According to Experts, This is the Greatest Proof of Love in a Relationship

Greatest Proof of Love in a Relationship

According to Experts, This is the Greatest Proof of Love in a Relationship

A good relationship depends on small attentions, expressions of love, and tenderness – but how and how do you notice that your partner is really serious about you? There is an important indication of this, as the couple and relationship therapist Dr. Laura Bergman reveals in an interview with Popsugar. And above all, it has to do with understanding.

We can’t always understand the feelings and needs of our better half 100 percent. Do the books on the shelf have to be arranged according to color? Or why does he or she ALWAYS take far too long in the bathroom? These and other problems and quirks can get on your nerves in a relationship. But it is precisely in dealing with them that you can see how great the love for each other is. Because: Even if, even with the best will in the world, we cannot understand why something is so important to our partner, we can try to support him as best we can and be there for him. Even if we, like Dr. As Bergman, rightly noted, the first reaction would be to immediately talk out such “nonsense”. But by putting our own opinions aside, we can show our sweetheart how much respect and love we feel for them. Of course, the same applies and vice versa.

So the next time you’re about to roll your eyes when he’d rather watch the “important game” on TV than a good movie in the cinema, just hold back. Respect his interests, throw yourself on the couch with him, and enjoy just being with him – because that’s the greatest proof of love you can give him.

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