5 Things Independent Women Look for in a Relationship

Women Look for in a Relationship

5 Things Independent Women Look for in a Relationship

When I say “Independent woman”, what do you think of? A strong, self-confident woman who is quite capable of supporting herself on her own.

You may also think that an independent woman is not afraid of being single and has high standards when it comes to choosing her romantic partners.

And you’re right! But an independent woman is not just that…

Experiencing a romantic relationship with such a woman can be a one-of-a-kind, almost extraordinary experience.

Unfortunately, many men are intimidated by this type of woman and prefer to flee, as soon as they realize that they are dealing with an independent and strong woman.

Why? Simply because she’s not desperately looking for a relationship.

This kind of woman doesn’t need a man to feel complete, she already is!

She doesn’t need a Prince Charming to save her from her troubles or give her the life of her dreams, because she’s quite capable of doing all of this on her own.

In contrast, an independent woman wants her partner to be her best friend, lover, and companion for the rest of her life.

And take my word for it: there is no greater honor for a man.

After all, when a person who lives a happy life and is accomplished and satisfied with himself chooses a man for a partner, he must be exceptional.

Indeed, she would not endanger the balance of her life and her happiness for anyone. When an independent woman chooses a man, it’s because he’s worthy of her and not because she needs him!

The Foundations of a Romantic Relationship with an Independent Woman

If you are lucky enough to share your life with such a woman, you must know a few little secrets.

If you want to make her happy and make your romantic relationship an extraordinary story, read the following list.

Because, unlike many people, the independent woman doesn’t need expensive gifts or dream vacations to be satisfied.

His needs are much more basic, but they are also primordial. Without these conditions, the relationship you have with your partner will not be able to work.

The first thing to know is that such a woman needs an independent man by her side, someone who will understand her and who will not seek to maintain communication all day long. and every day.

She wants a man who can take care of her who is going to be her equal and her partner and not her child, someone who will understand that having different interests does not mean that she is not interested. not to him or their couple.

She just needs a man as fierce as her!

Then you should know that an independent woman needs time!

She doesn’t open up easily, and she’s not going to let you find out too much about her until she sees if you’re truly worthy of her, her time, and her love.

You must therefore be patient because despite the attraction she feels for you, she will first analyze the situation pragmatically.

To learn more about your independent woman and to understand which elements are essential for the success of your relationship, take a look at the list below.

If you can offer all this to her, you will win her heart and be able to build an idyllic romantic relationship!

1. Freedom is essential for her.

This is where the key to success in your relationship lies. An independent woman not only seeks to be free, she needs it.

She needs some alone time, and that doesn’t mean she’s not interested in you, bored by you, or disliked you.

It’s simply her way of clearing her head and relaxing.

It’s advice that many couples should follow: spend time apart.

Finding activities to do on your own or setting aside moments of relaxation to spend with yourself is excellent for the mental health of each partner.

In addition, it allows them to be more enthusiastic when they meet. The routine does not set in and new topics of conversation surface.

It is not because someone needs time for themselves that they are unfaithful or that they are gradually distancing themselves from their couple.

No… It’s just a way to make the relationship more solid and interesting.

And, besides, I’m not talking about going to live on the other side of the country for several months, but simply a weekend, an evening, or even a few hours reserved just for yourself.

2. Honesty and truth are prime qualities for an independent woman.

Childish games, manipulations, and lies are never accepted by an independent woman. It sounds logical, but many men use and abuse these techniques.

Besides, if she wants to have fun or a relationship without ties, she will find a one-night stand.

But, if she is interested in a man, she needs him to be honest and true, in all circumstances.

She is perfectly aware that many men see the relationship as a challenge: conquer to better drop!

This is why she is often on the reserve at the start until her partner proves to her that he has good intentions and that he is sincere.

When dating an independent woman, you need to be serious, and most importantly, don’t be afraid of commitment.

Needless to say, if you are dishonest, she will quickly find out and take her clicks and slaps.

An independent woman has no time or energy to waste on childishness or toxic people.

To be happy, she knows she has to respect herself and get rid of all the negative energies around her, including you if you don’t measure up.

3. She needs respect.

Do I need to explain this? You must respect their time, opinions, and emotions.

As she is not afraid of celibacy, an independent woman is not going to settle for a mediocre romantic relationship.

So, if she realizes that her partner doesn’t respect her, she’ll walk away… And without looking back or giving you a second chance!

An independent woman knows her worth and has worked hard to become the best possible version of herself, so she needs a man who will understand that and respect her choices.

But, be careful… That doesn’t mean she’s arrogant.

She knows perfectly well that she can always do better and invest even more in her personal development.

If you neglect their opinions or needs simply because you believe that your point of view is the only one possible, you will have nothing left but your point of view to warm your bed.

An independent woman is not going to waste her time with a disrespectful, even toxic man.

She thinks of herself way too much for that and she knows full well what it feels like to have a broken heart.

So she’s going to say “Next!” »

4. The independent woman seeks compassion.

Sometimes an independent woman can appear arrogant, cold, and distant. But in reality, it is not at all.

She simply learned to protect her heart (from her disastrous past love experiences) by building walls around herself and hiding her emotions.

So, to help her feel more comfortable and confident, you need to show her that you care about her.

For her, words mean nothing. She learned not to rely on men’s promises.

So for her actions are much more important. She doesn’t need to hear that you love her ten times a day.

On the other hand, she needs to see your compassion and your love through your actions.

Show her that you understand why she is on her guard. Try to get her to talk about her past experiences, the very ones that made her the person she is today.

Be patient and don’t force things. It’s going to take time for him to trust you, but if you’re compassionate enough, you’ll earn his favor forever.

5. Love, again and again…

Even an independent and strong woman can be hurt. So when you think she makes everything a priority except your relationship, you make her feel like she’s not trying hard enough for you.

When you doubt her love, she feels like she’s doing everything wrong and doesn’t know how to love her partner.

The thing you need to know is that when an independent woman loves, she does it unconditionally.

When she opens up and is honest, she does so because she thinks you are worthy of her and deserve her time, energy, attention, and love.

With her, there are no half-measures. And she wants her partner to be as invested in their relationship as she is.

So love her! Take care of his heart, because he is much more sensitive than it seems at first glance.

Throughout romantic disappointments, an independent woman has learned to hide her emotions to protect herself. But, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you. On the contrary…

It means that she is simply afraid to show you her love.

So, love her with all your strength to prove to her that you are the right one: the one who will make her happy until the end of her days.

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