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Discover Your Love Life’s Prospects for April Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Discover Your Love Life’s Prospects for April Based on Your Zodiac Sign

We love at any time of the year, but several astrological events will take place in April that will benefit the love life of all signs. March was a decisive month in our lives, if you don’t believe it, look again because in the future you will remember that month. April will be the development of linking stories destined, mainly, because we begin the eclipse season. Let’s see with what events the Universe manifests itself to give us a push toward romance and love. What awaits your love life in April 2023 according to your sign? You are in the perfect place to find out.

Main events of April that will affect your love life

On April 3, 2023, Mercury enters Taurus. Mercury is the planet of the mind and communication. In a fixed earth sign like Taurus, Mercury can convey ideas but takes a while to express emotions. However, this placement could encourage conversations from the heart and improve the connection between couples through pleasurable experiences.

April 6 is the Full Moon in Libra. This Moon completes a six-month cycle from the New Moon in Libra where we lived on September 25, 2022. Reflect on how the relationship dynamics in your life have changed, who came or who left because if you look closely you will realize that you have gone through a process of healing your heart. Now, you can have more conscious and balanced relationships because you learned to love yourself more.

Venus enters Gemini on April 11. Venus, the planet of love, in Gemini, dual sign, shakes up relationships a bit and offers alternative directions. The air brings fun and the desire to make different plans. There will be plenty of options to choose from for you to activate your flirty side. Perhaps there is some restlessness in the environment, but the purpose is for things to move for the better. The complications in the love life may make themselves felt with the eclipse portal and the retrogradation of Mercury.

On April 20, the Sun enters Taurus and that same day is the New Moon in Aries with a total solar eclipse. Everything is new and the eclipse season begins its periodic cleaning. The Taurus month will not be as stable as it usually is. Drastic changes are coming in our lives so that we can evolve. That is the meaning of eclipses, nothing to fear. The New Moon is the second of the year in Aries and, although it should not be scheduled in the cosmic calendar, it is a gift from the Universe. This event is a reminder and a second chance to do what we have not yet dared to do. The eclipse will cause predestined events in relationships. We will begin to vibrate with free and independent love.

On April 21, one day after the eclipse, Mercury begins its retrograde in Taurus… Since January, all the planets have been direct to support us in the beginning and progress of our dreams from solid foundations. Mercury’s retrograde now invites us to reflect, take stock of the steps taken, review lessons, and adjust plans. Although these days things may not move as we would like, the Universe is wise and offers us an opportunity to recalculate or consider the future of relationships. An astrological belief says that Mercury retrograde brings back old loves. These days these appearances can be intensified by the romantic actions of Venus in Taurus. You can receive unexpected calls or messages, evoke memories, and miss lovers but she thinks very well before opening the door to the past again. What this year asks of us is to move forward, not go back.

So… What awaits your love life in April according to your sign? For a more complete answer, check your sun sign, moon sign, and ascendant.


Aries, the second New Moon in your sign brings you many important changes in your life. Since this Moon happens during the total solar eclipse some experiences will feel fated with a touch of drama. You must think very carefully about what you want in a love relationship with the retrogradation of Mercury to Taurus. Don’t rush into decisions or start conversations you don’t want to have. Allow the Full Moon in Libra to illuminate the desires of your heart and know if there is reciprocity from your partner. You can decide your future, is that the person you love? The Universe is giving you a free hand to fulfill your dreams but on the condition that you put yourself first, even if you are in love.


Mercury in your sign will increase the desire to express what you feel about a relationship. The Full Moon in Libra closes a cycle that favors your lifestyle, how can love fit in there? The important thing is that you find your balance and that your romance contributes instead of taking away your energy. Eclipse season and Mercury retrograde will lead you to thoroughly review your love life. If you no longer want to repeat patterns in your relationships, don’t worry, it won’t happen. The New Moon in Aries will help you with a reset in the depths of your mind so that you release memories that conditioned you. You will need to be more flexible in allowing new people to enter or leave your life during eclipse season. You are ready to live a way of loving that you will love. 


You feel lighter since Mars left your sign to enter Cancer. You have neglected your social circle a bit but it is time to resume those plans that you had delayed or canceled. Your social context is on fire, Gemini, so it’s the ideal environment to inject excitement into your love life. You may meet someone who will be important in your life for months or years to come. The Full Moon in Libra brings light to your romantic life as you bring to a close an interesting yet challenging cycle of dating and passion. With Mercury in Taurus, you will think carefully about the dynamics of your relationships to open yourself up to a new experience. Are you ready / or to know a healthy love? The Universe is sending you a signal for a relationship to flourish, an existing romance to find its spark again, or advances in the search for love.


First of all, you can now celebrate the departure of Pluto from Capricorn!… at least for a few months. Pluto brought you intense romances, but they hurt you and made you lose hope. Cancer, now you can heal forever. With Mars in your sign, you may feel a little motivated to change something in your romantic life. If you learned the lessons from Pluto, April will bring you, new love. The eclipse will be a catalyst that will attract many possibilities in your romantic area. Give yourself a chance by socializing a little more. With Mercury retrograde in Taurus, some friends or old loves will try to come back into your life. This same aspect could encourage you to slowly deepen one of your friendships if you feel called to pursue something more meaningful and romantic with that person. Even with the catalog of possibilities that the Universe offers you, what kind of love are you willing to accept now? 


The Libra Full Moon will help you communicate better with your partner. The topic of conversation this month is plain love. You will want to talk about your desires and observe your partner’s response. You know that you need reciprocity and if you are not on the same frequency as your lover that makes you doubt… If things go well, you may be ready to stabilize a relationship. The eclipse can bring you an unexpected journey that will activate your love life, whether you run away with your lover to rekindle the passion or meet someone who rocks your world. You can completely change your perspective on love and open your mind to different ways of relating. What love experience do you want to live and have not dared?


Your partner area is getting organized thanks to the presence of Saturn in Pisces. Maybe you are thinking of getting involved in a relationship, maybe they will surprise you with a proposal… In any case, this month your priority will be serious relationships or relationships that have a future for you. With Mercury in Taurus, don’t be afraid to fall in love or deepen a feeling for another person. The Full Moon in Libra will bring you healing so that you recognize your worth and the love you deserve. It is time to evaluate if you want to continue in links that are not reciprocal. Are you ready to receive a love proportional to the love you give to yourself?


The Full Moon in Libra brings to fruition what you have longed for since last September during the New Moon in Libra. You have grown and perhaps you are ready to deepen that bond that you kept as one more option for fear of succumbing to love. Slowly, they will have the opportunity to get to know each other much more and marvel at each other’s quirks. Mercury in Taurus will lead you to share parts of yourself/that you were not willing/to expose. Vulnerability is also key to having strong relationships. The eclipse will help you heal the limits that you impose on yourself so as not to get hurt. What are you so afraid of when you fall in love? Libra, let the New Moon in Aries allow you to recognize that you are capable of receiving genuine love.


The entry of Mercury into Taurus activates your partner area, allowing you to have intimate conversations, with those that you like. Perhaps you feel a little restless with the retrogradation of the planet of thoughts because exes will appear that will make you doubt your current relationship. Organize your mind and apply sincerity to what you want. You want passion, dedication, and security on the part of the person you are with or the one you are looking for… You are more than prepared/with all the eclipses that have passed through you in the last year to create a solid long-term base with your partner. The important thing is to ask yourself: is this the person who will accompany you for the next few years? With the eclipse, you will feel that you are about to experience something very different in your romantic journey. Keep an open mind to what love brings you.


You will experience greater intimacy, more joy, and a bit of excitement in your romantic life. The planets finally support you, Sagittarius. Mars left your partner area, and now you have a clear path for love. Now with Mars in Cancer, you have permission to ignite passion in the bedroom or wherever you want… Venus entering Gemini embellishes the area of ​​your love relationships. And as if this were not enough, the New Moon and the eclipse will offer you new opportunities for romance. Rather, the Universe is your fairy godmother this season, and it will be granted. How are you going to take advantage of this catalog of love opportunities without losing your balance?


With the New Moon in Aries and the eclipse, you have a second chance to heal. You have exhausted your efforts in the area of ​​home and family due to painful and frustrating situations. This will be a new beginning for you. With your issues clear, you will be able to open yourself up to experiences that are a little more… fun and romantic. Mercury in Taurus could direct the energy toward your love life. Are you ready to fall in love? It’s time Capri, you deserve to be happy. You will have a lot of fun if you take a risk in the world of dating. The romance in your life will expand the limits that you have set, although it is worth going with caution and at your own pace. Mercury retrograde in Taurus can stress you out about hanging out with new and different people.


You are beginning a long transit of Pluto through your sign so that you recognize your power. Changes you go through will be reflected in your links. What kind of love are you willing to give and receive? A trip likely announces a new chapter of love for you under the auspices of the Full Moon in Libra. You will have many opportunities when Venus enters Gemini. With the eclipse, a cycle marked by the conversations you have with lovers or with your partner will begin. Instead of concentrating on chatting and virtual communication, try to improve your active listening skills with those who live in your near reality. With Mercury retrograde in Taurus, you should evaluate what home and family mean to you, and be honest about your desire to have a relationship.


Saturn in you will help you materialize the love you want, Pisces. You have the help of the Universe but it is up to you to make the necessary adjustments so that a romance can progress. Mercury in Taurus will lead you to have stimulating conversations on your dates or with your partner that will test what you have learned about intimacy. You had changes in your home and family area while Mars was in Gemini to create the family structure you longed for, now, you will have the opportunity to enjoy it thanks to the presence of Venus. With Mercury retrograde in Taurus, you could find yourself resolving misunderstandings with your partner. If you want stability, the eclipse will be the perfect time to make the adjustments you require in your value zone and that will affect your love life.

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