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The 4 Signs Of The Zodiac That Have Grown The Most In 2023

Grown The Most In 2023

The 4 Signs Of The Zodiac That Have Grown The Most In 2023

December is approaching and reflection begins on this year that seems to have left us experienced enough to fill several books… 2023 has been an intense year for many signs, from big events in life such as breakups, and changes in jobs, and studies, to small ones. details that have filled the hearts that were most asleep. It is clear that this year has not left anyone indifferent, but there are four signs that have experienced great growth and they have to know how to pat themselves on the back and be proud of themselves. Keep reading to discover which are the 4 Zodiac signs that have grown the most in 2023:


Leo with Venus retrograde in his sign has grown deeply in relationships. She has had to take exact stock of each of her bonds, and she has done it in a spectacular way that only Leo could do. He has been filled with patience and has understood more clearly what he really wants in life, what the things that he loves, that he really likes. Who he wants to be close to and what people he has to leave aside. Leo’s process could have been painful, lonely, and long. But the reward can already be seen, now he is a much more mature person, who knows what he wants and needs, a lot of toxicity has evaporated and now Leo shines with all his splendor.


The beginning of Pluto’s departure from the sign of Capricorn has marked the latest experiences that this sign is experiencing, of letting go of everything that is no longer worth it in its life. Pluto is giving the last push to this sign, which, although a little painful, is empowering it masterfully. Capricorn’s growth this year comes from having known how to leave behind all the attitudes that were holding you back from your rise to the top. We are faced with a sign that is now brutally consistent and honest with its truth, powerful and detached from harmful attitudes such as manipulation, pride, or possessiveness.


With the last eclipse in its sign, Libra has had to understand that it has to renew itself in terms of relationships. Furthermore, the eclipse was in the square with Pluto, the planet in charge of destroying what is no longer worth it. Libra has seen the worst of himself come out, facing the darkest part of him is what has allowed him to grow on a spiritual level. His ruling planet also had a longer retrograde time than normal and this has caused a lot of things to happen in terms of their relationships. Now their bonds are more real, more authentic. Libra’s growth has only just begun, and this sign enters 2024 with more maturity and responsibility.


Taurus has faced unexpected changes that have made it lose its much-loved stability. Although this has been very uncomfortable, it has been a great learning process that has helped him to be a little more flexible, and to have many more resources to get ahead in life. Taurus has discovered that even if unpleasant surprises and big changes come, he can get ahead. That he has the ability to face many more challenges than he thought, and life no longer scares him as much. 2023 leaves us with a much more self-confident, stronger, and wiser Taurus.

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