Phrases That Can End Up Destroying Your Relationship

Phrases That Can End Up Destroying Your Relationship

These phrases can literally DESTROY your relationship!

At the beginning of a relationship, everything is rosy, we behave like children who have just met the President of the Republic, but the more comfortable we are, the less we think before speaking and saying anything we have to say.

Of course, an apology can be enough, but there are some things that are impossible to forget and even to forgive .

Here are 10 phrases that can seriously harm your relationship and you need to be careful with.

You never did this before:

Being in a relationship and expecting your partner to stay exactly the same as when you first met them is stupid. People change and evolve and it’s not normal not to accept that.

If he or she picks up new habits or develops new tastes, your job is to support him or her, not put your partner down.

You always do this:

Couples all go through ups and downs and we don’t always get what we want from our partner. It’s fine to confront him about his flaws or any other issues, but doing so with guilt and harsh words won’t help you.

Try to be open to discussion, rather than spending your time telling her it’s all her fault.

Sorry, you can repeat:

The habit of multitasking while your partner is talking to you is dangerous. If you’re thinking it’s okay to be on Facebook while he or she tells you about their day, you’re wrong.

It’s important that you listen to him because otherwise he’ll end up believing that you don’t care what he wants to share with you. And this belief can actually harm your relationship.

Don’t be so sensitive:

Telling another to ‘calm down’ or not to be ‘unreasonable’ when angry is like telling a black man not to be black anymore.

When people are angry, their anger is justified and they are then unable to take another point of view. Trying to calm your partner down by attacking them won’t help. Try to understand him and let him know that you understand him.

Another time, darling:

Telling the other person that you don’t want to have love tonight because you ate too much is still fine… But being rude and rejecting the other without explanation can really hurt you. Being in a relationship without making love really has no point; you might as well find a friend to go to dinner with and share an apartment. Try to spice things up !

I told you :

Nobody likes to be told over and over again that they’re stupid. Even if you’re right most of the time and the other goes on to stupidity after stupidity, try not to shout it from the rooftops. Opt for another choice and another route.

Advise the other person to think before they act, rather than directly telling them that they are stupid and that you warned them. Or, resentment could set in and your understanding of each other falter.

Is this the truth?

Frankly asking your partner if they’re lying can seriously hurt their ego. Sometimes you might be suspicious or think the other person is lying because, let’s be honest, no one is a saint and it’s normal to have doubts sometimes. But the way you put words to your doubts is essential.

Be careful not to hurt his ego. Try using phrases like, ‘I find it hard to believe such a thing’ and don’t imply that you generally don’t believe it.

Are you crazy (crazy)?!

All the quoted sentences refer to the difficulty of choosing the right words. If you’re upset, try not to attack the other person’s integrity or self-respect. Phrases like ‘you’re just like your mother’ or ‘you’re so dumb’ can be cause for a breakup. We all get angry, but personal attacks are rarely much help.

If you loved me, you would:

Of course your partner loves you, why else would he be with you? Emotionally blackmailing someone or making them feel like they are being used is cruel. Don’t play the feelings card as soon as you need something.

Your partner really loves you, but does he or she give up as soon as he or she feels helpless? Face things or help your partner, but don’t question their love for you.

I will leave you:

Threatening your partner directly during a difficult moment is the surest way to ruin everything. In the heat of the moment, leaving and then coming back may seem like a good idea, but it will only lead your partner to realize that you can leave and you don’t care what happens in your relationship. Whatever you do, never threaten to abandon ship…Or it just might end up sinking once and for all.

Phrases That Can End Up Destroying Your Relationship

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