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Top Signs That Do Not Battle To Forget Your Ex

Battle To Forget Your Ex

Top Signs That Do Not Battle To Forget Your Ex

It is possible that many see you move on and say that you have no feelings because they are used to seeing hearts fall, to decide to suffer and not let go. That’s not you, after so many disappointments you now know that the best thing is to leave on time, keep the beautiful memories, and not cling to someone who no longer gives you half the happiness that it did at the beginning. Your heart is big, but your courage is bigger. This is one of the top signs that don’t struggle to forget their ex.

1.- Aries

You can always do it, you’re going to have a hard time for a couple of days, and you’re going to have tearful conversations with your pillow, but you’re not going to throw yourself into oblivion. You are very clear that life goes away in the blink of an eye. It is rare that you stay stuck, you know that the gray days will not last a lifetime and you can find hope working within you. As long as you trust yourself, everything will be fine.

2.- Leo

Fortunately, confidence has always been one of your greatest weapons. Breakups shake up your days, break your routine, and fill you with sadness, but you think twice before allowing grief like this to sink you. You are too passionate and proud, you know that better things await you. Also, no one gets over love overnight, patience is what you need.

3.- Sagittarius

Definitely, having your heart broken is not enough reason for your self-esteem to end up on the floor. You don’t need to jump from flower to flower either. You simply enjoy life, you don’t like getting hung up on the past, much less dramas. In those moments the only thing you want is to get out everything that torments you and free yourself, to welcome the future with open arms.

4.- Aquarius

It may take you a little while to understand the reasons why that person decided to end the relationship. That makes your head spin a lot. In some ways, you blame yourself, but once you understand that the bond was already broken, you are able to embrace your independence and recover everything that filled you with life. You still have a lot to know and experience, there is no reason to give up.

5.- Taurus

Probably, it is your stubbornness that does not allow you to throw in the towel in the middle of such a painful moment. Furthermore, your rational part makes you open your eyes, putting things on the scale is the best way to understand the reasons for the breakup. You’re not going to be the type of sign that clings, you know it went from your great love to your ex. It is best that you start again to find your stability.

6.- Virgo

Typically, you tend to be too introverted in the middle of a breakup. You don’t want the whole world to discover that you are going through a bad patch and it is your loneliness that keeps you standing because there you start to reflect on so many things, which help you say goodbye in a healthy way. You are very intelligent and although you have a huge heart, you do not want to stay in a toxic relationship.

7.- Pisces

It hurts you a lot to say goodbye to someone with whom you shared so many beautiful things. Also, your mind is cruel, it makes you relive every second with it and it lies to you, telling you that you could have done something to save what they had, don’t believe it. Letting go is the greatest act of love, don’t forget it. You need yourself, to embrace each of your scars and believe again that the right soul will arrive.

8.- Libra

You are not going to deny it, it is very difficult for you to put a barrier between that person and you. So you prefer to do it little by little. You may have one or another relapse, but you will never insist if you already realize that love is over. No matter how much you love that person, you are no longer the sign that puts their dignity on the line for anyone. Life flows like water through your hands, there is nothing left to do but continue.

9.- Scorpio

When you are in a relationship, you become an intense, foolish, and loving person. Let’s say you have strange contrasts, but in your way of loving there is no lack of loyalty, you really want to build something beautiful. That is why it is not easy for you to move forward, failure hurts you and at the same time, the idea of ​​re-entering the arena of relationships terrifies you. It will take you a while, but you will be you again.

10.- Capricorn

It’s true, you consider that the future is something you don’t play with and that is the reason why when you start a relationship you see it as long-term. However, life always has the last card and you have to accept it. You are a sign that has its feet on the ground, you may get excited, but not enough to lose your mind. That’s why when it’s time to say goodbye, you hold on to your strength and leave.

11.- Gemini

There are ex-partners that you carry deep in your soul, they come to your thoughts without prior notice, however, that does not mean that you cannot continue your life. It’s going to hurt, but you decide to save every moment in which your laughter loses control. It’s not bad that they have a special place in your heart, in the end, they are part of your story, but you know that that chapter in your book, you will not read it again.

12.- Cancer

The feeling of being in love fascinates you, you shout it without any fear. You are emotional and fun and you like to make that person feel like the most special being in this world. Maybe your intense side is not very good at goodbyes, because you remain faithful to her memory, although not forever. The day he decides, you let him go and you don’t come back at all. It ends and that’s it.

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