Women are getting married less and less

Women are getting married less and less

There used to be a very good reason for women to marry a man: men offered something that we women needed. Men were hunters, protectors, and caregivers, while women took on the role of raising children and maintaining a home. Those were our biological roles, the natural order of what things were “supposed” to be, and because of that, for a very long time nobody said anything.

However, as we have broken out of this mold and wrestled with our inherent biology, our “need” to be married is no longer what it used to be. As Hanna Rosin wrote in “The End of Men”, “What if this era was now over? »

Yes, imagine that: All human history of women depending on men could be over – can you imagine that? Can men bear such a reality?

Well they should, we all should, because we’re living it right now, as more and more women are realizing that marriage isn’t a necessity after all.

But, in addition to this realization and awareness that many women have, there are many other reasons that contribute to women getting married less and less. Here are 10:

1. There aren’t many guys worth it anymore.

As Kate Bolick writes in her article “All the Single Ladies”, the level of men has simply dropped a lot. Between rising unemployment and no prospects for men, there are far more deadbeats than men worth trying. In other words, “marriageable” men are few.

2. Women are capable of being alone.

Research in 2010 showed that for the first time in US history, there are more women than men in the workforce, and they hold the majority of jobs in the country . But there’s still a shocking gender pay gap, and we’re going to address it as soon as possible.

Not only are more women working than men, but women are also outperforming men in education. For every two men who leave school with a baccalaureate, three women will do the same. We’re pretty much anything but the kitchen sink — and on super-good days, maybe the kitchen sink, too.

3. Marriage is obsolete and women know it.

For thousands of years, marriage only existed for economic and political reasons and was an institution often arranged by families. It wasn’t about love; it was about marrying the woman who came from the richest family or the man who had the fattest turkeys in town.

It was a necessity. However, that’s no longer the case, so much so that 44% of Millennials and 43% of Generation Xers are convinced that marriage is obsolete, according to the Pew Research Center.

4. Many men continue to fear strong, talented women.

Masculinity is fragile. Most men don’t like it when they feel their masculinity is threatened. For this reason, as we have evolved and entered the dark night like fireworks, we have alienated men – not because of what we have done in particular, but because they cannot cannot bear to be with a woman who makes them feel inferior. It’s hard to get married when so many men cower at the very idea of ​​a self-sufficient woman.

5. The culture of brief encounters is alive and well.

While the 1990s saw what was known as “date culture,” we are now living in “the dating apocalypse,” according to writer Nancy Jo Sales. Dating apps like Tinder have created a culture where romance and casual hookups have replaced serious commitment, and because that tends to work for a lot of people, marriage takes a back seat.

6. The idea of ​​getting married at a beautiful party is over.

When women were denied the right to be educated and have a career, women married to advance in society. We aligned ourselves with what was socially acceptable without rocking the boat. But if you’re more educated, more talented, and the men around you are a bunch of nobodies, why bother getting married?

7. Women have risen and continue to rise.

Another amazing point Bolick makes is that while women were fighting – and we still do, make no mistake about it – for equality and the right to have careers and live their lives according to their own terms, the men were lagging behind.

The men, especially the white men, had no reason to fight and because of this they fell behind and were outmatched by the women in many ways. This trend is expected to continue, making marriage even less likely in the decades to come.

8. Marriage is not necessary for women to become mothers.

First of all, 40% of babies are born to single mothers, and chances are that percentage will increase as the stigma of being a single mother fades. There’s also the fact that, thanks to technology, you don’t even need a man if you want to have a baby.

All you need is a visit to the sperm bank. It’s a great option for women who don’t want a relationship to be part of motherhood.

9. Men have lost what little value they had.

As Bolick writes, when there is an imbalance in the love ratio, the love with the lower number automatically has a higher value, causing that love to work even harder to be a commodity in demand. But here in the United States, where the current ratio is 50.8% women and 49.2% men, this healthy balance in the population only exacerbates a man’s disinterest in self-care. .

Consequently, women, who are unimpressed with what exists, continue to excel on their own, moving even further away from the idea of ​​marriage.

10. Women have, so to speak, become the men they wanted to marry.

As Gloria Steinem so aptly said, “We become the men we wanted to marry,” and she’s right. We are no longer the “fairest” kind, but a kind of badass that is a completely self-sufficient entity capable of taking care of itself on all levels. There’s no need to get married when all you need you can give yourself – and on a silver platter, too….

Women are getting married less and less

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