We were made for each other but we met at the wrong time…

We were made for each other but we met at the wrong time…

You seem to have met the right person but at the wrong time?

They say it’s all about timing so even if someone seems perfect for you, the timing may be off.

It’s a horrible dilemma that we sometimes tend not to want to solve…

Difficulty finding someone who matches us

We will not tell you anything, it is indeed difficult to find the right person. So when you think you’ve found her, it really hurts the if the timing turns out to be bad.

Well, there’s always the possibility of a second chance. Nothing says that you will not find yourself on the same road as each other afterwards.

But there is also another, less pleasant possibility to consider: this person is simply not “the right one”.

The right love at the wrong time means that you are unable to have a successful relationship even if you care very much for each other.

While no relationship is ever easy, it might be worth taking a closer look.

You need to be honest with yourself about the situation. Ask yourself if you can grow together as a couple, if you have a future together, if it makes you happy more often than upset.

It’s possible that the relationship will work, if you both decide to give each other room to grow, while committing to keeping things healthy.

But you may also need to take a step back, focus on yourself for a while, and be open to whatever happens in the future.

Now discover some signs indicating that you met your partner at the wrong time.

1. Your long-term goals don’t match

So you think you have found the perfect person to spend the rest of your life with.

Then you realize that your long-term goals don’t match. For example, you might want kids and he couldn’t think of anything worse.

Another example could be that you want to travel the world and he will never leave his hometown.

These are not always “physical” goals. It can also just be the person’s state of mind.

If you’re a real “go-getter” and he rather likes to live with precise benchmarks, you’re not really compatible.

But does that mean he’s the right person at the wrong time or just the wrong person for you?

Well, what does it look like when you try to imagine a future with him?

Do you think the two of you are too different to agree on important issues? Is it possible to make compromises and do you think he can change his mind on certain points?

Maybe he doesn’t want kids right now but might change his mind after a while.

Yet, could you risk not living the life you’ve always imagined just to save a relationship you’re unsure of? Is it possible that you are just too different?

Up to you.

2. One of you recently got out of a long-term relationship.

We all know how we feel after ending a long-term relationship and what that entails: we’re supposed to have to grieve.

It was without counting on Mr. Perfect. A meeting due to chance and which probably happens too soon…

Bad luck, it looks like you met the right person at the wrong time.

Is there a way to see this situation in a more positive light?

Yes of course. You may have met Mr. Perfect but still not move too fast and give yourself time to cry .

It’s necessary because it’s no secret that things can end badly if you haven’t completely mourned your previous relationship.

So if your new partner is patient and understanding enough to help you heal, it can work.

However, what if you’re single and he’s the one who just ended a serious relationship?

It’s really difficult and even unhealthy to move too fast, so if your partner hasn’t completely moved on, it could hurt you.

It’s up to you to give him time to let go in any way possible.

However, if you’re too scared of becoming his “rebound” relationship, it might be better to just give up right away before you hurt yourself.

3. One of you has to go away soon

It’s really hard to accept that the person you’ve been hanging out with is about to be away from you.

Whether she’s moving for work, traveling, or simply moving to another city, frustration is guaranteed.

The same is true when you move.

Maybe you signed a contract to work in another country just a few weeks before you met this person.

The truth is, if you haven’t known each other for a long time, the two of you will probably follow your dreams, no matter how much love you share.

Of course, neither of you should change your entire plan for something you’re not sure about.

However, if you really care about each other, you can always try having a long distance relationship.

After all, you probably won’t be separated forever.

If you really think there is something strong to dig, you can be patient and flexible.

4. One of you is too busy with your career

Whatever the job, when you’re close to finally getting what you’ve been working so hard for, you need to stay focused on your career.

However, what if at the same time you met someone who could be the love of your life?

It may not be about you, but about him. Maybe he just started his own business. Going to meetings and working late will be far more important to him than seeing you.

If either of you has a high commitment to work, it will be difficult to maintain the relationship.

I don’t think it’s impossible though. You can always slow down the relationship a bit, until things work out at work.

Don’t ask him to compromise his career for you, and neither should you.

But if you’re determined to make your relationship work, both of you arm yourself with patience.

5. You both live too far apart

Maybe you met a great person but it turns out they live in another country.

It’s not so much about meeting the right person at the wrong time as it is about meeting the right person in the wrong place this time.

Do you think he could be the love of your life if he lived in the same place as you?

How about a long distance relationship? This type of relationship can really work, as long as you both put your mind to it.

If you think it’s real love, what’s the harm in trying? Try a long distance relationship, and who knows, maybe one of you will end up getting closer so you can be together.

6. The cultural difference is significant

Having different beliefs and cultures can be challenging.

What may be acceptable behavior in one country is considered inappropriate in another.

Maybe in his country it is the man’s responsibility to support his partner financially, while in yours both partners are equal.

Just one or two differences may not be a big deal. As long as you can discuss it among yourselves in a courteous and healthy way.

But a number of them can create constant misunderstandings and disputes. A big gap can form in the way each partner thinks the other should behave and be treated.

And that, my friends, even if he is the most caring and handsome man you have ever known, that is not going to be possible.

7. He doesn’t want to be in a relationship right now.

The worst situation is probably when you’re crazy about someone who just isn’t interested in being in a relationship with anyone right now.

He has most likely been injured before and now has trust issues.

No matter how ready you are for a relationship and no matter how much he loves you back, he’ll just tell you it’s not the right time.

He is currently not ready for a relationship and you have to respect that.

Is he really in love with you? If he is, he’ll find you when he’s ready.

8. He is already in a relationship or you are too

We can pretend it doesn’t happen but the truth is it does.

You might have incredible chemistry with someone who is unfortunately already in a relationship with someone else.

You’re not interested in having an affair but it hurts so much that someone who seems perfect for you is already taken. Why haven’t you met him before?

Well, my Queens, there is nothing you can do about it now.

You don’t want your relationship to be based on destroying the one he currently has, however tempting that may seem.

All you can do is wait until maybe they end up breaking up, but in the meantime try to find someone who is actually available because that’s probably the right person for you.

What can you do if you met the right person at the wrong time?

People and life events change all the time and we are all on our own path.

We can connect with people we find attractive and charming even when the time is not right.

However, it is possible to overlook certain factors and make the decision to stay with the person who will have capsized your heart.

Everyone values ​​different things in relationships. That’s why you have to make a decision based on your own preferences.

Keep in mind that no person or relationship is perfect.

If you both love each other and are willing to work on the relationship every day, this could work out well.

1. Try to make the relationship work

Nothing can stop true love.

So if you really care about each other, there’s always a way to make it work.

It doesn’t matter if there is a distance or an age gap between you, as long as you love each other.

Tell him how much he means to you and how willing you are to try to make this relationship work.

However, try to weigh the pros and cons before you start.

2. Move on

The timing is bad, but is that the only thing that’s problematic?

Maybe it’s the Universe’s way of telling you that this isn’t your soulmate and you’re not meant to be together.

It may not be the moment that is so badly chosen, but the person themselves, however perfect for you they seem.

You are wasting precious time with someone who may be unwittingly preventing you from finding your true soul mate.

Often it seems like we’ve met the right person because we fall in love so deeply it seems like a no-brainer.

Either way, true love won’t make you change who you are. On the contrary, it will complete you.

There’s someone for everyone, and you’ll meet that someone when you’re both ready.

When you really meet the right person, it will be at the right time, trust the Universe.

We were made for each other but we met at the wrong time...

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