7 Clear Signs You Are Being Affected By A Love Spell

Love magic is a form of gray magic that can be used for both evil and good purposes.

In most cases, however, the person who performs it is unaware that they are working with black magic and that their spell is selfish and destructive.

Mostly when the love spell is aimed at a person who doesn’t have feelings for them, is already taken, or wants to destroy another person’s relationship and marriage.
No matter how much you are in love, nothing can justify those reasons.

So, black love magic is any spell cast against the will of another, unlike white love magic , which attracts a soul mate, brings love into one’s life, improves a mutual relationship, and heals a broken relationship.

However, black magic love spells and dark desires have been around for as long as mankind.

People wonder how to win over a loved one or eliminate a love rival?

In addition, even how to attract your soulmate or a whole new love into your life.

These questions have plagued young women and men since ancient times and continue to do so today.

For this reason, many researchers believe that love magic is the mother of all magic.

But the need to realize love relationships – be it by will or by force – has mostly placed love magic in the realm of forbidden, black magic.

Nevertheless, over the last millennia, it has become more and more important and has become part of everyday life, and has done so to this day.

1. Abnormal desire to be with this person

The first and most common symptom of a love spell is an abnormal need to be with a person.

That person is the first thing you think about when you wake up, throughout the day, until you go to sleep.

However, this love does not affect you in a healthy way, but keeps you obsessed and absent all the time.

The things one used to enjoy now become meaningless and life becomes almost unbearable without that person.

As you live every moment with her in your mind, life itself begins to become painful.

So, in a very frightening way, the person who cast the love spell on us becomes our only source of happiness, that is just the thought of them.

While her life is also filled with many options, she seems to be the only one in our lives.

2. Pessimistic mood

The second symptom of a love spell is a terrible mood that just won’t improve.

Since now life has become meaningless without the other person and all activities including commitments become a burden.

Life itself also becomes exhausting and, above all, if the person concerned somehow defends himself against the love spell, it doesn’t seem to let go.

Because he is completely under his influence, which hovers over them like a dark force.

Other people and the thought of another lover also becomes distasteful and one emotion that particularly stands out is bitterness.

About life, love, other people and feeling like there is no future and no meaning for any of it.

But also the constant experience of being betrayed and abandoned feeds this thinking as long as the love spell lasts.

3. Depression

The third and very dangerous symptom is the appearance of depression.

Now it’s not about the other person, it’s just about the broken shell that is our life.

Nothing in it seems attractive anymore, and self-esteem drops radically.

You start to see yourself as this empty person that no one wants to touch and hold.

Someone who is absolutely unlovable and who will never be accepted by anyone.

This is the worst phase of the love spell as in it you don’t have a single wish but only hope to be saved.

Anybody, anything, just to not feel so empty and lost while all of this is the result of a malicious love spell.

4. Problems at work

The fourth symptom of a love spell is the result of all the previous ones.

Because it takes a very powerful spell to affect someone’s performance and functionality, e.g. in terms of productivity.

Because no matter how much bitterness we feel because of the spell and the abnormal longing for someone, work is vital to us.

Without it, the person could fall into debt, poverty, and even homelessness.

So, being sabotaged in this aspect of life can really completely destroy a person’s life.

Slowly they begin to be late for work, to avoid work, until one morning they simply decide not to go to work.

This leads to them losing their jobs just because someone else has taken control of their lives so they stay home and think about them.

5. Fatigue and nausea

The fifth symptom is the onset of the disease, and before it manifests itself, the most common warning signs are fatigue and nausea.

As mentioned at the beginning, love spells are considered gray magic, but when done with malicious intent, they are subject to purely dark black magic.

Therefore, they can seriously affect the psyche and even health, so one must consider seeking help to lift the curse.

Because over time, the person concerned will only observe how he degrades in all possible areas of life.

At first he is completely overtired and loses all interest in life until he starts refusing food and feeling ill.

Often he will feel the urge to vomit, as if trying to break free of what feels like a burden or a person.

This nausea is also in fact being caused by the other person whose spell has now reached an advanced stage.

6. No desire for anything other than that person

The sixth symptom of the love spell was partially present in all previous ones, but now it is reaching its climax.

The person who cast the love spell is one step away from absolute control, and that’s when it shows up in the person’s life as well.

You become her lover, partner or spouse and the relationship dynamic becomes very unhealthy.

Everything you do and think is controlled by them and they tell you how to live.

Since their love spell was successful and the other person is now totally dependent on them.

However, this is not difficult to understand either, considering all the symptoms mentioned above.

Absolute control is also explained in more detail as the last symptom.

7. The person controls you completely

As the ultimate symptom of a love spell, we are in absolute control.

With this symptom, the affected person will only think of the love spell caster, follow them, and make love to them profusely.

This makes them emotionally, sexually completely dependent on them.

In the process, they lose themselves completely in the relationship and become like the walking dead.

Especially when the person concerned is a man, he has no dominance over the woman and appears to her like a slave.

No one wants to be in this situation and be deprived of all their individuality, so work on removing the love spell is very important.

Because a love spell is just like any other black magic spell, lifting it will be difficult but not impossible, but if you follow the guide on how to lift a curse you will be able to break free and regain control of it win your life.

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