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According To Your Sign, What Part Of You Do You Keep A Secret Cost Whatsoever?

Do You Keep A Secret Cost Whatsoever?

According To Your Sign, What Part Of You Do You Keep A Secret Cost Whatsoever?

Knowing ourselves well is something that they always advise us and it is the best way to bring out our best version. But, no matter how much we love each other, there is always something that we want to hide, that we prefer not to come to light much, and that few, if any, people know, right? We want to tell you what part of yourself you keep a secret no matter what, according to your sign:


Without a doubt, Aries, what you always want to hide is your most vulnerable part, that part that makes you human and that makes you cry like everyone else. You can’t stand it. You can’t stand anyone knowing how weak you can sometimes feel, quite the opposite. You like to be seen as strong, brave, and determined. But, sooner or later, there is always someone who ends up discovering this part of you, right? Well, nothing happens. Surely, this person who knows you so well will end up being someone very important in your life.


You are as stubborn as anyone, but you have a horrible fear of launching yourself, of being yourself, and showing yourself exactly as you are. However, this should not be so, Taurus. You are one of the people with the most powerful personality, so you should be more confident and show this security to others. Don’t be so afraid that they won’t accept you; You are worth a lot. And you know.


You love being dual and you will never, ever deny this side of yourself. What’s more, you believe that it is of great help to you when it comes to understanding others better and empathizing with them. However, within this duality, there is a somewhat perverse facet. A Machiavellian facet that you try to hide from everyone. However, you know well that this is not always possible and this usually comes out automatically when you feel hurt.


You are a person who loves to go out of your way for others. You are always attentive to the needs of those you love, but you can also become very dark, evil, almost. This trait and the thoughts that sometimes come to your mind even scare you. Therefore, you always try to take things as rationally as possible.


Leo, you are like an open book. One of the least hidden of the Zodiac. You love the way you are, you love being the center of attention and being complimented. And you are like that, without further ado. But, there is still something hidden, something that you want others not to know about you or take a long time to know. And this “something” is your part of the story when you fight with someone. Despite being very sincere and open, there are times when you prefer to keep quiet about part of the story you tell and you know that, when you are offended, you can change a lot.


The most organized and perfectionist person, Virgo, but also insecure. It’s true, you know that you can be very insecure and this is not something you like others to know about you. You like to be seen as strong and direct, with clear ideas. But, sometimes… You’re not so clear, are you? Well, your positive and loving side makes up for “some” knowing this part of you.


You are the sign of balance and diplomacy. You love being on good terms with everyone and can be very patient. However, you also have a part of you that can’t stand anything from anyone. Although it is not usual for you, there are times and people with whom you cannot. There is no patience worth it; They get you out of your mind and that’s it. And when this happens, you bring out this hatred that is so typical of you. A hatred, an aggressiveness, that you don’t like at all, and that is, after all, what you want others to not know is in you.


You show yourself as a tough person with very clear ideas, but there is a part of you that you don’t like at all and that is your sadness. Even though others don’t see it, you feel sad. Sad for the moments you live or for those you have lived in the past, which are still there. This sadness inside you is what you believe makes you weak in the eyes of others and, therefore, you try to hide it as much as you can.


You love being with friends, and family and enjoying life and everything it offers you. You don’t like arguments and you love being in tune with life. However, even though you usually show yourself as you are, there is a part of you that you consider important to hide: your sweeter side. You have the feeling that if you met, people would think you were a soft person and you don’t like that very much either. Therefore, this super-loving side that you have is what you hide from the rest of the world.


No matter how much you try, you know you can’t. You hide your emotions, Capricorn. Every one of them. Even though those who love you know you and can sense how you feel, the truth is that you don’t make it easy for them at all. It is difficult for you to show your emotions and, as much as you would like to be otherwise, you are who you are. Don’t worry. Those who truly love you and know you will know how to interpret you on most occasions.


Aquarius, you are one of the most upright and sincere in the Zodiac. You are free, the most independent of all, and, also, super intelligent and honest with everyone and with yourself. But, there is something that you don’t like at all about yourself and that you hide: your superficial side, your materialistic side. Keep in mind that we are all a little bit like this, so you shouldn’t take it too personally. Try to be less hard on yourself in this regard.


Instead of talking about what worries you, you tend to keep things to yourself. Those who know you or are by your side, sometimes, don’t even realize it. And you, you internalize. You are covering up. You are following. Until the day comes when you can’t take it anymore and you let it all out at point-blank range. Try to talk more about the things that worry you with those you trust. This way, you will avoid exploding when you least expect it and without knowing what it is all about.

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