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The Lucky And Unlucky Zodiac Signs In January 2024

Lucky And Unlucky Signs

The Lucky And Unlucky Zodiac Signs In January 2024

Some zodiac signs seem to get off to a good start in the new year no matter where they go, while others feel like they always lose out in everything they do.

To find out if you’re more likely to win the lottery or fall victim to an unfortunate series of events, read on now!

Here are the happiest and unluckiest zodiac signs in January 2024:


Sometimes you can work so hard to move forward only to find things that get completely out of control and then throw you back.

You might feel like your losing streaks last forever this month, but luckily you have the work ethic to bounce back no matter how many obstacles the universe throws in your way.


Your happiness is everywhere. Much like your personality, Aquarius luck can be quite unpredictable.

Some days things will go well for him and other days he will be so unlucky that he will feel like giving up altogether.

But even when things aren’t going well for him, January gives him the drive to keep fighting until he gets it right.


Pisces is lucky in some moments and unlucky in others. Sometimes his luck can be quite extreme, for better or for worse.

He often stumbles upon phenomenally fortunate opportunities and finds that he can effortlessly attract anything he wants.

In other moments he feels so stuck because the universe is throwing him so much bad luck that all he wants to do is cry. The latter will be the case in January.


Your luck can be hit and miss. When Aries is on a winning streak, they tend to get lucky.

But when the universe isn’t on his side, he can have a pretty tough losing streak. He needs to make the best of it when the universe isn’t on his side in January 2024 and try not to constantly go “all-in” when it’s not appropriate.

Unfortunately, the ram will not be one of the lucky ones, but will be pursued by bad luck!


You will find happiness in a few areas. The Taurus personality generally tends to be extremely lucky in some areas and not so lucky in others.

You’re usually fine when it comes to your career and financial goals, but in other areas, like your love life, you feel like you just can’t take a break during this time.


You are probably the luckiest zodiac sign. Sometimes Geminis just feel like the whole universe is against them — but not in January 2024.

You will do everything in your power to make sure the stars align for you.

It’s not always easy being twins. But this month everything you set out to do will work. Keep believing in yourself and the lucky streak will continue for a while.


Your luck can change from day to day. It can change dramatically depending on the day of the week.

If luck is on your side, you really could find yourself in a role where everything fits together perfectly.

But when luck isn’t on your side, things can take a turn for the worse. Always be prepared for things to change abruptly.


The Leo personality is one of those signs that sometimes seems like luck is always on their side, often leading to envy from other less fortunate signs.

They can make things look almost too easy and like they don’t even have to try. However, January will bring you more bad luck, Leo.

This means that you might feel a bit overwhelmed because you are not used to experiencing so much unhappiness.


Virgos have the universe on their side. They tend to do well in life because they have a seriously good work ethic.

But on top of that, they tend to be quite lucky too. Combine these two traits and it’s easy to see why they often become the most successful people in the entire zodiac. This will become particularly evident at the beginning of the coming year.


You are definitely on the lucky side in January 2024, but you are having a hard time counting on luck.

It’s not that you’re particularly unhappy, but you’re just not used to it.

Luckily, Libra is stepping out of defensiveness this month and embracing happiness fully in January.


When it comes to luck, Scorpios are definitely at a disadvantage in January. They will often find themselves stumbling upon bad luck without doing much wrong. They just have to be careful not to manifest it and stay in this bad luck streak forever.

They might even be caught throwing away the many opportunities the universe offers them. If you are a Scorpio, you should focus on your opportunities and not miss them.


Sometimes it can feel like everyone else has all the luck. Sagittarius isn’t the type to feel sorry for themselves for too long, but there’s no denying that their luck can be pretty tenuous at times.

Sagittarians sometimes wonder why others around them seem to get so lucky while they have to work so much harder to get to the top. Sagittarius, be patient a little longer because luck is on its way to you.

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