and stubborn; he finds it difficult to accept when his children change his plans or force him to change his routines and habits.

Firm and tenacious, he is reliable and can be counted on for anything his children need. She does not abandon her commitments, even when situations become complicated.

He is a father to enjoy, present, and provider, but we will have to learn to be patient with him to avoid unnecessary and endless discussions, it is difficult for him to face changes.

If you have a Gemini father

Gemini arises from combining Air with Mutable and that is why we synthesize it as a sociable and exploratory father.

He is characterized by being very restless. Like air, it can become impalpable and subtle, it can even seem elusive. It is difficult for him to stay at home for a long time or carry out daily tasks. In reality, you need to be on the move, socialize, look for new ideas, and reinvent yourself every day.

He is an excellent companion for his children and a great stimulator of questions and reconsideration of rules or commands. He sometimes seems like a child, always experimenting and playing, and, although he does not fit the stereotype of a devoted and responsible father, it is difficult to get bored around him.

If you have a Cancer parent

Cancer arises from combining Water with Cardinal and that is why we synthesize it as an emotional father and initiator.

Just like water, it is moldable, resonant, nourishing, and empathetic. Such sensitivity leads him to protect himself by hiding inside a hard shell to protect his extreme vulnerability. For this reason, he may seem distant, but deep down he is very loving and family-oriented.

Her nature is protective and tender, she knows how to care for and accompany her children’s processes with great patience and love. She finds it difficult to communicate her deepest feelings towards them because of shame or because she does not find the appropriate way to express them.

If you have a Leo father

Leo arises from combining Fire with Fixed and that is why we synthesize him as a passionate and intense father.

This father is a king: he needs to be admired, taken into account, and loved. His steady fire centralizes and draws attention. He manages his family with a unique and personal style. He knows how to provide warm security and summons his puppies to follow him, as it is always attractive and stimulating to be close to his heart.

Luminous like fire, he is striking and explicit, and he finds it easy to communicate his desires, but he can also become very moody and protestant when things do not go his way. In any case, his anger is brief and momentary.

If you have a Virgo parent

Virgo arises from combining Earth with Mutable and that is why we synthesize it as a realistic and seeking father.

This father is a great observer: he analyzes and investigates everything. This quality leads him to be more critical, although he is also the person who notices those details that others overlook and notices in time what his children need before they communicate it.

Helpful and responsible, he knows how to provide a skillful response to his children’s needs. Act slowly and calmly, you will have to learn to accompany his calm times to take advantage of this selfless father.

Careful and careful, he tends to respond to the “responsible father archetype”, values ​​taking charge and committing to his family.

If you have a Libra father

Libra arises from combining Air and Cardinal and that is why we synthesize it as a sociable and initiating father.

This father is a mediator. He knows how to move with correct tones and manners, he tends to be accommodating and seductive with his children. His great need to please them makes him a good gaming ally, he always adds to and improves shared plans and projects. He is a charming, pleasant father and excellent companion.

However, his tendency to always want to look good can make it difficult to decipher the real father. He usually gives the feeling that he is not being entirely sincere and that we never get to know him in depth.

If you have a Scorpio father

Scorpio arises from combining Water and Fixed and we synthesize it as an emotional and intense father.

This father is a healer, this can make him intense and somewhat paranoid because to heal you have to be very attentive to what hurts. His commitment to his children is full and vehement, he is an always present and very protective father – perhaps excessively so.

He knows how to listen and accompany processes, he is not afraid to generate sincere intimacy in the bond with his children.

However, he can be somewhat obsessive, as if he is overly attentive that nothing bad happens to his puppies. Ultimately, he can become dangerously absorbing and demanding of presence and affection.

If you have a Sagittarius father

Sagittarius arises from combining Fire with Mutable and that is why we synthesize it as a passionate and adventurous father.

This father is an explorer par excellence, he is vitality in motion. Restless and curious, he needs to continually pursue new challenges and adventures. He always seems to be going somewhere and this excessive mobility can make his children feel that he has no interest or time for them.

To enjoy his vitalizing presence, it is ideal to join his searches and concerns, he loves to share his time in these activities. By joining their forays, it is possible to discover a side full of curiosity and have fun with their unusual experiments and occurrences.

Being frank and direct, he does not have much patience when things get complicated.

If you have a Capricorn father

Capricorn arises from combining Earth with Cardinal and that is why we synthesize it as a realistic and initiating father.

This father is a businessman, pragmatic, efficient, and decisive. He is characterized by his reliability and consistency in what he does and says. Capricorn is the sign that best responds to the “responsible father archetype” because it is difficult for him to erase or reject his parental commitments.

However, he lives this role of “perfect father” with a lot of pressure to meet the imposed expectations and usually loses spontaneity and real contact with his children.

Capricorn in demand mode becomes cold and judgmental, it is at the same time demanding and demanding. The pressure to meet what is expected of him prevents him from being present and trusting that he will respond to his children’s needs in a fluid and calm manner.

If you have an Aquarius father

Aquarius arises from combining Air with Fixed and that is why we synthesize it as an expansive and intense father.

Creative, open-minded, and very restless, he is always willing to live new experiences, and he values ​​being able to move freely.

However, his intermittency in contact leads him to be a father with an itinerant presence, with a disconcerting personality and ways of relating that are as surprising as they are indecipherable.

Aquarius has a hard time following rules or staying in places or situations for too long. He also finds it difficult to occupy the traditional role of a present, stable, and supportive father. The more the immutable permanence of him is demanded, the greater will be his tendency to abscond.

Although fun and witty, he is uncomfortable with pressure, he does not like being asked to fulfill his responsibilities: he will only do it if he feels it or finds it attractive at that moment. It is better to enjoy it and have fun when it is there and not plan too much ahead.

If you have a Pisces father

Pisces arises from combining Water with Mutable and that is why we synthesize it as a sensitive and searching father.

This father is an artist, his sensitivity is immense, his consciousness is like the ocean and he perceives all individuals as droplets of his loving sea.

Although it is characterized by being resonant and inclusive, living through collective emotions makes it difficult for it to be clear and precise in its actions. Loving and supportive, he usually transmits to his children the love of his neighbor and the vocation for art and music.

A Pisces father can always understand his children without judging them. He feels better and connects with the expression of his feelings when he dismisses the obligation to fit into the traditional father role.

Many times his extreme sensitivity can make him chaotic or forgetful in his parental functions, but when he connects the flow of love, his affection can be infinite and sublime.

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