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Signs You’ll Need Your Friends Nearby in July 2024

Signs You’ll Need Your Friends Nearby in July. The month of July can make some signs feel a little more alone than usual. Between the dispersion of energy, emotional introspection, self-evaluation, and intuitive disconnection, each sign has its challenges this month. Unlike other signs, Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius, and Pisces might need the support of their friends more than ever. If you fall into this zodiac group, read on to find out why your friends can be the key to giving you a helping hand. And remember this: friendship is an invaluable bulwark in times of change, especially those brought by July 2024. These are the signs that will need their friends around in July 2024.


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Dear Gemini, this July, Mercury, your ruler, will begin to slow down, and you should do the same. After a somewhat chaotic season, it’s time to clean up and put in order what was left over from last month. With Mercury retrograde approaching, take the time to review how your day-to-day life works and detect possible problems before August. It may be a time to live in solitude. If you can’t handle this stage alone, especially those who are a social butterfly by nature, look for your friends. Suggest that they help you make some space in your house while you have a good time. A weekend of cleaning can become an excuse to get together again.

Towards the end of the month, Mars enters your sign, giving you a boost of motivation that you’ve been needing. However, be careful: this extra push can make you feel scattered and overwhelmed with multiple projects. Let yourself be inspired by experiences that connect you with your true self, but don’t neglect daily tasks, much less those around you. Remember that just as your friends were there for you at the beginning of the month, they will be there for you through thick and thin. Don’t neglect them just because Mars has given you some energy now.


Sweet Cancer, we’re still in your season. This July is packed with intense emotions and great opportunities to grow as a person, but you might also feel a little lonely. The New Moon in your sign on July 5th will take you deep into your heart, which can make you feel isolated for a few days. With Venus visiting you during the first third of the month, your feelings of love and connection are heightened, and if you don’t feel like you’re receiving the same level of affection, this can further amplify the feeling of loneliness.

Not to mention the Full Moon in Capricorn on July 21, in your relationship area, which can highlight any tension in a relationship, making you feel even more misunderstood if you don’t get the support you’re crying out for (even if those cries are internal). Use the energy of the Full Moon to reflect on your past and present relationships, and what you need from them. With a little effort and the support of your friends, you’ll be able to manage these intense emotions and come away with much more confidence to make decisions, such as saying goodbye to that colleague or partner who’s making you sad.

To get through this month, don’t disconnect from your friends, and don’t keep everything to yourself. Organize movie nights at home to enjoy their company. And don’t leave yourself out at all: take a relaxing bath, meditate, or do something that makes you happy. Set healthy boundaries with people who don’t bring you happiness and walk in nature to listen out loud to your intuition. Remember that taking care of yourself is the foundation of everything.


Hey Sagittarius, June was a whirlwind of energy with your ruler Jupiter, wasn’t it? You’ve probably noticed changes in your relationships, perhaps meeting new friends or spending more time with someone special. You may even be on the verge of a new business contract. As you adjust to this fabulous transit, July reminds you that you are an adventurous soul at heart. While you may now need to cultivate certain connections that are brewing in your life, don’t lose sight of those who have always been there for you. Don’t throw away your friendships, especially when they are in a period of flux between the old and the new.

With Saturn retrograde in Pisces, you may be reflecting on what’s to come, and that can lead to moments of solitude. This period is ideal for re-evaluating your goals and structures, but don’t do it alone. Your friends can offer you the perspective, advice, and support you need. So, instead of being a solo traveler, spend time with the key people in your life. Arrange get-togethers, accept new invitations, and let others join in on your daily plans. Remember that your friends are there to help you navigate these feelings and keep your balance while you enjoy your changes.


Dear Pisces, your ruler Neptune will be retrograde from July 2nd to December 7th in your sign, which can make you feel a little disconnected from your dreams and intuitions. July and the rest of the year can feel a little strange. This period of deep introspection can leave you feeling lost, grounded, and alone, as navigating between your emotions and harsh reality can be tricky.

At the beginning of the month, challenge yourself to share what’s bothering you or keeping you awake. You certainly enjoy solitude, but the company of your friends can be just the anchor you need to keep you centered. Don’t be afraid to ask for support—you’ll be surprised at how much relief you can find by expressing your feelings, fears, and anxieties. Emotional ups and downs are best navigated in the company.

Towards the end of the month, you may feel the need to retreat into your inner sanctum, but that doesn’t mean you should become evasive. It’s the perfect time to reconnect with your spiritual center, ask the divine which path to take, and return to your creative roots. Use July to hold yourself accountable for your progress, even if you’re not clear on the path. Instead of waiting for a change from the heavens or something to motivate you, allow yourself to jump around, rediscovering what gives you stability. And remember, your friends are there to help you navigate these feelings. Take advantage of their support and don’t isolate yourself too much.

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