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The Signs You Should Watch for in May 2024

The Signs You Should Watch for in May. A new month has begun, and the truth is that in the northern hemisphere, the idea that spring alters blood is coming true for many people. In the southern hemisphere, autumn is also doing its thing. Changes occur on a psychological and physical level. We are electricity and chemistry so, the changes in seasons affect us. Oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, or pheromones are fluttering around the body, and this is noticeable at many levels in general. To all these changes we can add the different astrological movements of this month such as the entry of Pluto into its retrogradation season, the New Moon and the entry of Mercury into Taurus, a Full Moon in the bold Sagi or the entry of Venus and the Sun in Gemini to analyze which signs you have to approach, at all levels, and those not so much, in May, according to your sun sign (although it is also valid for the ascendant). These are the signs you should approach in May 2024, stay and discover:


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In May you will begin to reconsider certain relationships, especially those of friendship. Maybe you have friends who matter to you a thousand times more than others all your life. Maybe they are giving you much more in less time. And yes, you should put them in a place in your life with greater advantages. They are surely people who understand your dreams and what’s more, they can help you achieve them. Of fire, approach other Aries like you, although they may make you a little nervous at times, as well as Virgo, Leo, Pisces, and Aquarius. If things don’t go as you expected at first, don’t run away. Wait at least for a second chance, okay? Stay away from Scorpio and Capri, especially when they are angry and stressed about their things.


Keep the standards a little high, okay Taurus? That lately it seems like you’ve settled for almost anything. You have overlooked things that you shouldn’t have, you have let them walk over you, even talk back to you, or speak badly to you, as you know they shouldn’t. You have to make sure you are in the right place to make your plans come true. Your plans and your dreams. If you are working, be careful with those dramas that arrive almost without warning from time to time, okay? Start getting closer to those who contribute. Stay away from Capri and Leo, especially on the last days of the month. Well, Leo almost the entire month. And get a little closer to Aries, other Taurus like you and Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini (although you want to send the latter on vacation often lately).


Don’t get lost in the small details Gemini, we are in May, your season is going to start and you have to take advantage of the fact that the Sun is on your side, okay? If you have to get away from some people and see the bigger picture, do it. Strong changes are coming, a transformative journey, and a good adventure. Seriously Gemini, push yourself a little and get out of your comfort zone. And do it with the people who ARE up to you now. Get a little closer to these signs in May: Taurus, Libra, and Capri, and move a little further away from Aquarius and Leo. There is a lot of intensity and sparks can fly quickly.


It is true that, in May, you are experiencing fears that you didn’t know you had lately, you are connecting a lot with a person on a super deep level, but as always, insecurities sometimes reach your head and it is impossible to get them out of there. But you already know all those sensations, it is simply that precious moment of so many things… You are going to look at the problems you have now in the face and you are going to solve them, Crab. They are challenges that help you grow and renew yourself internally. It’s a good time to shine, to flow, to focus on your emotional well-being, so start getting closer to Leo, Gemini, Scorpio, Libra, Aquarius, and Virgo. And this time, stay away from Sagi a little bit, it can stress you out a lot. But be careful, you can also stress him out.


May is an intense month for you, Leo, but you are going to have the occasional critical streak. Some make you feel less, and you know it, and it bothers you because you expect more from those people. And they fail you again. And then, trust issues begin in you. So, make the effort: a clean slate, okay? And you will see how super important transformations come. You have to clean, you have to take out the trash and you have to deepen the relationships of people who are worth it. Just because you are understanding doesn’t mean you are an idiot and let everything go. Not that way. Accept the changes. And then, decide. In May, get a little closer to Scorpio and Pisces.  You’ll also benefit from some laughs with SagiStay away from Virgo and Gemini. Taurus will have its moments.


Some routines have to change, routines in certain Virgo relationships. You need to feel loved, you need to feel that others would truly sacrifice themselves for you if you needed them. You’re a little tired of waiting, of being the one who sacrifices for the rest. Maybe you want to take that step to change your life, to change your scenery. Maybe you have to put it on the table and see if whoever you expect to be there ends up moving with you, next to you. You are going to raise levels in areas such as health, work, and productivity, Virgo. You are giving your all but the question is, do you have someone to accompany you in the process? This month, the signs with which you will surely match more, or at least forgive yourself and get closer in some way are Cancer, Capricorn, and Aquarius. If you have a Pisces around, they will get on your nerves on quite a few occasions. Careful.


Little adventures are coming in love Libra, either you are going to get closer to that special person that you already have or new ones will come. In addition, your friendships will also be greatly strengthened. Outings and reunions will happen especially at the end of the month, when a large part of your friends will end up meeting at an event. That makes you happy. Get ready for some changes on an emotional level, a strong illusion is coming. Review those dreams you want to fulfill with someone. They will arrive when you least expect it. Get closer to Gemini, Cancer, and Taurus. You will also get along well with Libra. Stay away from Sagi, she wants to control everything too much. Scorpio will also be on edge. And he’ll get on your nerves.


May is a month in which you begin to close circles, and open fronts, and things that have been stressing you a lot lately. What you thought would never end suddenly ends. At last. And that shows in your relationships. You are surprisingly kinder to everyone, happier, and more content, when the reward for all that effort finally arrives, your character is transformed. Your world is transformed. In May, a very important spiritual renewal is coming. You know that when you project beautiful energy, beautiful things come. Always. Do what you can, what is in your power, Scorpio. Give everything good in you to the world, everything you can. For this reason, this month you should approach signs that elevate you and help you grow, such as Cancer, Leo, or Capricorn, and stay away from Libra and Pisces. You haven’t shared many things with them lately and they can get on your nerves a little. It’s not that you cross them but they have a lot of dramas and they can drag you into them.


In May you have to communicate a little more and a little better Sagi. There are pending conversations, things that hurt you but in the end, you end up keeping them to yourself. And no, even though you are super honest and spit out truths like fists when it comes to a slightly more important matter, you are capable of keeping quiet and sticking your head in the hole like an ostrich. It’s true that people often only learn the hard way. Even threats. Don’t let yourself be trampled on and be a little more forceful with certain people. When they think they can lose you forever, they will start to behave as they should. Don’t let your pulse tremble when it comes to asking and when it comes to saying. Get a little closer to Scorpio, he will help you see everything very clearly, even if he sometimes behaves like an idiot. Leo and Aries can be key in your development. Separate yourself emotionally from Cancer and Libra, they are under certain stress and carry some drama. Keep your distance.


You are at a time in your life when material security is super important Capri. Somehow you are afraid of not building a good future for yourself, of not making adequate decisions that will allow you to safeguard what you have. Let them make you get more. It’s time to change things, it’s time to risk a little. It is not about doing operations that involve risks. But if you see something worthwhile, please go for it, okay? You know how to work hard and you are a very responsible person. Don’t surround yourself with short-sighted people or with people who believe that in life they have to get everything done. Spend more time with Scorpio and Virgo. Also with Gemini, he is a person who can give you a lot of vitality and can also encourage you to achieve certain things. Stay away from Taurus, you may feel that he is too apathetic about everything. Somehow, a little down. And everything is contagious.


You are very clear about who you are and what you are willing to achieve, you are VERY CLEAR, but sometimes it is difficult for you to organize your ideas. You are an extremely creative person, and yes, you have your mental problems already, to find someone who suffers from the same thing. May will be a month in which you will reinforce your ideas. Don’t be afraid of feeling a little lost with life in general. Don’t think that because certain projects don’t come out now they won’t come out in a few months. Don’t go at a mile an hour and relax a little… We all have moments when we don’t know how to start or continue certain things. Watch the signs and spend more time with Taurus, Cancer, Libra, and even Aries (although the latter can sometimes stress you out a lot). And stay away or at least cut back on the time you spend with Gemini and Pisces. They will walk on a slightly murky frequency.


This month a super powerful Pisces energy is coming, on a physical and spiritual level. And believe me, you are at a point where you absorb absolutely everything, so you need vitamin people by your side. You are likely going to go through a major ordeal soon. And it is also likely that you need that shoulder to lean on, to help you. You are very strong, more than you think. And believe me, life will sooner or later compensate you for everything you are doing for others. You are a being of light, but you don’t always manifest it correctly. There will be a very deep psychological transformation soon, Pisces. And it will mark everything. Get very close to Gemini, Aries, or Leo. Also to other Pisces. And honestly, now, stay away from Virgo. You are going to have moments when you won’t be able to stand it. Cancer may try to “be.” He may also notice you are too far away.

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