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Most Evil Women Of The Zodiac


It’s no secret that Aries is one of the most stubborn and dominant signs of the zodiac, but this quality is not in contradiction with a good friendship. You just need to make sure the other person doesn’t believe you are betraying them because they aren’t moderating in terms of revenge. They will do their utmost to destroy their enemies in the fastest, cruelest and most ruthless manner possible. Do not be fooled by the face of a good person, because in his head are real queens of manipulation. Know them all to be safe.


When they encounter qualities opposite to those of manipulators with someone who does not trust their possibilities, we find a real-time bomb. Although they are very pessimistic, when a plan sets them in motion, they tend to be as imaginative as they are persuasive. Their acts of revenge have epic proportions, bordering on injustice, provided that everything ends terribly for both parties! Of course, their fears and hatreds are not always found, but that does not mean that they will use them thoroughly to be able to quickly destroy their enemies or make fun of their targets. This is because they are very suspicious people and they end up seeing betrayal in any positive action. To compensate, if they don’t see that side in someone, they will be extremely loyal and seek to strengthen their friends at the expense of everyone else. Complicated? Wait until you see the next one.


The most positive aspect of the Lion in its dark side is that it is not about people who love intrigue. However, they will have no problem fighting openly against anyone who opposes it. Their personality gives them a very self-centered character and they end up believing that they are always right. This causes them to become formidable adversaries in any type of conflict or dialogue if you have them against them. People who are known for their ability to give in are not either, and in addition to being extremely confident, they are obstinate by nature. The problem is that added to this, we also find that they are imaginative, so they will end up making everyone believe that they are right, justifying their actions and reinforcing their attitude. A feeding ego is a very dangerous thing to take into account, so don’t underestimate a Lion, otherwise, you will fall into the consequences. The Virgin does not escape our list either.


Although they are very shy, introverted and kind, when the right shell breaks, a methodical daughter of elementary evil emerges. It was then that his hard-working, critical and completely cruel side appeared, capable of sidelining all the people who opposed his objectives. It is precisely this delicate aspect that makes the blow count twice. You will learn that you should never underestimate an enemy.


Never has an animal been better chosen than Scorpio to define a personality in a zodiac sign. Scorpio can be the most loyal of friends, the most passionate of lovers and, at the same time, the most aggressive and violent enemy you can meet. Also, add that they are extremely jealous and reserved and that you will have a real-time bomb. Even better, they are teasing enthusiasts, it doesn’t have to be about themselves, so it will be easy to end up dirtying them and having them against you. The last sign is, moreover, the worst on the list.


Again, we find the duality of someone who seems to be a good person, compassionate and who does everything possible to help others become an authentic source of pessimism in your life. Since they tend to worry more about others, their existence is usually a complete failure, something they will ultimately associate with their relationship with you. This hatred will eventually make you feel the worst person in the world. And only because they are unable to manage their own lives.

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