15 signs he’s not serious about you

15 signs he’s not serious about you

You’ve been together for a while and you have everything you need in a relationship – love, passion, friendship and fun.

But a little worm of doubt gnaws at you and you’re wondering if he’s the right one, or you’re not sure if he’s not hanging out with other women on the side?

How do you know if this is all just for fun or if you are in a serious relationship? Here are signs that clearly indicate that he is not serious about you.

1. You didn’t meet any friends or his family

You’ve been dating for more than two months, but you haven’t met his friends or family yet?

Then it’s time to ask him why that is.

If you haven’t met any of his friends, dated them, or met at least one family member in that time, it means he’s not serious about you.

2. There are no talks about the future

Talking about the future with your partner just doesn’t exist, and the closest thing to that is unfortunate statements like, “We live from day to day…” or “We’ll see how that plays out…”.

Avoiding this conversation is a clear sign that your partner is not ready for a lasting relationship.

However, it’s usually normal for a couple to talk about the next step in a relationship – moving in together, getting married, having kids, pets, and the like.

3. He doesn’t invite you to events as a companion

Even considering we all have busy lives and it’s difficult to find time for each other, you should have been to an event with your partner at some point.

If it’s a friend’s birthday and they’re organizing a party, it makes sense that you should accompany them there as their girlfriend. Don’t be put off with the excuse that you’re bored or that you don’t know anyone.

4. Small talk

Sometimes the most important things are the sentences you didn’t say. Think about how you spend your time when you’re together.

Have you already talked about the relationship and what you expect from it? Have you guys settled on just being friends with benefits, or is it all very vague?

If you haven’t already, you need to pull those strings because at least you’ll find out what you’re up to.

5. No proximity

If your relationship is based solely on love and does not involve togetherness, intimacy, or time together, you can be sure that he is not serious about you.

Intimacy is the foundation on which a love relationship is built.

If you feel like you can’t tell him what’s on your mind or what your plans are for the weekend, if you feel like he’s not at all interested, it’s only a matter of time before he decides to dump you not to call anymore.

6. Address? Unknown!

It’s disturbing that after two months of dating you still haven’t been to his apartment. It’s hard to get to know a person fully without seeing where and how they live.

You’ll find out for yourself that excuses about a cluttered apartment or roommates who don’t know how to behave around a woman are pointless.

7. He introduces you as a friend

This is one of the clearest signs that he isn’t serious about you. You met someone in town and he introduces you as a friend and doesn’t even mention your name.

If that’s not a clear sign that he doesn’t consider you his partner, then what is?

8. You’re not going anywhere together

If your time together is spent only in the bedroom and he shows no interest in going to the movies or to a party, he probably doesn’t want a future with you.

Suggest some activities outside of the bedroom and see how he responds.

9. He is very careful with his cell phone

Hiding or keeping your cell phone when you’re around can’t mean anything positive.

If he’s hiding the phone, it means he’s hiding calls, messages, or photos that you don’t want you to see. And what better reason to hide a phone than to hide a third person?

10. He avoids you on certain days of the week

Friday and Saturday nights are reserved for meeting friends, concerts and games and you’re never invited?

If he cares about you Monday through Thursday, is it time to ask yourself what he does on those days that are the “best time” to go out and have fun?

11. Hot-Cold Game

You don’t know what you’re getting into because sometimes he’s warm and welcoming and then he doesn’t call you for days? Or do you only see each other when it suits him? Unfortunately, these are clear signs that he doesn’t mean business.

12. Nocturnal visits

While it’s lovely to surprise you at 1:00 am and then strike up a passionate relationship, it’s strange that such situations are repeated so often.

Wondering where he’s been before, who he’s had dinner with, or gone to the movies with?

13. He doesn’t care about you

A relationship is a two-way street, and no single-giving relationship has ever worked. For a relationship to come to life, both partners must invest effort, time and will.

If you feel like your partner never gets out of their routine to do anything for you, or if they don’t even bother to set you up on a date, or you keep calling them – then they’re not the one for you , move on.

14. He was never in love

If your partner hasn’t been in a serious relationship before you, you should think carefully about what you want. There is a high probability that he has not let off steam and will fly away at the first opportunity.

15. He doesn’t compliment you

Every woman appreciates a sincere compliment, but if your partner only compliments you on your looks and doesn’t even mention your qualities, virtues, or strengths, then he doesn’t mean business with you.

15 signs he's not serious about you

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