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According To Astrology The Best Matches In December

The Best Matches In December

According To Astrology The Best Matches In December

December, the month of miracles, brings an energy that will help various signs connect with their ideal partners. This month, the sky offers us a spectacle full of emotions, unexpected turns, and connections that will defy earthly logic. Before we venture into the intriguing sign combinations, let’s take a look at the planetary transits that will mark this period. Let’s see which are the best matches in December according to astrology. 

Mercury, the messenger of the zodiac, will dance to the rhythm of the signs of the goat and the archer. From December 13 to 22, he will be retrograde in steady Capricorn, then gallop into adventurous Sagittarius until January 1, 2024. This retrograde promises a period of reflection, adding a touch of mystery to our interactions.

The Sun, a source of light and energy, will shine in expansive Sagittarius until December 22, infusing our lives with an insatiable thirst for adventure. Accompanying this radiance, the new moon in Sagittarius on December 12, in conjunction with Mars and tension with Neptune in Pisces, invites us to explore new possibilities, although among shadows of enigmas and evocative dreams.

The Full Moon in Cancer on December 26 will shed light on our deepest emotions, while the Solstice on December 22 will remind us of the delicate balance between light and darkness, marking a transition to a new way of loving.

To close this fascinating chapter, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck, will awaken directly in persistent Taurus on December 30, carrying with it a touch of fortune for all signs.

Get ready to discover the connections that will light up your holidays. Ready to find your partner? Here are the best astrological combinations for this month full of miracles:

Aries with Libra

There is no doubt that the air of Libra, cleansed of bonding patterns after Venus touched the South Node in its sign at the end of November, is more than ready to love and love passionately. What better than an Aries starring in Destiny with the North Node in his head? The air of Libra can and should light the fire of Aries in December. Despite Mercury’s retrograde, the spark between Aries and Libra is not going to go out. During this December, Aries’s bravery combines perfectly with Libra’s elegance. Although Mercury’s retrograde might challenge communication, the fiery connection between these two signs can overcome any obstacles.

Taurus with Capricorn

Jupiter’s direction in Taurus brings optimism, and the Capricorn influence during Mercury’s retrograde only strengthens the connection. They will build a solid foundation for the new year. They are two earth signs that know what is important about earthly life, so together they will be able to consolidate the life of their dreams. Capricorn will soon finish hosting Pluto for many years, so he is ready and refreshed for a new chapter in his life. Taurus, for its part, finally finished being part of the destiny games of the karma nodes during the last two years. In conclusion, both signs have gone through a deep cleaning so they are the perfect couple to build a new life project. There is nothing to stop them.

Gemini with Aquarius

Even if Mercury is late, Gemini and Aquarius will enjoy stimulating conversations. Their mental connection intensifies during the Solstice, creating a bond that defies time, if these two air signs want it that way. Aquarius will soon receive Pluto in his sign, so he will experience renewing transformations that Gemini will help him experience with pleasure, after all, this mutable sign loves constant change. If Aquarius wants a partner who can keep up with the pace of change, Gemini is the one.

Cancer with Scorpio

The full moon in Cancer illuminates emotions. The moons always move water signs, so Scorpio will receive this influence to help illuminate old beliefs about love that are already being picked up. Despite the lunar tension, Scorpio’s intensity finds a sensitive balance in the warm and welcoming heart of Cancer. It is where he belongs and where he will recognize that he can love completely without fear of being judged or rejected. Cancer and Scorpio can understand each other on such deep and complex levels, something difficult for others to understand. But they don’t need anyone to understand them, the extrasensory connection that these two signs manage is enough language in their love nest.

Leo with Sagittarius

The Sun in Sagittarius until December 22 lights the flame between these two fire signs. Adventure and passion are their hallmarks during this festive season. Leo will be the perfect company for a Sagittarius who is in his season since Leo adores the protagonists and helps them shine brighter. At parties, it is possible that his love will be ignited and it will be so incendiary that it will not go unnoticed by others. These two signs needed to meet at this point on the path. The new moon in Sagittarius will allow you to start a love story that will be epic.

Virgo with Pisces

Despite the nebulous energy of Neptune in Pisces, the new moon in Sagittarius sparks Virgo’s imagination. Together, they will create a world of shared dreams in which a balanced and healthy relationship has a place. You may be surprised at how different you are at first, but over time you will realize that you were made for each other. One has what the other needs not because they are simply incomplete, but because they need to see themselves reflected and learn something during December that will allow them to live a real, free, and sincere love. I hope you don’t miss this opportunity because next year Saturn will be charting the path for you to consolidate a stable and long-term relationship.

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