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The Sign That Attracts You The Most But Is Super Toxic For You

Is Super Toxic For You

The Sign That Attracts You The Most But Is Super Toxic For You

Most people have experienced at least one toxic relationship in their lifetime, and if you haven’t yet, you probably will. There are combinations of personalities that are not compatible at all, and that’s okay, the thing is to know how to identify it and put an end to that type of relationship before it’s too late. If you want to know which sign attracts you the most but is super toxic for you, you just have to keep reading to find out:


You, Aries, and Taurus are great friends, but when you want to take the friendship to another level, that’s when things get murky. You are two people who like to give orders but hate receiving them. You complement each other very well as friends, but as a couple you can be an explosive bomb. You both love to be in control and that can start many wars. Furthermore, you are very impulsive and Taurus needs to think things through a lot before doing them, so you wouldn’t get along very well. 


Taurus, what you have with Gemini is an I want, but I don’t have to. You are very attracted to the daring personality he has. You know that with Gemini you will always have adventures to live, but his tendency to do whatever he wants without thinking too much about the consequences of his actions can turn your relationship into something truly toxic. You need someone at your side who knows how to commit as you deserve. 


Gemini, it’s pretty weird, but you’ve always gotten along well with Capricorn. Of course, if you took your friendship to a romantic relationship, everything would become a real nightmare. Capricorn’s tendency to want to control everything does not fit at all with your desire to fly free 24/7. You need someone by your side who does not want to control you at any time. You prefer to break the rules, which Capri will never do. 


Cancer, the free spirit of Aquarius, attracts you greatly because you feel that around him you can live unforgettable adventures, but an idea can become a real nightmare when you bring it to reality. You are a very homely person who likes to take care of the people he loves and that can lead you to control Aquarius too much, and he will never allow that. He will always go it alone and that can bring you a lot of headaches. 


Leo, yes, you are very attracted to the unbridled passion of Scorpio, but when push comes to shove, you would have a stormy relationship. You love to flirt with everyone and capture the attention of staff in any situation and Scorpio wants you all to himself. It’s not that he is possessive, well, he may be, but he simply wants you to respect him and your way of being and loving for him is not the most respectful. 


Virgo, Pisces attracts you a lot because it has a sensitive side that you don’t have and whether you like it or not, it catches your attention. The problem is that you are very realistic and Pisces is always in yuppie worlds. He is a person who likes to dream big and that means that he almost never has his feet on the ground. All a relationship between the two of you can do is create one drama after another, and you’re not up to those things. 


Libra, Virgo’s intelligence has you captivated, but a relationship between the two of you is the worst idea that can cross your mind. You would each bring out the worst in the other, and the truth is that you are not up to those things. Virgo needs to have everything under control, just like you, but you take it more calmly. The thing is that you are very affectionate and Virgo is not very fond of physical contact, something that can lead to more than one argument. 


Scorpio, the fire of Leo attracts you a lot because you know that by his side you could fulfill most of your fantasies, but the idea of ​​having a relationship with him can be quite stormy. Leo is a generous person, yes, but sometimes all he does is look at his navel. Scorpio, you like to have someone at your side who cares about themselves, but you also like them to keep an eye on you from time to time. 


Sagittarius, the sensitivity with which Pisces deals with things attracts you a lot because you always go crazy and don’t pay attention to the little things in life. The thing is, you are not made for each other. Pisces is one of those people who holds grudges inside when they argue and you are one of those who forget everything. This combination can be quite toxic for you because it will make you not do many things that you would like to please Pisces, and that cannot happen. 


Capricorn, Libra will attract you a lot because he always knows how to put himself in the shoes of others and that is quite difficult for you. The thing is that Libra’s generosity clashes greatly with your ambition. It’s not that you are a selfish person, far from it, the only thing is that you are clear about what your dreams are and you want to fulfill them, while Libra would be capable of sacrificing them to please others. You are a pretty toxic combination, you don’t suit each other. 


Aquarius, Taurus’s intelligence and his know-how have you completely captivated, but it is not a good idea to establish a relationship with him. You are a free soul, you always go about your business without taking into account what may happen because you need to live your life without limits and Taurus needs someone who is committed. You can do it, but it would take a long time and Taurus’s patience could run out very soon. 


Pisces, the adrenaline that Aries can give you in your daily life is something that attracts you a lot, but it is not highly recommended that you have a relationship with him. You hate being given orders and Aries likes to command more than you think. You are both rebels without a cause, but the fire of Aries with your sudden mood swings can be a real nightmare. It is better that you be friends and leave love for other types of combinations. 

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