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In April, Certain Zodiac Signs Anticipates Receiving a Proposal of Marriage

In April, Certain Zodiac Signs Anticipates Receiving a Proposal of Marriage

Spring is known to be the season of great emotions. So it’s no wonder that some are now deciding to take the next step in their relationship. Especially these zodiac signs can be happy now. Because in April 2023 she is expecting a marriage proposal.

These zodiac signs are getting engaged in the coming month.


The down-to-earth zodiac sign sees many things quite pragmatically – also in love. Taurus is no romantic. But his partner knows that too. This is why his counterpart will surprise the earth sign in April 2023 with a proposal. And it will be romantic: with roses, a candlelight dinner, and everything that goes with it.


Cancer is a very emotional zodiac sign. He always goes all-in when deciding on a relationship. He has been thinking about getting engaged for a long time. So far, however, cancer has not found the perfect time to propose. In April, his partner comes before him and asks the question of all questions.


Taken Pisces has always longed for a grand, romantic gesture. And that should get the watermark soon. Because his counterpart is also sure: This is the one. This is why the Pisces zodiac sign can expect a first-class marriage proposal in April 2023. And the proposal is personal and touching.

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