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According To Your Sign, What Can Disappoint You Most?

What Can Disappoint You Most

According To Your Sign, What Can Disappoint You Most?

Disappointments sometimes mark a before and after in the life of signs. Sometimes they serve to teach great lessons. On other occasions, they are used to end a relationship, to put an end to a toxic job, or for more things. If you want to know what can disappoint you the most according to your zodiac sign, keep reading:


They doubt your commitment and your word hurts you a lot. You know perfectly well that you are a crazy goat and that you go through life in a hurry, it is true, but you are very humble. Deep down you are a very good person and you are very disappointed to know that your people do not have 100% confidence in you. You know perfectly well that it is not worth denying those types of things, but you have your little heart and it saddens you that it could happen. All this…


The truth is that you are quite disappointed that your people continue to label you as “the coldest person” in the group of friends or family. He beats you up a lot because deep down you are a very loving person and you show it. You may not have very affectionate or striking gestures, but you show your loyalty and affection through actions and not promises that then disappear over time. It hurts you to be called a “rock without feelings” because it’s not like that…


Sincerely? You don’t like being laughed at. That they laugh with you is fine, but that they laugh at your misfortunes, your doubts or your problems seems a bit nauseating. You are very disappointed to know that you are being the target of laughter and ridicule, you don’t understand how that kind of evil can exist. You are a very funny person, to the point that you can make bad jokes about yourself and you don’t care, but those bad people who are going to hurt you leave their mark on you…


The truth? You are very disappointed in yourself when you realize that you should have followed your intuition and not what your people told you. It hurts you a lot to fail like that. It makes you very angry because many times you think about certain things and you know it could be true. Then you let yourself be carried away by what they tell you and don’t listen to your intuition. And when you discover that you were right and the others were wrong, it hurts too much…


In your case, it is very clear: rejection. Look, Leo, you are a super strong person, very independent and free and positive. You have a lot of vitality and you are lucky to keep a lot of good vibes inside you. The truth is that you usually take defeats with quite a positive spirit, but rejection is something that unbalances you a lot and you know it. You’d rather live the disappointment of heartbreak than the disappointment of rejection…


You get very disappointed when you set out to do something very important with a lot of impetus, and in the end, you don’t manage to achieve the goal. You get frustrated with yourself because you don’t like to fail and because sometimes you think it’s too late to risk again. You demand so much of yourself that you suffer more than you enjoy when you make a plan. Your organized mind cannot live in a world full of chaos, unpunctuality, and unfinished things…


Being played with and with your kindness hurts you a lot. Imagine this: you find out that a friend or co-worker is giving you the cold shoulder. He disappoints you a lot and possibly this will leave scars on your heart because you would no longer trust that person again. Libra, you are a good person and you have come to forgive unforgivable things, but those types of disappointments remain burned into your heart.


It is difficult to be disappointed because the truth is that you go through life stomping and knowing what you are doing, but it is certainly not impossible. In your case it is very clear: you are very disappointed by people who do not know how to take advantage of second chances. For example, imagine that someone lied to you and you found out. You gave that person a second chance to correct their mistake, and they failed you again. In that case, you are disappointed in a big way…


You have always said it: you prefer to be told the truth, even if that truth can leave your heart in pieces than to be lied to and deceived. You don’t like to live in ignorance or lies. It disappoints you a lot and makes you distrust more of the people around you. These types of actions are what force you to go about your business and not talk much about your private life so that no one can hurt you.


Look Capricorn, thanks to your courage you can endure many things, but you cannot bear the weight of a betrayal at work or home. It disappoints you a lot to experience those kinds of things and even more so if you know that there are people who are trying to dull your shine. When you realize that there are people who want to see you fail, you can feel very angry and helpless, but in that case, disappointment weighs more than everything else…


You are very disappointed to realize that your people are not there for you. There are many ways to know how to be there and it is not necessary nor do you demand that your people be there by your side all the time. What hurts you is realizing that you are a little alone in that sense, because you always put yourself in the shoes of your people and do everything possible to be there by their side even if you can’t do it physically. That kind of disappointment hurts you too much…


It hurts you a lot when your people look at your mistakes or failures with a magnifying glass. It disappoints you very much to feel that you are an easy target for anyone. Your people know perfectly well how sensitive you can be about this issue, and not being taken into account hurts a lot. Everyone fails, you have never denied your mistakes, but you don’t want to be the center of criticism and ridicule in a bad way because of the people who are supposed to be supporting you…

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