5 things couples always regret after marriage

Planning a wedding can be exciting but also stressful.

Let’s face it, there’s an awful lot to think about!

But is there anything you wish you had done differently? Is there anything you would regret not booking or preparing for before your big day?

It is said that the wedding should be the most magical and perfect day of your life.

And even if that’s not the case, you don’t want to end your big day with wedding regrets.

There are couples who don’t have a wedding at all and there are those who make it a real ceremony.

This decision depends on the couple’s preferences, but if you go overboard with some things, you’ll often regret it very quickly.

Your wedding is a big day – a day that you probably put a lot of time, thought and money into.

One should give this a lot of thought before making too big a move, especially for your budget, because a wedding can really cost a lot.

However, one should focus on the positive things that this wedding brings with it.

It is a celebration of your love and relationship and the beginning of your marriage.

It is a time when a new period of life begins and one that we all hope will change your life in a positive way.

And yet many couples admit that they regret their marriage.

But why?

What do newlyweds regret the most?

In this article, we will share 7 things that newlywed couples regret immediately after the wedding.

1. Invite people you don’t want to invite

This point deserves to be number one because I am sure this is the situation that annoys all couples the most.

That’s something every married couple feels: pressure.

Pressure to invite someone to one of your most important days. Someone you may not be able to stand or who has hurt you at times.

Mom wants all her distant cousins ​​invited and you need to invite all your co-workers so no one feels left out.

But what’s most ridiculous is that you’ve barely seen these people three times in your life, even though they count as your cousins.

You invite all those extra people, and each and every one of them adds more and more effort to your day.

Whether they’re your cousins ​​or not, this day is for people you regularly socialize with and people you two are fond of.

You want to be able to look around your wedding guests and see people who really love and like you as a couple, not stare at a sea of ​​acquaintances.

It’s funny how we all have a habit of inviting those we don’t really know at all. But they are “our cousins ​​and they have to be there,” say the older ones in the family.

Especially when these acquaintances cost you a lot of money that you could spend on something else.

It might sound a bit stingy, but to be honest, you’ll hardly notice these people, but you have to factor them into your wedding expenses.

No matter how many people you invite, you will hurt someone’s feelings.

Because someone will always think that he should also be present at this wedding, because you may mean a little more to him than he means to you.

This is an unfortunate side effect of getting married, and you just have to remember that your wedding is a celebration of your love and you get to choose who you spend the day with.

Also, almost everyone but you two will forget this day and not remember it, so don’t think about what the others will say at the moment.

There shouldn’t be anyone you aren’t happy with or who will cause unnecessary drama.

Nobody you and your partner don’t like because this day is yours only.

Weddings are stressful enough as it is. The people who matter most to you will be there, and that’s all that matters.

2. An overly expensive wedding dress

Alright, let’s clear that up first. Please don’t take offense to my saying this, but…

… you will only wear it once!

At least you assume you’ll wear it once! 😉

So why would you spend so much money to put that dress in the closet so that it becomes a gray-yellow color and becomes no longer useful?

It’s great for photos, it’s wonderful for the first sight with your partner, it’ll make you feel great… but don’t spend a disproportionate chunk of your wedding potion on it.

But the photos will be beautiful anyway and for your partner you will definitely be the most beautiful woman, no matter what you wear that day.

When I talk to brides about their wedding and their best memories, hardly any of them (if any) mention the dress!

It’s much more the beautiful memories and humorous situations that happened during the wedding.

They talk about the speeches, the ceremony, the overseas guests, the entertainment, the wonderful gifts, and the first breakfasts with the people they love.

They talk about seeing a tear at the corner of their partner’s eye and reminisce about all those moments that happen just that day.

Buy yourself a great dress, but don’t try to impress a princess on a big budget.

Spend as much as you can but no more!

Don’t spend too much money unless you’re filthy rich. If so, you don’t need to read this article!

3. Trying too hard to please everyone

And again, not to forget the most important thing: This day belongs only to the two of you!

Because when it comes to weddings, everyone seems to have an opinion.

Everyone talks about their own preferences and doesn’t think about the fact that you might have different tastes?

That you might want to have an unusual wedding unlike any other?

And unfortunately, trying to listen to so many opinions often means drowning out your own.

Or that you start thinking about doing it differently.. and then regret it later!

One of the worst wedding regrets is realizing afterwards that the whole wedding was about tying the knot with everyone but yourself.

And by both of you trying to ensure that all the guests go home happy and without anything missing.

But believe me, people will always find something they would like to change. But that’s none of your business.

They should do this at their own wedding and not yours!

From the moment you announce your engagement, everyone from your best friend to your barista is likely to have an opinion or a question.

Even though you didn’t even ask what they think about it.

Prepare for success by crafting a phrase like, “Thank you for your ideas! We will keep that in mind and will definitely get back to you if we need any further information.”

Or best of all, give them a little smile and do everything the way you want them to.

Accept opinions with a smile, but know that the final decision must please you and your partner, no one else.

4. Forgetting to be with your partner

If your wedding has a lot of invitations, you may end up wasting too much time on other people.

People come to congratulate you and you focus on having a little chat with each guest.

But what about your partner?

Yes, exactly. He does the same thing, so you don’t meet that often at your own wedding. 🙂

Don’t forget to spend time with your partner.

Because this day should be full of beautiful memories together. Memories of a new beginning, of the beginning of your marriage and your life together.

After all, this is your wedding where you want to show your love for each other.

On that day you will promise each other that you will spend your entire life together.

Make time for both of you so you can share a few words of love and some time out together.

Set aside a few hours on the wedding day to take photos of just the two of you.

This gives you time for a personal conversation, which you may not have in the evening when all the guests arrive.

5. Not hiring a videographer to record the day

Almost all hire a photographer to capture the events of the day.

But that’s not why you should do it either.

Because after some time you will certainly wish to look at that day again.

If you don’t have to hire someone because your best friend is a photographer and gave you your photos, that’s great!

But let’s not forget how important video has become.

Photos are beautiful, but videos are special because they capture all those looks, smiles, beautiful moments and all the people around you.

With drones and other special tools, this is the perfect way to remember every detail.

If you do not hire a videographer, you should realize that this is an important decision that you will not regret later.

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