7 Behaviors Scammers Show Without Realizing

Cheaters have many things in common, but the most well-known signs are a tendency towards infidelity and a general mysterious demeanor.

Do you have a partner whose faithfulness you doubt?

If you’ve ever noticed signs of cheating in your partner, you probably know that terrifying feeling that something is wrong.

But it also happens that we don’t notice these delusional signs at all because we believe our partners and don’t think about whether they will cheat on us or not.

There are experienced scammers who are not very easy to spot. However, they also make mistakes that you can notice if you know them.

That’s why in this article we list the 7 behaviors scammers show without even realizing it.

1. The secrecy with the phone

Nowadays, thanks to smartphones, one finds out more and more often that one has been cheated on by one’s partner.

Unfortunately, they are also the source of cheating, because social media causes a lot of divorces these days.

One of the telltale signs of a cheating husband or wife is that they keep their phone out of sight or maybe face down when they’re around you.

They do this on purpose but think other people won’t notice.

Precisely because they don’t want their behavior to be noticed, however, it will be noticed because it’s not natural to hide your cell phone from your spouse.

Of course, spouses should have their own privacy and not stalk each other, but keeping your cell phone hidden and using it secretly is a sign of cheating.

That’s because they don’t want a call or text message showing up from someone they meet on the side.

They may also spend a lot of time answering calls privately or leave the room when the phone rings.

2. Jealousy

Jealousy is perhaps the most confusing behavior exhibited by a scammer.

Because if you ask yourself why a person can be jealous, the answer will take care of itself.

So the reason could be that this person tends to cheat and therefore doubts that their partner is faithful.

This could be due to the cardinal rule that says that whatever gets around, gets around.

However, these people often become very jealous of their spouse, even going so far as to accuse them of cheating.

In this way, they also try to draw attention away from themselves, because they are actually the ones cheating.

Their jealousy can consume them, especially when they are afraid that you might leave them.

And they are also afraid that you will find out about their infidelity. They then accuse you of flirting and communicating with other people.

Or they tell you that you shouldn’t have contact with people of the opposite sex because they think you’re a scammer too.

Sure, they’re the ones who made a mistake, but they’re scared of what you might do and they don’t want to lose you.

3. They pay more attention to their appearance

Sometimes people decide to focus on their appearance as part of a New Year’s resolution or to start a new fitness routine for health reasons.

It’s also good that someone cares about their looks and health, but you know your partner best.

If he suddenly starts dressing completely differently for no reason and spends much more time in front of the mirror than usual, maybe his intentions are not so acceptable. 

The reasons and timing must make sense.

If your partner has been telling you for a while that they aren’t happy with the way they look and would like to change something, then this situation makes sense too.

But if he doesn’t do anything different than usual at home and then suddenly buys new clothes to go out with, then that can be a sign that he’s cheating on you.

If your partner suddenly wears perfume or spends a lot of money on new clothes that were never their thing before, it’s not unreasonable to ask why.

Again, it’s perfectly fine for him to care about his appearance, but if the situation is as described above, then you should explore this more.

If the answer doesn’t make sense, that should be a red flag.

4. You have a gut feeling

Sometimes your gut feeling tells you everything you need to know about your relationship.

It is also known that women have high intuition and often feel what people are hiding from them from their lives.

Feeling like your partner is cheating on you might stem from their doing it.

If you have a gut feeling that your partner is unfaithful to you, you should first observe them for a few days and see how they behave around you.

If you don’t get an answer this way, you should then ask him directly if he might be hiding something from you.

He probably won’t tell you right away that he has another woman, but he will know that you sensed something.

Subconsciously, you probably notice differences in his behavior.

When your subconscious tells you that something is wrong, it often indicates dishonesty in your partner.

It doesn’t mean your partner is really cheating if you have a weird gut feeling.

Maybe it’s something else entirely that he didn’t tell you.

If he is not unfaithful, there is likely some other dishonesty that is causing his abnormal behavior.

5. He buys you presents out of guilt

Has your partner started buying gifts for no reason?

Does he come home from work almost every day with a gift behind his back?

Is this behavior unusual for your partner? Are you starting to wonder why he’s acting like this in the first place?

If you’ve been together for ten years and he’s never bought spontaneous gifts, that’s a cause for concern.

Because these kinds of gifts are really often a red flag because he may be buying these gifts to quell his guilt.

The guilt could be eating him up inside, and the only way to relieve that guilt is to buy gifts to ease his conscience.

Ask your partner openly why they are doing this and tell them what you think about it. Maybe he’ll use this moment to tell you everything that’s on his mind.

6. You just seem to be around less than usual

Scammers need to make time for their new partner, and that time usually stems from time spent together in the past.

Because of this, he has to change his appointments and he may cut back on the time he actually spends with you because of it.

Also, if the affair has been going on for a while, the woman may want him to spend more time together.

Or he likes the change and the new relationship with the other person so that he doesn’t even notice that he spends much less time with you and at home.

Again, it’s perfectly fine and expected to ask your partner what’s going on if they’re suddenly not around as often.

Your relationship needs to be open and you should have the right to ask him such a question if you have a reason to.

7. Manipulation is common

Scammers need to get away with their behavior, so they need to manipulate their partners into believing they will change.

They will keep coming up with new excuses to present their behavior as normal.

It also happens that they tell a lot of lies and keep coming up with new reasons why, for example, they were late from work.

This means they may promise to change and buy gifts to entice their partners to stay.

And we have mentioned this situation with gifts before.

Scammers are also likely to have excuses or make up stories to cover their tracks.

But over time, they won’t be able to keep making up new lies because you’re bound to catch them one day.

They might even pretend to cry if you catch them cheating. It’s all part of their manipulation.

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