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This Is What I Wish For You In 2024

What I Wish For You

This Is What I Wish For You In 2024

I hope that in 2024 you have enough love for yourself – just as you do for others.

I wish that you stop tormenting yourself with guilt and the wrong idea. Stop believing that you are not good enough. Finally, let go of these thoughts. 

I know it’s not easy. It took me considerable time to accept the thoughts I want for you now.

It took me a long time to realize that other people’s opinions of me are not the essence of who I am. 

I hope that this year you begin to appreciate your qualities and values ​​and understand that you are more than enough.

Accept the love you deserve and let go of the negative thoughts that are holding you back from reaching your full potential and being who you truly want to be. You deserve to spread your wings and fly. To live your life the way you want.

I had to learn that too. It took a while until I was able to trust the world again.

For a long time, I believed that the world was populated by people out to hurt me.

However, life has shown me that the good in the world always outweighs it and is worth trusting. 

I sincerely hope that 2024 teaches you this important lesson. May you never fall victim to these vile words in your head as you may have received.

I hope this year teaches you that people are diverse and that every form of love is unique, just like people themselves.

There was a phase when I mistakenly believed that love was merely the result of effort put into it.

I thought that I had to do something to be accepted – to be accepted for who I was. 

But love is much more than that – it is an emotional movement. It doesn’t just manifest itself in the words you use.

Love is not what constantly clouds a relationship, but rather it is what defines and enlivens a connection. It consists of actions.

I remember being alone for a long time and seriously wondering what the word “love” even meant.

At the time, I associated love with being loved by someone, and I thought it expressed itself in someone else’s attention. 

But over the years and through experiences, I realized that love is a much deeper and more complex feeling, based not on superficial aspects, but on real connection and respect for each other.

Love is an emotional fabric that strengthens the foundations of a relationship and makes it special.

I used to think that love had to come from someone else – as a gift from outside. But over the years I have realized how my view of love has changed. 

For me, love now means valuing and choosing who you are. It means following your passions, no matter how absurd or strange they may seem.

Love means sitting down at the keyboard to let my soul flow out. It’s no longer about expecting them from others, but about finding and expressing them within myself.

Love is not only what comes from outside, but above all what comes from within, from one’s authenticity and devotion to one’s true passions.

For me, love meant acknowledging my mistakes and loving myself for them. Love was synonymous with developing enough self-respect for myself.

When I reached this point, I no longer cared if anyone else made the effort. That is my wish for you in the coming year. I hope that in the coming months, you begin to love the person in the mirror. 

I wish you a year of practicing self-love and finding acceptance for your imperfections.

May you remember that true love begins within yourself first before manifesting outwardly. You already have it within you, so you don’t have to look any further in the outside world. You just have to find it and accept it. That’s all you need.

I wish you learn to love the imperfections of yourself and others. May love also create the space for mistakes that you are allowed to make.

You have to do them to develop and grow. I hope that you not only love your dreams and desires but also find the courage to pursue them actively.

Go through life and experience the ups and downs. The most important thing is that you live through it – that you are present.

My wish for you in 2024 is that it reminds you of the child you were before insecurities clouded your path.

Who were you? Who did you want to be? May this year take you back to that origin and above all, I hope it rekindles the fire within you that someone may have tried to put out.

The passion within you still exists. You just have to rekindle it. Let the coming months be a journey of self-love and self-discovery for you.

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