When We Finally Meet a Serious Man, Our Whole Life is Changed

Our Whole Life is Changed

When We Finally Meet a Serious Man, Our Whole Life is Changed

It must be said, at present meeting someone is not complicated. Thanks to dating apps and social media, getting a date is easier than ever.

But if the encounters are numerous, few are those that are satisfactory. Finding someone serious and sincere is as complex as solving an equation with 2 strangers! 

And that’s why when you meet a serious man, it’s hard to believe. As if we were living in a dream… As if the fairy tale of our childhood had come true.

But what do we mean by “serious man”? Well, just a normal, healthy man looking for the same things you are:

We no longer have any reason to doubt what he thinks and says

He is looking for a serious and lasting relationship and he is not afraid to say so.

With a hesitant, rushing boy, you might go days without hearing from him.

This type of man only wants one thing: to keep you in his sights without giving you the impression of being in a relationship with you.

In fact, in this type of relationship, you never really know what to expect. We never really know what we mean to each other.

But with a serious man, there’s no need to doubt your place in his life. If he likes you, he will make you understand it, and above all, he will not play with your feelings.

We can write to him when we want and for any reason

No need to wait for his messages. No need to find a valid pretext to write to him.

No need to spend hours hanging on your phone waiting for a few words that never come…

Whether you’ve been together for a few weeks or a few months, you trust him and your relationship enough to throw away all the ground rules about texting.

You are good together and you are free to write to her whenever you want, without fear of coming across as an obsessive or emotionally dependent girl.

With him, the 2 messages sent in a row are no longer a problem. He answers you quickly and with undisguised pleasure… In short, a real waking dream!

With him, you are free to imagine little by little a future together

After all, it is quite possible that you will not show up alone at your first cousin’s wedding taking place in less than three months…

Against all odds, you find yourself thinking of two…

And who knows, if it keeps up like this maybe soon you’ll be the one planning her wedding.

What is certain is that by his side you are confident and the idea of ​​a future together gradually invites itself into your present, without you feeling crazy to imagine it.

He lets you understand that he is here to stay and above all, that you make him happy!

You stopped looking for a plan B

Meetings, you have always had them. But never anything serious enough to delete your Meetic or Tinder profile.

Never do anything serious enough to change your love status on Facebook or tell your girlfriends you have someone.

But with him, it’s different. Again, everything happened naturally and gradually.

But without realizing it, you have gradually abandoned your profiles on dating apps and are now ready to say that you are in a relationship.

You no longer want anyone; just spending time with him. You discover the pleasure of pampering your other half and thinking only of him!

He makes plans (and includes you in them)

You’re together, but he’s already planning your next meeting. He talks about the restaurants he wants to take you to and the activities he would like to share with you.

He is caring. If he knows you want to see the next Tarantino, he’ll invite you when it comes out.

If he wants you to accompany him to his next business dinner, he’ll make sure to let you know early enough for you to be free.

And you will feel the difference immediately! The men you used to date were only interested in your Saturday plans on Fridays and late at night.

But with him, the projects follow each other and are not alike!

He thinks of you first

You are gradually becoming one of the priorities of his life. Unlike the unserious guys you’ve dated before, hanging out with his friends, work obligations, or hobbies seem less important than spending time with you.

He is serious and he wants to build something with you. He finds time for you, no matter how busy he is. And he doesn’t do it out of obligation, but out of desire.

He’s starting to develop feelings for you and even better, he’s starting to have a hard time imagining his life without you!

With him, you don’t always have to do a lot of activities to have fun

In your previous “relationships”, your time was always cleverly organized. Your meetings assumed that you were doing an activity (cinema, restaurant, nightclub outing, naughty night, etc.).

With a serious man, the reality is quite different. You can very well get together to watch TV together or sit in a park and read side by side.

Your relationship is not about to end and you have all the time in the world to plan activities or outings. You learn to simply enjoy each other’s company.

You find yourself no longer analyzing the slightest word or gesture of the man you are with

Here, it’s very simple: you trust him!

And in fact, you are no longer obliged to pay attention to the least of his words and the least of his gestures.

No, you know he’s not playing with you and you don’t need to investigate further to be sure.

You are now free to concentrate on other things, much more pleasant things. Strangely, you are in a relationship and should have less time for each other, but it is quite the opposite.

You are light and have time to take care of your other half, but also to prepare for your brother’s birthday or to take yoga classes.

You gradually discover the desire to open up to others

When we have just met someone, we are on the reserve and we protect ourselves. It’s healthy and normal.

We try at all costs to avoid situations of imbalance where one has revealed more and is therefore in a “position of weakness”.

But with someone serious and sure they want to go a long way with you, it’s different.

We gradually discover the pleasure of revealing ourselves and confiding in our partner. We want to give it a real chance.

We tell ourselves that all good things suppose that we take risks and that with him, it seems to be well worth it!

We slowly start to believe in love again

When you chain conquests and encounters, without ever being satisfied, you are quickly jaded. Womanizers are exhausting…

The pattern “we have a few drinks, we spend the night together and then radio silence” is just as exhausting.

Then we come to wonder if we will end up alone. If we will ever meet someone worth it. Little by little, we stop believing in true love.

But everything changes the moment we meet someone who makes us feel great and reminds us that we deserve to be loved.

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