8 Signs Of A Toxic Woman

Toxic Woman

8 Signs Of A Toxic Woman

Often we talk about toxic men and narcissists who can destroy a woman’s life.

But what happens when a woman takes on this role?!

A few signs can recognize bad people.

Sometimes it takes a few days, sometimes it takes years.

When we talk about toxic women, the first thing to say is that they usually take a lot longer to identify.

The women know what to say at every moment to get what they want.

Yes, that is perhaps also a sign of high intelligence but also of manipulation.

That is why we are also writing this article to tell you 8 signs of a toxic woman.

It doesn’t have to be just a romantic relationship with them.

This toxic woman can be your friend, sister, acquaintance, colleague, or mother.

The type of relationship doesn’t matter. These are 8 of the multiple signs of a toxic woman.

1. She removes you from your family and friends

It removes you from your family and friends

It might sound strange to talk about women in this way, but nowadays women can be just as toxic as men, maybe more.

So if you find that your wife or girlfriend is distancing you from your family, it can be a sign that you are dealing with a toxic woman.

She will do this so innocently that you will hardly notice. A toxic woman will always find ways to make you think she’s right.

She wraps her words in a beautiful gift with a red stripe across it to make you think she only wishes you the best.

Then she might tell you that your family doesn’t love her or that someone said something bad to her just to make you walk away from them.

It is well known that women are not that enthusiastic about their partner’s family, but toxic women take it a step further and want to remove the man from his family so that they can only have him for themselves.

Do the same with his friends. They often say that a friend takes advantage of them or that they are a terrible influence on them.

But mostly she says that to manipulate the man into not going out without her anymore etc.

Of course, it is not normal that you to spend all your time with your wife.

And no woman who loves you will ask that of you.

Because a woman who loves a man surely wants him to be happy too.

This means that he also wants to spend time with people who mean something to him.

With his family and friends, whom he has known longer than his wife.

Spending the rest of your life with just one person is not, and cannot be, normal.

If someone asks you to do this, then you don’t have to think twice about ending that relationship.

This behavior is toxic and you have to put a stop to it immediately. Point.

2. It follows and controls you

She follows and controls you

This is one of the signs of a toxic girlfriend that is very difficult to spot as it comes in the guise of love and affection.

An example of this would be when you realize that your wife or girlfriend knows who commented on or liked the last photo you posted.

On the other hand, this is also a sign that she has no trust.

Then, if she gets jealous, she could ask you to stop having contact with some people or block those people as well.

A toxic girlfriend will slowly but surely take over every aspect of your life.

The clothes you wear, the diet you follow, the people you meet, the amount of alcohol you are “allowed” to drink, and even your career choices—all of these are duly reviewed and approved by her.

If you also go outside, she will wait at the window to see where you will go.

Then she might also call her friend and ask her to go to the place where you are so she can check if you are lying.

If you’re a minute late from work, she’ll be waiting at the door to ask you questions.

Of course, no man will be able to tolerate this behavior, but if he loves the woman, he will always give her a second chance and wait for her to change.

This is undoubtedly not impossible, but one must first be aware that this is a sign of a toxic person.

This problem needs to be discussed and the person needs to be shown that you see through this behavior pattern and that it is time to stop being so manipulative and controllable.

3. She makes you feel unworthy of her

She makes you feel unworthy of her

Being constantly reminded of your weaknesses in a relationship and that she could get anyone is a classic sign of a toxic relationship.

You should feel admired and loved, and your woman should cheer you up even in your worst moments.

However, if she makes you feel like you are worth less and she could have anyone else who is better, there is no reason for you to stay in such a demeaning relationship.

4. She always plays the victim

She always plays the victim

A woman with a victim mentality is a woman who never believes anything is her fault.

She doesn’t do anything wrong, instead, she’s always right, and if anything goes wrong, it’s all your fault. In fact, in her eyes, she never does anything.

She never lets anything happen. Instead, things are done to her and happen to her.

If you’re fighting, even if it’s her fault, there’s just no point in apologizing for her wrongdoing.

She may even cry or use her mental state as an excuse to make you feel guilty about blaming her for her actions.

5. They caught her lying about important things

They saw her lying about important things

Your friend has lied to you about the severity of a health problem, how much money she makes at work, or even something as simple as what time she gets home.

A toxic person will lie under pressure because they are always afraid of being exposed.

Trust is the foundation on which relationships are built, and nothing destroys even solid foundations like lies.

Whether it’s getting yourself out of a mess, gaining an ill-gotten gain, or cheating someone out of their hard-earned money or favors… lying has always been the tool of choice to achieve quick results.

What crosses the line of toxicity is the frequency and “weight” of the lies told.

There are few things in this world worse than being with a woman who makes you question every word.

Sprain your ankle, for example. Lying is one of the most obvious warning signs of a bad girlfriend. Don’t ignore them.

6. She is always trying to improve her partner

She always tries to improve her partner

First, she may suggest what clothes she/he should wear.

He accepts this proposal because he trusts her.

Then she suggests what music you should listen to instead of your personal favorite music because they think her suggestions are better.

Even if you don’t agree with it, you might still agree because you trust her.

This pattern continues to the point where they dictate your every outfit, every reaction, and every move.

Understand that it is not their job to “fix” another person.

Even if she gets the impression that you are different or doing things “wrong,” remember that everyone has their own preferences.

7. The same rules don’t apply to them

She gives you the silent answer

If she expects you to do something and gets angry when you don’t, but does the same herself while keeping her cool, you know she’s a classic case of toxicity.

She can doubt your intentions all she wants, but if you question her about something that seriously bothers you, she will make a scene out of it. An important warning sign!

She gives you the silent answer

She gives you the silent answer

Another important sign that she is toxic to you is the silent treatment. Believe me, nobody wants to be treated like dirt.

Imagine you are with a woman who sits down with you and calmly explains why she is unhappy with you.

A woman who doesn’t leave you in the torture chamber of ignorance, but rather expresses her displeasure and seeks a solution and a way forward.

Now imagine that you are with a woman who doesn’t mind ignoring you for days after a fight.

Who doesn’t care about your well-being or tries to bridge conflicts?

You definitely don’t deserve a woman like that. Such toxicity is unhealthy for you. Leave her!

8 signs of a toxic woman


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