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For Each Sign Of The Zodiac What It Means To Love

What It Means To Love

For Each Sign Of The Zodiac What It Means To Love

Love is probably the craziest feeling you can deal with in life. Some sit and wait for the knock on their door and others prefer to jump from heart to heart until the right person arrives. Always together, two words that make you tremble, because it’s scary that they promise it and don’t keep it. Especially when your zodiac sign is ready to give everything, but does not receive the same in return. What does love mean for each sign of the Zodiac? Perhaps, you are giving your beautiful energy to someone who doesn’t deserve it.


It is Mars that tells you that you cannot remain static, because there is a lot of love waiting for you. So after a disappointment, you find a way to get back on your feet. It is your luminous personality that bathes you in fire and reminds you that you are not alone. Your way of loving is not the wrong one, don’t change, because it is just spontaneity that catches you. Those many adventures you invite are unique, you make any heart race.


Of course, your practical and logical part is not in dispute. You are an earth sign and you will never lose your essence for anyone. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a lovey-dovey side. You like romance and also commitment. It is Venus, the planet of love, which shows that you have a very beautiful soul. In addition, you hide a wild side, the one that awakens the senses of even the most timid being. With you, calm and passion merge.


The reality is that you do not go around sharing what is inside you, you are very distrustful of the loves that are passing by. Not to mention that your changing side requires you not to stay next to someone who only fills your days with monotony. You are fun, and your sense of humor and your wit keep the other person interested for hours. Boredom is not welcome when you love. It is your creative side that is capable of surprising even the coldest heart.


Putting someone on the waiting list seems very low to you, you would never hurt yourself that way, much less the other person. You respect other people’s emotions too much and therefore put up a huge barrier when it comes to sharing your weaknesses. For you, love is compassion, effusiveness, and those romantic moments that are kept in the secrets of your memory. You are not afraid of long-term relationships, deciding to love the same person every day is your thing.


You have never denied it, you love being given the attention you need. You’re not going to stay with someone who barely gives you the rest of their time, you like them to make you feel special. You want much more than love on the forehead, text messages in the middle of the night, or reading how much they love you on social media. That is, you value the details, but more than that, you want facts, appearances do not give you the happiness you deserve. You love being shown off and shouting to the world about your relationship.


It’s clear that you work very hard to get the life you want. It hasn’t been easy to raise your guard after so many falls, but no matter what happens, you always keep moving forward. You are a shy but loyal being. For you, lies in a relationship are the other person’s true face and you are not going to wait for someone to change. If being by his side does not give you joy and peace of mind, you know very well that it is best to continue on your path.


Time, attention, understanding, and empathy, are the things that genuinely envelop your heart. You don’t want perfect love, just having the right wit and conversations to keep the spark going. You feel very loved when they respect your independence and don’t want to change you. If they appreciate every crazy thing that floods your mind. Being able to be you, is the ultimate proof of love.


If you allow someone to be a part of your heart, it is because you analyze things thoroughly and trust that they may have something serious. Your way of loving is very patient, you want someone who doesn’t get scared when your emotions become present. You are not a sweet pear, you have very bad moments, but you would never do something to break the one you love. Someone who doesn’t run away when your days are painted gray is the only thing you ask for.


Chains and other people’s expectations are two of the things you hate most in this life. You are tired of getting involved with couples who want to fulfill the role of your parents, that doesn’t suit you. You need to breathe freedom, when they suffocate you you feel very terrified and then you decide to put an end to it. Don’t let them say that you didn’t warn them, if someone interferes with your dreams, you know very well that being by their side is not the best for you.


Let’s see, you recognize that you are not the easiest sign to deal with, because you yourself don’t know how you are going to react to certain situations in life. However, that does not mean that you are a cold person, you distance yourself when you do not feel comfortable. Love for you is not begging for attention, you are not going to wear yourself out for someone to treat you cruelly. The superficial bores you, you want something deeper. A love of those who are not afraid of the unexpected and have the courage of discipline. Complicated, but not impossible.


Relationships and you have something strange, let’s say that there are times when you don’t even feel like seeing them because loneliness doesn’t scare you one bit. Aquarius, you don’t want to intimidate anyone, you live your life without expecting anything in return, and that has helped you say goodbye to loves who are not ready for more than a simple exchange of love. There is a high chance that you will meet your true love after you become friends.


The emotional flow flows through every pore, it is not something that makes you sad, but you have become more thorough when it comes to showing it because you have already realized that there are those who do not deserve so much love from you. What you want is a classic story, not a fantasy, simply someone who does not run away from his emotions, who is sincere with what he feels, and who can unlock his heart to hold your hand tightly and tell you how much he loves you.

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