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What Are The Emotional Barriers Of The Signs Of The Zodiac

The Emotional Barriers

What Are The Emotional Barriers Of The Signs Of The Zodiac

That a person can recognize what their emotional barriers and limitations are, will undoubtedly be a step towards their growth and evolution as a human being. Being able to take charge and begin to heal those wounds that life inevitably causes over the years is a good sign that that person is walking the right path. Many times these barriers were built by fears, insecurities, and certain deep-rooted habits, and it will be essential to know their nature to identify them to overcome them. Next, astrology will be providing us once again with the tool that serves as a guide and that also allows us to recognize, in each zodiac sign, the most critical points that each one has in the emotional and sentimental sphere of their life. Keep reading because in the following article, we will tell you what the emotional barriers of the Zodiac signs are:


The nature of this sign has always been intense and impulsive. Aries are quite stubborn people, who confront others without much consideration of their words and their effects. Impatience is also another of his characteristics that greatly irritates whoever is next to him. Although these aspects are often given unconsciously to defend themselves, they usually build walls around themselves, generating rejection in others when their negative side begins to come to light. Although it is not a sign that enjoys arguing with other people, those who look for it, find it and prepare to see Aries set on fire! since he easily loses his temper and calming him down will be quite a challenge. He also does not like to admit his mistakes, which leads him to be extremely proud and stubborn, he will hardly give in.


The bull of the zodiac is a very inflexible and foolish sign, which hardly wants to change its mind when someone tries to convince it otherwise. He, too, will not tolerate others contradicting him, as it will irritate him greatly and bring out the worst in his temper. He usually lives life his way, without considering whoever is next to him; which also often makes him look like a selfish person, who only thinks about his interests. However, many times to avoid conflict, he pretends that everything is fine when in reality he is not. He raises his emotional barriers so that no one knows what is happening to him or what he is thinking. His comfort zone will be untouchable, and let’s not even mention his stubbornness, already known to everyone. When he becomes monothematic with some displeasure, he usually becomes frantic, and nothing and no one will be able to get him out of that negative mood.


The sign of the twins has always been very self-critical since it is always in search of new knowledge and does not usually settle for what it gets. You need more to feel satisfied, but you still have a hard time keeping your focus on one place. This turns out to be quite contradictory, frustrating him and filling him with doubts about what path he should take in his life. He also tries to hide his emotions from him, it is not a topic he is comfortable developing or expressing to other people. However, he knows very well what and how to say the right words to get what he needs from the rest. Another very typical barrier for this air sign is usually distrust, they never place 100% of their trust in the other, leaving a certain space for doubt. Many times when everything is going well for him, he is the first to self-sabotage and ruin everything.


The crab of the zodiac has a hard time leaving its comfort zone, since in the face of conflicts, it usually escapes and hides inside its shell, to be able to reflect on its emotions. Another characteristic feature is the constant suspicion that others are plotting something against him, he senses it and does not doubt that this will be the case. He will build the walls necessary to distance those people he considers malicious and toxic. He is also the first to self-sabotage any promising relationship that comes his way since he distrusts and it is almost impossible for someone to reach his high standards within a bond with him or her. They also do not like conflict, which makes them resign and leads them to abandon any type of relationship, as long as they do not expose themselves or discuss sincerely face-to-face with others.


With an overwhelming and quite self-centered personality, he may be the first to leave a relationship before they leave him. The lion of the zodiac wants to shine and take on the world, that is why he puts himself first before everything else. They do not like rejection, and feeling unappreciated or noticed will bring great frustration for this sign. He will try to justify his actions at all costs, and he will not care what others think about him. When things don’t go the way he thought and wanted, he will usually do everything possible to rectify himself and regain the trust of the people he needs. He will act with great strength and determination, showing the most intense and forceful side of him. However, when he feels hurt he usually withdraws and puts up whatever barriers he considers necessary until others beg him for forgiveness.


For this sign, responsibility is one of their greatest priorities in life. He wants to take charge of absolutely everything that corresponds to him and hardly wants to hand over all his functions to another. He also has a very high standard in his relationships, being too critical produces a lot of frustration for whoever accompanies him as a couple. Things for Virgo will never be 100% done right, finding errors or things that can improve, from her point of view. Being so focused on his projects, he often neglects his physical and mental well-being, and without realizing it he becomes a moody ogre that scares away anyone who approaches him. He also doesn’t allow himself to enjoy or relax very often, since he analyzes absolutely everything and needs to have everything under his control. His traditional personality does not allow him to flow naturally, and they will rarely want to change his lifestyle.


Usually, this sign does not like not being accepted by others, which leads them to want to please everyone at the expense of their well-being. He completely avoids criticism, since confrontation is not something he likes either and prefers to keep things calm. He also prioritizes the people around him a lot, often leaving aside his own needs. To be accepted and liked by others, they will do whatever is necessary, even if this often goes against their interests. He is one of those who forgive in order not to lose the other person, even if he has failed him repeatedly. Choosing to follow the crowd to maintain peace and harmony, will bring you multiple frustrations and disagreements with your desires.


A sign as mysterious and magnetic as the Scorpio of the zodiac is usually quite manipulative when it comes to achieving its goals. Stealthily and without drawing much attention, he will pull the strings of the people he wants in his life and will manage everything as he pleases without anyone noticing. Power is something that attracts him a lot… however, he is also a cautious person who will not show all his cards and plays to others. He will keep a lot to himself, creating a mural between his feelings and the emotions of the people around him. When he feels attacked, he usually gets angry and shows all the anger he has inside, especially when something or someone completely disappoints him. He also tends to stray from his bonds when a situation overwhelms him, distancing himself from everyone for a long time. Many times he needs moments of solitude to reconsider and evaluate his life from another perspective.


He usually anticipates the worst happening, always. This fire sign tries as much as possible not to generate false scenarios in its head, being as realistic as possible, especially because it knows that it could get hurt. It is also very difficult for him to let go of his past relationships and ties, which leads him to be in a vicious circle from which it will be very difficult to escape. This prevents him from connecting and meeting new people, becoming more and more isolated. Sensitivity will bring out the worst version of him, because it will bring to light his self-esteem and personal image problems, making him more sensitive to criticism or advice from others. Sagittarius particularly does not like to enter into conflict with others, so he tends to repress his emotions and deal alone with his emotional problems since it is not comfortable for him to expose himself to others either.


Capri doesn’t like having to admit her mistakes and will do whatever is necessary to divert the attention of the rest, as long as she doesn’t give in. He is an earth sign, stubborn and stable, rarely showing his emotions to the rest of the world. He prefers to build a wall and lock himself behind those walls, few people (if any) will ever have access to the other side. They also have little tolerance for people, in their lives it is all or nothing and the same applies to their relationships. He does not tolerate wasting time and sharing with people whom he knows will not contribute anything to his existence. When you feel vulnerable, you withdraw until you feel stable again, to continue with your routine and work life. He will never show what is happening inside him, since he knows that exposing himself will only bring him pain and anguish.


For a sign as volatile and elusive as Aquarius, it is best to allow him his personal space and not try to invade it. It is not a sign that like to talk about their feelings, much less share them with others. He prefers to appear cold and distant, before getting emotionally involved with someone. He does not like very stable commitments or those that require attachment to another person, nor does he tolerate intensity and dependent ties that rob him of his patience. Indifference is usually their most visible emotional barrier, since they take everything more superficially, with little or no commitment. You are also prone to analyzing all things rationally and logically, without getting carried away at any time by your emotions or internal feelings. Leaving the past behind is also another inconvenience that you have to endure throughout your life since it is difficult for you to completely let go of those who once hurt you.


The fish of the zodiac usually find it difficult to express their emotions as they feel and process them inside. That is why many times when communicating, he tends to confuse his listeners because he is not usually direct or precise with his words. He misses the point and completely evades the main message, victimizing himself in the face of inopportune events in his life. He will adapt the narrative based on his benefits, exaggerating or adding more drama to his story. When it comes to interacting with other people, he prefers to go to what gives him security before leaving his comfort zone. Anything that involves extra effort on your part will not be taken into account, since venturing into the unknown is not something you are very fond of. The little fish is usually quite comfortable and distrustful, which leads it to be on alert for any eventuality or change of plans.

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