His efforts are a direct reflection of his love for you.

His efforts are a direct reflection of his love for you.

I bet I can tell exactly where you are in your relationship…

You’ve met a man who seems to have it all. He is handsome, kind, funny and sweet. In any case, it was at the beginning.

In the early stages of your romantic relationship, he made efforts to make you happy, to reassure you and establish a bond of trust.

Then, when things got more serious, you settled into a behavioral routine that started killing your relationship.

Now you are making every effort to make your couple work and give your partner lots of love and attention. And your man doesn’t reciprocate.

How do I know that? Simply because we’ve all been there. Sadly !

In return, you get absolutely nothing! All the energy and all the time you have invested in your romantic relationship does not seem to have made your partner react.

But you wait…

You expect him to make an effort. You hope he will understand that he needs to change and you show that he is worthy of you. Yet you are slowly beginning to understand.

Yes, you are about to accept the truth: this man will never give you what you need. So why are you holding on so much?

You know you have to leave him and he will never love you as much as you love him. I know it’s hard to come to terms with the failure of a romantic relationship you had so much hope for.

But I think it’s time to turn the page.

Despite everything, you keep hoping and trying because he says he loves you… Yet his behavior says otherwise. You are clearly not a priority for him.

From the beginning, you hope to get his love. But all he gives you are crummy excuses. You get calls in the middle of the night and listen to the same old bogus justifications.

He keeps promising you that he will change but he never keeps his promises.

He tells you that he cares about you but his behavior proves otherwise. So you end up with empty words that are never followed by concrete actions.

But it’s time to open your eyes: if this man is acting like he doesn’t really like you, it’s because he doesn’t really like you. And that’s all…

Don’t believe his words, believe his actions. And if these show he doesn’t care, that’s because it’s true. So forget everything he told you and don’t cling to the false hopes he gives you.

Just focus on how much effort he’s willing to put in. His effort is the reflection of his love. The amount of energy he is willing to invest in a relationship with you reflects his interest in you.

Everything else is just not true and you need to realize that.

Stop wasting your precious time chasing after a man who isn’t even sure what he really wants. Don’t wait for him to choose you when you can choose to be happy with someone who will shower you with love and tenderness.

I know you want to wait for him to show you his love but if he hasn’t already, he probably never will.

He is not able to give himself entirely to you and he will continue to manipulate you. How much more time do you want to waste with him?

He only gives you half of his heart while you give him yours entirely. It means he will only break your heart and you can’t let him.

He doesn’t recognize your worth but you have to be aware of your worth and leave him because he doesn’t deserve you. So stop making him a priority when he will never put you first.

For too long you have chosen it. Now, it is high time for you to choose yourself. Love yourself more than you love him.

You have to appreciate your effort, energy and time because he won’t.

He will never be able to respect the things you do for him. But another will see the greatness of your heart and will hug you to never let you go again.

Why would you be your partner’s option when you can be another man’s priority? You deserve to be with someone who never thinks of another woman.

Such a man will always give you his full attention and never stop choosing you. He will have good intentions and you will never have to question them.

The “good” will truly appreciate you for all that you are. He will be honored to make you a part of his life and he will know what an exceptional woman you are, even if you don’t know it.

Such a man will always support you and be your biggest fan. He will help you with whatever you need and do whatever it takes to make you happy.

You’ll always be on his mind, even when you’re not around, and he’ll try to cheer you up whenever you’re feeling down.

He will give you so many compliments that you will finally realize how amazing you are. Then you know you can’t settle for less.

Such a man will never keep you waiting because he will know what he wants: you.

His efforts will reflect his love and he will do a lot in his relationship with you.

You deserve to be with a man like him, who will give you his whole heart, not just half.

I know you don’t know this yet but men like him exist and one of them will find you and be a part of your life.

It will help you see that all the other relationships you had were immature and manipulative relationships.

You need to stop settling for less, so don’t cling to a man who will never give you what you need.

Never forget that you deserve more and you can get it with someone else.

His efforts are a direct reflection of his love for you.

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