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July 2024 Beware: 4 Zodiac Signs Known for Their Scheming Ways

July Beware: 4 Zodiac Signs Known for Their Scheming Ways

Manipulation is shamelessly taking control of a situation or another person. Some people are better at manipulating than others and don’t hesitate to use all their might to ensure everything lives up to their expectations.

They play games with others and get others to do what they want. Some people are straightforward to manipulate, while others are more resistant.

However, narcissists often have an easy time of it because they are great manipulators and only have their own best interests at heart despite pretending to be selfless. Everyone can manipulate others to get what they want, but some people use this ability more than others.

If we are completely honest with ourselves, we sometimes catch ourselves manipulating our counterparts, consciously or unconsciously.

We manipulate our friends or partners when we get them to do something they don’t want to do or when we apologize with gifts to a loved one after an argument.

In July 2024 there will be a few zodiac signs that will take particular advantage of their ability to manipulate others. You can easily persuade others to do anything and distort reality without realizing it.

These 4 zodiac signs are particularly manipulative in the coming month and can easily twist anyone around their fingers to get what they want.

1. Cancer

One of Cancer’s few weaknesses is its ability to be manipulative. Cancers can be very persuasive at this time of year and are not afraid to manipulate others if they see it as the only way out.

They have no intentions but only act in this way to protect themselves or a loved one. This water sign uses the emotional nature of manipulation as they are very sensitive and compassionate.

Being sentimental and very emotional people, they tend to become victims of their own emotions and have many mood swings. In relationships and friendships, they look for tolerant and understanding people, but sometimes they take these traits for granted.

When they feel they are not receiving the appropriate love and attention, they will resort to emotional manipulation to make it clear. Cancer feels lost and empty inside when they don’t have the assurance of being loved, and they will manipulate the people in their lives until they receive this sign of love.

Cancers need constant nurturing and affection and want to keep their loved ones as close to them as possible. Not having the ability to communicate their intentions directly and always openly, they may also try to garner attention until their dissatisfaction becomes obvious.

2. Scorpio

Scorpio is the master of manipulation and tops the list of the most manipulative zodiac signs. The typical Scorpio always pays attention to the smallest details and approaches everything methodically.

This makes it super easy to be extremely adept at manipulating other people, which benefits him this month. These zodiac signs know how to skillfully twist facts and words without the other person noticing before they have achieved what they set out to do.

Scorpios are very passionate and determined people who will stop at nothing when they feel wronged. Being highly resourceful and cunning, they can use any human weakness against them.

They can easily become jealous and insecure in a relationship and will do anything to get their partner’s attention back.

People born in the Scorpio zodiac sign are sensitive to their partner’s weaknesses, so they often say what someone wants to hear from them, remembering every detail in case that information later proves useful.

But behind their subterfuge is not only an attempt to gain control but also to protect their interests and those of their loved ones. A relationship or friendship with a manipulative Scorpio can therefore be either a curse or a blessing.

3. Gemini

It’s hard to believe, but Geminis are real experts when it comes to manipulation. Geminis know how to get what they want and will do whatever it takes to make sure everything suits their inclinations.

If that means they have to be a little manipulative, then they won’t shy away from it. Their ability to communicate enables them to often turn the word around with their fellow human beings in such a way that one no longer knows who said what.

Their manipulative nature is shown in their ability to twist the truth and get what they crave with lies.

Geminis are known to have two faces and they wear the face that best suits their environment. Adaptable by nature, they are capable of becoming a trustworthy person just to gain the trust of others. They use their natural charm and attractive looks to get what they want.

4. Leo

This fire sign has high expectations of life and is not afraid to take the initiative to get what they want. Sometimes for these purposes, Leos use manipulation to achieve their goals and turn certain events to their advantage.

Leos are confident and energetic, but sometimes their ego tricks them into doing things that can have a negative impact. They love to be the center of attention and enjoy the attention of their partner or friends.

When they don’t live up to their expectations, they can become quite unfair. And when they see no other way, they can also easily exploit each other’s weaknesses to achieve their goals.

Aware of the fact that this trait is negative and even toxic, they try to hide their manipulative nature but often do not find it easy. Their true nature is usually quite obvious to those around them.

They use other people to get ahead financially or professionally, but people often see through their game and their efforts tend to backfire.

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