13 signs your spouse might be cheating on you

13 signs your spouse might be cheating on you

From the president to the movie star, from the billionaire to the common man (or woman), they’ve all thought about cheating on their spouse, or worse, acted on the impulse. While the lust for a secret crush is quite common in fantasy, infidelity has some dark and serious consequences. If you suspect your life partner is dating someone behind your back, watch out for these subtle signs of a cheating spouse.

Although extramarital love is still considered unacceptable and even unforgivable even in the most liberal cultures, a study showed that 23.2% of men and 19.2% of women who were in a monogamous relationship had extramarital love that had the potential to damage or end their committed relationship. This startling fact brings us back to the question: What are the signs that you are cheating? Let’s take a look.

13 signs a spouse is cheating

Ignorance is not always a blessing, and especially when it comes to extramarital relationships, the betrayed partner often only finds out when it’s too late and the relationship can no longer be saved. That’s why recognizing the subtle signs that you’re cheating can be a crucial factor in a marriage.

1. Very conceited?

Suddenly your spouse cares about his/her personal appearance. He spends a lot of time in the gym or buying new clothes and accessories to match his toned body. He or she is aware of how he or she looks, what he or she eats, what he or she wears, and none of that seems to seek your attention or admiration. These are often signs that a spouse is cheating or is about to become unfaithful.

2. Money Matters

Cheating spouses usually prefer cash as it doesn’t leave electronic traces. Notice if they make too many trips to the ATM or withdraw cash from their bank account. If they not only show off their looks, but also spend heavily on things they can’t or won’t explain, that should be an alarm signal. This kind of inexplicable handling of money is sometimes a sign that you are cheating.

3. Unauthorized Removal

So they can’t explain what they spent their money on and on top of that they are quite suspicious about their whereabouts. You feel like a CIA agent every time you ask them a simple question, e.g. B. where they went after work or what they had for lunch. A cheating spouse will always be evasive and try to avoid your questions.

4. No more spark

Has the spark gone out in the bedroom? A cheating spouse tends to show less erotic interest in their partner. If you can free them from working hours on end to define their abs or arms and they’re no longer passionate about you, you have cause for concern. The lack of chemistry is not limited to the bed. Even in everyday life, your partner no longer pays attention to you, shows affection or caring, and just bricks you when you try to communicate with him or her.

5. Drive out of your skin

While marital disputes often lead to illegitimate affairs, quarrels between a couple can also be an indication of a rogue partner. When the lack of love and care turns into sudden outbursts of anger and ugly fights, which are usually his/her origins, you can reconsider your life situation. Frequent outbursts, arguments, and violence are often red flags that no one should ignore. Make your safety a priority and try to seek help and support to get through such critical situations.

6. A few too many

Research has shown that binge drinking or recreational use of drugs such as marijuana, etc. are often associated with infidelity. Substance abuse can be both a cause and a consequence of a partner cheating. If you have a drinking problem or your spouse suddenly starts smoking joints, you should know that everything is not okay. You could get to the root of the problem before it’s too late for both of you.

7. Ancient history or not?

They say it: cheating once, always cheating, and maybe this statement has something to do with it. Research shows that people with a history of cheating are more likely to engage in extramarital relationships. If your partner has cheated on you in the past or cheated on you with their ex-partner, chances are they will repeat this pattern of behavior in the future.

8. The blame game

Sometimes a cheating spouse will accuse their partner of cheating. There are several reasons for this aggressive behavior. First, they project their insecurities onto their partner. Second, since they still turn off even after cheating, they can’t help but wonder if their partners are doing the same. Another reason is that they build a protective shield and feed a false narrative that they would never commit such an act. If you’re too busy proving your honesty, you’ll spend little time wondering about theirs.

9. Changed for the better?

When your husband or wife suddenly starts showering you with attentions or giving you gifts without cause, and stops getting upset about things he or she didn’t like earlier in your relationship, then there is trouble. They usually have a secret affair and will do everything in their power to keep you in the dark.

10. Stories that don’t add up

Another sign that you’re cheating is made-up stories that aren’t true. They will give you excuses for their absence, but nothing will ever make sense. The sudden business trips, the late-night drinking sprees with friends, the increasing hours at the gym or in the office — all of these stories have gaps and you know something is wrong.

11. One should still keep one’s eyes open

A cheating spouse will try to keep an even closer eye on you. He will always know where you are and when to get home. Suddenly he will control you and get too involved in your day-to-day affairs. As long as they know where you are, it will be easier for them to plan their secret dates.

12. Secrets should remain

Although they know your every step, they will not give you any information about them. They will not tell you their password, they will refuse to use shared devices, and they will withdraw with their phones and computers. You will feel like a total misfit because your spouse will try to keep their secret life a secret one more.

The 13th Spirit: Technology

In today’s world, every aspect of our lives is influenced by technology, especially communication. You might look out for these technical signs of infidelity:

  • Emails with inappropriate photos or videos.
  • Messages or calls late at night.
  • Secret photos embedded in seemingly harmless media files.
  • Aborting the cloud backup
  • A secret phone or a phone with a password.
  • Deleted browsing history.

Choose serenity

All of these signs that you’re cheating aren’t mutually exclusive. To be clear, all of these signs don’t mean you’re falling into paranoia and seeing things that aren’t there. There may be alternative and valid reasons for one or more of these signs. It’s only when you feel like something isn’t right in your relationship that you should use these signs to know the whole truth.

13 signs your spouse might be cheating on you

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